Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day Care

Pictures from Sam Gillis.

Went to Rays ( Day Care ) yesterday for a spin indoors. I hadn't been there in a few days as it was busy here getting Nate ready for another trip to Arizona for some riding in the warm sun and mountains. It was a little busier then usual as it was Ladies Weekend so there was more women riding around which is great to see. Wish there was more all the time as cycling is a great sport. But as always it was nice to see and ride with alot of people that I hadn't seen for a couple of days to months. Thanks Sam for the awesome pictures too.

He said that he was having a good time and that the riding was great as always. He raced yesterday and said it went good and that is all I got in the text so I will get the details when he gets home. I am going to head to Elkhorn to race bmx bikes this morning and it will be a little weird as Nate won't be there but it should still be a fun day as always. See you at the races. Later..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get going

I got what I needed to get going this morning, a pot of Alterra coffee and a cherry Pop Tart. Now I can head to the basement to workout before I head outside to shovel the snow. I am hoping that the snow that they are saying is coming this afternoon is only a little bit as I want to head to the barn for some bmx racing and I don't feel like shoveling in the morning before I go racing. I am going to go to Rays this afternoon to get out of the house to as Cece and the girls have a few things that they are going to run around and do so that leaves me free to go. Nate is still in Arizona and as far as I know they are still planning on racing this morning in a crit unless they changed their minds and wanted to ride more. I haven't heard yet to what they are doing. Whatever they do they are lucky as it is nice there and we are getting snow here, lucky kids. Well I will keep you posted on what they decided to do. Time for another cup of coffee and head downstairs to workout. Later..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend at last

Just a few more hours of work and then the weekend is here. I don't have anything really planned out to what I am going to do yet but I know I will be at some point of the weekend. Tonight I have to run the Volvo to the dealer to get the new key FOB programmed to the car and that should be only a few minutes, I hope. Then I was debating to go to Rays right from there but it is girls weekend there and I think I might skip that tonight. I will just ride the rollers and then sit and relax with the girls and watch a movie and eat some popcorn. Tomorrow I may try to get to Rays and ride but I was thinking I might dress warm and hit the road on the mtn bike for a spin and then maybe then drive to Madison for the State Finals of the wrestling tournament or maybe Rays. Then I will be heading to the barn for some bmx racing on Sunday for sure.

Nate has been doing some good riding out in Arizona the last few days. Randy said that they got a nice ride in on Wednesday after arriving there and then a nice long one in yesterday. It was long enough to wipe the boys out and Nate was sleeping early. That is sign of a good ride when the kids go to bed early. Today is a shorter ride and then get ready for a crit on Saturday at the University of Arizona. Hope that the boys are ready as they are in the middle of their race season there and they haven't had any race pace things going on for a while. Just have to wait and see I guess.

On a side note I forgot my thermos of coffee at home. I guess it is going to be a long day after all. Crap. Later..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cold here, warm there

Well Nate is off in Arizona again riding in the morning and then again in the afternoon. He is with Garrett and Randy Roth again riding up Mount Lemon and some of the great hills around Tuscon. The plan is to get a bunch of riding in and then race a crit at the University of Arizona on Saturday morning and then ride some more on Saturday afternoon before Flying back home on Sunday. I can't believe that the Kenosha crits are just 2 plus weeks away. Then it will be practice at the track and full on WCA road racing on the books. It will all be here before we know it.

I had gate practice tonight at the barn which as always was a good time. Then the next few days it is trainer riding and then try to get to Rays a time or 2 before more bmx racing at the barn on Sunday. Looking at the rest of the bmx races there is only like 4 weeks of those left to. I think that Nate and I will make maybe 2 more weeks of bmx racing unless the temps are to cold and there is to much snow on the ground. But we will just watch the weather and choose the day of or the night before. But we are looking at the road before the bmx for sure. Well time to grab a shower and something to eat. Later..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy as Hell

Wow what a day it was. I had to clear off a ton of ice off my car this morning after the rain and snow last night that was at least a half inch to an inch thick in spots. While I was at work clearing my car Nate drove out and then back saying the Volvo was acting up. The computer system in the car said that it was in engine protection mode. It would not let the car go over 15 mph. So he took off with the girls and Kyle in the truck, Cece was off as they had the day off, not from others calling in today. So we called a tow and had it towed to the shop and they later called me that the Electronic Throttle Body was done and that is why it was going into what they termed limp home mode. So now I have to have a new Electronic Throttle Body put in tomorrow. Great, but we are just glad that Cece did't have any issues on the trip to the Twin Cities over the weekend. I get to pick the car up tomorrow. Then the fun started once I got to the lot and my work truck was plowed in and the ice was an inch thick on it to. So I had to dig out the truck and and clear the windows for another 1/2 hour. Oh the fun. Then once at work it was haul weights in and out of buildings all day today in the snow and ice. But we got a lot done I did't fall or drop a weight with all the ice out there today. More of the same tomorrow. Then it was come home and Cece was nice enough to clear the ice and snow today on her day off, Thanks Cece. I did get my workout in and I got to sit down and enjoy dinner with the family, then Nate and I got a hair cut from Cece too. Now I get to enjoy a big dish of ice cream and watch Harry's Law. Later..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend at the barn

Yesterday and today Nate and I hit the barn for more bmx racing. Yesterday was a single point night race and Nate took a 1st in open, 2nd in cruiser and a 3rd in in class. I took a 2nd cruiser and missed making the main in 20. Then we spent the night with the Yanke family for the night and as always it was a nice night. Then it was back to the barn for a double point race. Nate had a good day as he took a 2nd in open, 2nd in cruiser and a 3rd in class. I took a 2nd in cruiser a 3rd in class. It was a great weekend of racing as always.

Cece and girls went to Prior Lake Minnesota to visit her brother Chris and his family for the weekend. They called this morning and said they were heading home early to get a start ahead of the weather that going to leave the state in a mess. They called a little bit ago to say that they were about 35 miles out and that they stopped at the Johnson Creek stores to get a break and shop a little on the way home. Maddie said that there was about 35 cars in the ditch on the way home and a few rescue squads at a few of the cars off the road. Just hope that they take their time and make it home safely.

Once I got home from the racing I shoveled the snow that we got while at the races and I have to say that it was heavy as hell. I am so sick of the snow and was hoping once the last of the snow melted that it would be done or at least the snow would be light and easy to move. But I got it done and now it is time to relax and read the paper. Later..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Double Race weekend

This weekend is a double race weekend at the bmx track. We race tonight and then again tomorrow. I enjoy the racing both days and all but I always seem to have a hard time getting in the race mode on Saturdays compared to Sunday mornings. I think it is the fact that starting the races at 5:30 pm my have something to do with it. But I always get going when it counts and hopefully I make both mains. Nate seems to be able to get in the race mode right away so I hope he has a good night and makes the mains too.

Cece and the girls are up in the twin cities area visiting her brother and family this weekend so Nate and I had the house to ourselves last night and today. Last night Nate went to Rays and I went out for a few drinks with a co-worker. It was nice to go to a bar and not smell like smoke when leaving. But we did smell like a fish fry though as it was a Friday night fish fry at the bar we went to. Tonight after the races awe are staying with Fred and Tammy after the races so not to have to drive back here late at night then right back to the the races again in the morning. Thanks Fred and Tammy. Well time to get a few things done before we leave for the races. Later..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gate practice

Full gate of the fastest guys that race the Elkhorn track.

Tonight was a good night of gate practice at the barn. I like the random start as it has removed the sling shot and makes the racing very close and fun. I have gotten used to the start but I just wish I had the power of 2 legs to put me more into the mix. But I still enjoy the competition and will continue to go till I can't ride a bike. Nate on the other hand is getting better each week and like always he gets flying and then the road, track and mtn bike take over. I think if he just did bmx he could be really fast and one of the best in the area but he has his goals in other areas.

Other then that there is not much going here. Cece is going to Minnesota this weekend to visit her brother and his family as Nate and I race Saturday and Sunday at the track. We are spending Saturday night by Fred and Tammy again so that is awesome as we don't have to drive home and then right back Sunday. So see you at the races. Later..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V day

Well happy valentines day. That said the weekend went to fast. Nate and I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Rays having a blast hanging with the gang. Then it was bmx racing on Sunday and as always a fun time. Nate took a 2nd in open, 1st in 20 inch class and a 3rd in cruiser after dropping his chain coming out of turn 1. Nate was in the lead when it happened, but the awesome thing was that he didn't crash and was passed by Payton right away but hung on till the last table before TW passed him for 2nd. I had a decent day as I took a 2nd in 20 inch class and a 3rd in cruiser. Then after we got home from racing I got the hose out and washed the cars and truck. They were so dirty and salt covered I couldn't take it anymore. It was so nice to have 3 clean vehicles again. I know it won't last long but I don't care because they look awesome all cleaned up. Then after cleaning up the hose and towels I was on grill duty to cook up a tenderloin. Tonight Cece stopped by Papa Murphy's and got 2 heart shaped pizzas to cook up. They were good and now I need a huge bowl of ice cream before Harry's Law comes on. Later..

Friday, February 11, 2011


Finally the weekend is here. It has been a very busy week with the the fridge biting the dust on Sunday. Then we had to run out and get he new one and then get it here asap so we could load the things back into it that were stored in the attic and outside in coolers. Then put the new dishwasher in. also get the bmx gate practice on Wednesday and finally get back to Rays after a few days to many away. But now it will be time to it the road bikes again as Nate is going to Arizona again for some more training and racing in a little over a week. So just when is seems to calm down it just keeps going at break neck speed. But I guess I wouldn't have it any other way. Well time for some rest before we hit the road bike before we hit Rays tomorrow. Later..

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New things

Got the new fridge and dishwasher delivered today and then I hooked up the new dishwasher after several trips to Home Depot to fix the mess from the people before us. I checked after a test wash and no leaks. I got lucky I guess. Now it is time to run to bmx gate practice. Later..

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New stuff

It was a great game to watch the other night as the Packers took it to the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. As we were watching the game Cece's brother Paul told Cece that the yogurt he ate was not cold. I had turned up the thermostat in the refrigerator the other day thing the same thing about the milk. But in the end the compressor and the refrigerant cooler was done doing it's job. We tried cleaning the grates on the front and back but that didn't help. We got the coolers and boxes out and loaded the contents to be placed outside for the frozen and the attic for the fridge. Then I got on line and checked the prices for a new refrigerator's. After checking we went to Colder's as they had a deal that if you bought a appliance you got the same amount back to get other items in the store. In the end we got a new stainless steel Frigidaire bottom freezer with French doors. Then with the 100% back we are getting a new stainless steel Frigidaire dishwasher, mission style bed frame and head board, 2 stools to go by the seating area of the counter and 2 new lamps. So needless to say we spent a lot on the fridge but we got a lot of other items we have being thinking about getting sooner or later any ways. Now tomorrow the new fridge and dishwasher are getting delivered so I will put up pictures when the new stuff is all in place. Now it is time to get the old crap ready for the removal. Later..

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bmx racing

Today Nate and I loaded the little bikes and hit the barn for some bmx racing. We took off a little early today with all the snow we got the other day I thought that there would but a little more of an issue. Plus on the way to the races it was a little slower as it was snowing pretty good on the way to Elkhorn. But we got there safely after a slow and careful drive. Once there we got a spot right by the door making it a nice unload and reload of the gear and bikes. Then it was time to get to work and get the rust out of the legs as we had not been there in a week and a half. We skipped last week Sunday to go to Rays for the Grand Opening and then Wednesday night gate practice was called because of the snow. But it didn't take long and before we knew it was race time. Nate had a good day as he took a 1st in the open and then a 2nd in the 20 inch class and a 2nd in the cruiser. I had a ok day as I took a 2nd in 20 inch class and a 4th in the cruiser. Now I am watching the Packers play and hopefully pull out a win. Later..

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Well tomorrow is another day at the bmx track and then a big game is on tv from what I hear. Really I am glad that the Packers made it to the super bowl as it make the game more worth watching. But as Nate and I talked today while riding he asked me hoe the Badgers were doing in basketball and I told him I did not know. I have not been following pro sports or for that fact college either. I have lost interest in it all after seeing all the money that is dumped in to support the thugs that play the games. I think that all the pros should be paid the same and it starts in a tier pay. 1st yr 500,000, 2nd 600,000, 3rd 750,000, 4th 900,000 and then max out at 1,000,000. That is it and make it that people can afford to go and enjoy the games without paying so much. Let the players get more money with endorsements and that is it. I just think that the players don't care and to many are in the news for drunk driving and hitting their girlfriends and wifes. And not to mention so many that sleep around while married. So in the end I hope that the Packers win but it doesn't effect me if they do or don't. Just me I guess.

So on to other things. I have shoveled out the end of the alley for the 4th day as the plow keeps coming past to get the street wider every night. If I don't do it now one else will and I don;t want to ram the Volvo or Monte Carlo through it so I get a extra workout in everyday. Also I am going through Rays with drawl as I have had some thing going on every night and I didn't make it there once so I hope to make up for it next week with a few visits for sure. Tomorrow is bmx racing at Elkhorn to so as 2 weeks ago I think that they will be pushing us fast so everyone can get home for the big game. Also Maddie is at the spring formal tonight with Josh, Cece is at some play and Nate and Jess are at Best Buy right now so I have a quiet house and I am loving it. Well time to get my feet up. Later..

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Dusting of snow over night.

Well we got a little snow over night and that made everyone a little crazy. The news has been on for what seems like a few days and the streets are slowly getting back to normal. The plow came down our street early and that allowed a lot of the cars that were parked over night to dig out and move. But the plow was at least 4 feet from the curb on my side and that means that the cars that have to park on my side tonight are going to be sticking out in the drive lane and that should be interesting in the morning when they try to plow the other side over night. But I don't care as I got the alley from my garage to the street clean and I will check it in the early in the morning to make sire that we can all get out. I snow blowed for 8 hours today clearing my snow and then the snow for the elderly widows and neighbors in the neighborhood. While I was working the kids ( Nate and his friend Kyle ) got a ladder out and then were jumping off the garage roof into the snow. Then they helped Jessica dig tunnels through the snow drifts. They all enjoyed their day off and I worked my ass off on my day off. Well time for a few beers. Later..