Sunday, April 30, 2006

My I have another?

Well that is what was happening yesterday on the social ride. I'm glad that I did the social ride again. Russell, Danny, John, Danielle, Bonnie, John and myself with a bunch of other riders of course. We left south Shore Park after having a beer that Marty was so nice to bring even though he wasn't even riding. Thanks Marty. We hit a bar in Crudahey and I mean Crudahey as the place was a Freaking dive. The people in there were so freaky and missing most of their teeth and were drunk be 10:30 in the morning. Next was a good bar in Sout Milwaukee. The food was top notch and the people were a tad better then the last bar. The next bar was the Port of Hamburg and a few good import beers. Then it was off to the Landmark for a beer before riding the rest of the ride in the rain. We then hit Coaches for a quick beer. We left that for a ride to Fritz's on 20th and Oklahoma. We then hit the last bar of the night which was the best. Koz's mini bowl. We bowled a game of duck pin bowling which is a pin a that is half the size of a regular pin and the lanes are about a quater of the length. Then it was a ride to the parking lot and out for pizza and some more beers. It was a fun ride and I can't wait for the fall ride. Nothing like biking after a bunch of beers.

Today it was clean the bike and get it ready for the races and then was off to a play with the family. It was the Suessical Musical. It was really well done and we all enjoyed it. Then it was to go out for something to eat and now it's time to relax and read the paper. Going to pre register for the WORS race first though. LATER..

Friday, April 28, 2006


Today was a day of no biking even though it is to rain this weekend. I usually plan my days off around the weather. But who cares as tomorrow I'm going to do the social ride and have a few beers and shots at the stops. I know that the season starts next week but you need to have a few fun rides during the year and ride with the other riders that don't race all the races or don't even race at all. The ride starts at 10 am at South Shore park and is a 3o mile ride on the south side of Milw and a few bars and trails during the ride. Hope to see a few of you there.

Today a work I learned how to measure the fuel dispensers at the gas stations. Man let me tell you the gravy train just got a lot easier. I think that I can handle finishing my career doing this job. Less dealing with idiots and less paper work. Choo Choo. Well Maddie has 3 of her friends staying the night so time to get some popcorn and sodas for them. Later..

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Ride

Today at the ride there must have been 40 people there. It was rolling along nice for the first 12 or so miles and then Jack decided to pick it up and it split the guys into many groups. I was able to make the first group with Jerry, Russell Joe and a few other fast guys. We were hanging on as Jack kept attacking up the hills and the rest of figured let him go and just worked in a nice group and kept catching him. We finished and it was one of the better rides as far as people riding well together.

At work today the weights and measurements job is a lot easier and I'm really liking it. It will be easier as the people are actually happy to see you walk in test their scales as they don't know if they are not computing right. I will see how long it takes though to get used to the gas smell but I think that will be better then smelling like a french fry or a old taco. Plus on the nice days I get to spend it out side. The down side is when testing taxi meters they middle eastern guys kind of smell, but hey so do a few of the guys (Randy) I ride with. Just kidding Randy. well my parents are still in town so I should go and visit with them as they leave tomorrow. Later.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alpha fun

We meet at the Alpha trail and about 12 of us rode. It was a blast and I'm really looking forward to racing the single speed. The bike felt really good and I'm comfortable and I'm ready to mix it up with the other racers again. Nate is home from the camp and he said he is ready for the race season and hopes to do well again this year. Maddie is going to race again and so is Cece. Later..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Race Bike

I have the Single Speed bike ready and I have decided to race the Sport Single Speed class for sure. I bought a Fox fork from Jerry and it makes the ride really smooth and enjoyable. Then Russell built up a killer set of race wheels for me that are better then any other race wheels I have ever had. Hooked the front with a Hayes El Camino disc brake and put a carbon bar on it. The bike is feeling why better then before and has gone from the bar hopping bike to race bike. I have been riding the bike around and I'm looking forward to trying to race it this year and I hope that the year goes well. Later..

Monday, April 24, 2006

Russells choice to take a pull.

With us making Russell pull us home with the tail wind at 28mph he can pick a few of these riders to help him next time. Thanks for the ride home Russ.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Working on a day off

This morning took the Boy to the school so he could go on his trip with his class to the Trees for tomorrow. The bus was late but he got off and up to the camp in Eagle River. He should have a blast. Then is was off to a ride around Pewaukee Lake with the Tool, Fast Girl Sammy, Coop and myself. It was a windy ride out and a nice tail wind on the way home. We figured The Tool was pulling along at a good pace so we made him stay up there, of course he didn't have a choice. Like I told The Tool another rider or 2 his pulls could have been shorter. Really everyone was riding strong and we all enjoyed the ride. Then it was drop off fast girl at home and get something to eat and go to Crystal Ridge and do some trail work. We had a strong group of helpers and got a lot of work done. I think you will all like some of the changes. Thanks to Marty for all of the hard work he puts in. Couldn't do it with out him. Got home and grilled out and now time to chill. Word about how the new job duties are tomorrow. Later..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Up And Back

Went up to Rhinelander yesterday to get the punks. I got there and my parents were moving a couple of face cords of wood. They are going to urbanize the drive to the cabin. They are going to get a cement drive and a slab to build a small storage shed at the bottom of the drive. As I finished helping it started to rain so I put the ride back a little and put the Hayes brake on the single speed and put the wheels that Russell built me together and went for a nice hour spin on the logging roads behind my parents place. The bike looks and rides great. Got some dinner in me and fell a sleep in the Lazy Randy( I mean Lazy Boy).

Today the Boy and myself went for a spin on the bikes and then he headed in and I went out for a nice couple hour ride on the bike. After the ride we took a few trees down that needed to come down so the drive can be poured in a few weeks. My dad is getting brave in his old age as he now has the Boy using a chain saw to. I don't care but I haven't told Cece yet and my Mother was looking kind of funny at my Dad every time the Boy was cutting up the logs. The Boy was also going out to get the mail everyday on the 4 wheeler. Now evey time we go there he will be trying to sneak off and ride the 4 wheeler as last year we put a motor on the little boat and he was driving that around the lake. Oh the fun up north.

Drove home and it was sunny up north and we hit rain off and on coming home. Tomorrow the Boy gets on a bus and goes back to Eagle River for Trees for Tomorrow with his school class. Man to bad we couldn't leave him at the cabin with my parents as they could have driven him there and saved 9 hours travel for him. It would have been a 40 minute drive from there but the bus with his classmates will be fun to. Tomorrow we are going to meet at Russells and ride around Pewaukee Lake and then go to the trails day at Crystal Ridge to help clean them up and get ready for the Wed races. Try to come and help at the CR trails at 3pm if you have some time. Later..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wham Bam

The ride today was a ripper from the start. Billy Jones and another pro came and the ride blew apart on the turn off Janesville road. Samantha, Jeff and myself worked together and then Russell, Alan, and Glen waited for us on the other side of 164 and the 6 of us worked real well together. After the big hill we picked up Jerry and waited for Danny, Mark and Mike and then worked a nice pace line until Samantha got a flat tire. Russell had the flat changed in less then 2 minutes and off we were. The ride was a good one and after a few more the legs should be ready for the WORS races. Of course the Bone ride always helps after putting the 160 plus miles on in one day.

Going to Rhinelander tomorrow to pick up the punks. Taking the bike and hoping to get a few rides in before coming back home on Sat afternoon. Going to try to get a ride in Sun and then go do some trail work at Crystal Ridge in the afternoon if the weather is good. Later..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Got home from another day in the trenches working for the man. Yes I actually work when I'm getting paid to do so. I talked to Danny in the afternoon and he said he was riding with Fast Girl Samantha (his Niece). So I got on the phone and called Russell and we rode with them. I left the house and rode there with time to get there before they left. It was a nice pace as tomorrow is the beat down and you don't need the legs to tight for the faster paced ride. I was able to get a nice 40 miles in today and at a pace that didn't tear the legs apart. Got home and showered, then Cece and I got a bite to eat at Cousins and then hit the grocery store and filled the fridge. Got 2 more nights and then I have to go and get the punks. It has been nice with the kids upnorth, but I have missed the punks and we are looking forward to having them home. Later..

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fix't again

Last night Danny came over and we did a easy ride looking at places to ride for the social ride. The places that we rode were talked about at the WORBA meeting. The trails and areas are way to tough for a lot of the riders so we think that it would be wise not ride with that group. Dan and I did find some different single track along the KK river by Jackson Park. Not a lot of trails but some new to maybe try here and there. It was a nice fun easy ride for the sore legs to do for recovery.

Tonight it was a practice at the track on the fixed gears. Boy I love riding the track bike. It was a small group tonight. The Tool, Lenny, Aaron, Bob, Jeff, Katie and myself. We did a few roll around laps as everyone was getting ready. Then a nice 40 lap warm up and then it was 12 jumps and a flying lap and a 200 meter. The best about the night was watching Aaron toss his lunch in front of Lenny's car. Then get back on the bike and finish the workout. So even being a National Champ and all he still is not to afraid to work his ass off in 40 degree weather and then toss his cookies in front of us all. Then it was a drive to Oakland Gyro for a nice gyro combo and now a case of bad breath and spicy burps for the rest of the night.

It does feel real weird that the kids are all still up north by my parents. The place is nice and quite and no fighting. Last night Cece went to Racine to visit a friend who had surgery and spent the night. Right now she is at the hospital again so the house is quite again. I could get used to this real fast. Not really I miss the kids and Cece should be home any minute. Time to go to bed. Later..

Monday, April 17, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Russell is looking for a Intern and this is one of his requirements for the Intern to live with him. Any takers yet?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Work and Play

Today got the raft out, clean up the beach, put the neighbors 2 boats in and cut 2 bigs tree down. Then I got a nice 2 hour bike ride in doing some nice hill repeats. There are some real good long grinding hills that made the legs get a real nice burn and the lungs feel like they were going to jump out of my chest. Then it was hauling up about 30 5 gallon pails of dirt up the hill to fill in the hole from the 2 trees we took down. Now time to have a few beers and watch Spiderman with the punks. Have a nice Easter with your families. Later..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Today was a trip to Len's in Racine for a nice comfortable ride with the Tool, John, The Boy, Len and myself. We kept it at a nice pace to keep the boy on the wheels and use it for some nice pulls in the wind to get a little burn in the legs if you wished. The boy was having no problem sitting on either Russell's or Len's wheel. But hey who would have a problem sitting on their wheels. The ride was only 2 hours and36 plus miles but it was a perfect ride after yesterday's beat down.

Then it was time to get home and get packed and head upnorth to my parents in Rhinelander. It was a nice ride in the truck and riding past many of the places that we will be racing at in a few weeks for WORS. Now it's time to relax and go for a few single speed rides behind the cabin. Now time to have a few beers. Later..

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beat down

The ride today was a good old beat done that started pretty early into the ride. The fact that Jack was there and the speed was high and fast from the start. The fun really started when Mike the local tri idiot starts off the ride by asking if I'm going to yell at him for riding like shit. I respond of course I will be yelling at you because you are a shitty rider and if you take me down with a bone head move I'll beat the shit out of you. This is a guy that has been kicked out of every bike shop because the guy is a loser. Well he stays a way from most of the ride but still jumps lines and rides near the yellow a few times what a goof. When we got back he told Sammy that he wasn't going to come to any more of the rides as they are to political. Oh well I'm sure he won't be missed. After the run in with him the ride was a fast and fun ride. Just what I needed to blow the junk out of tea lungs and legs. I can't wait until the ride next week.

Tomorrow it's off the Lenny's for a nice morning ride and then get home and load the truck and up to Rhinelander for a nice Easter on the Lake. Going to leave the kids kids there for the week and clean the toys and stuff out of the house that they don't play with any more. Well time to get a few things packed and clean up a little of the house. Later..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Miscellaneous junk

The job that I'm taking is a job that is still in the Health Dept but now I will be testing the scales, gas pumps and taxi meters plus a few other miscellaneous things. I will not be doing the restaurant, stores and taverns anymore. I took it because I will be able to be outside and won't have to have contact with the up tight restaurant operators. It will be different but a lot less of a headache and less paperwork. It will be a nice change of pace that will make my job less boring. I will still be working the same hours and the same pay so no changes there.

Today was Nate's first day of softball and the team looks better then it did last year already. Nate will be playing 1st base and a few of the others will be in the same spots as last year. There are a few new players and they are way better then the ones that didn't come back. We are hoping to have the team have another good year. He will miss practice next week but we are sending his glove, bat and a couple of balls to the cabin and Grandpa will get him to stop everything that comes his way.

Tomorrow is the group ride and then one Friday we are have our annual good Friday ride from Lenny's house. Then after that it is off to my parents house in Rhinelander for Easter. We are going to leave the kids there for the week and I'm going to go up next weekend and pick them up and come home. It should be a nice week with the kids gone and Cece and I the only ones home. We plan on getting rid of a lot of the old toys and clothes that are not needed any more. Got to get the punks in bed so have to et going. Later..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Changing duties at work

I have decided to move in to a different job area at work. After 12 years of what I had been a opening in weights and measures came up. I'm taking it and I hope it will be a good move. Not more pay or different hours just something different. Have to head to the WORBA meeting so more to come. Later

Monday, April 10, 2006

Russell's supermate of the week

We may need to pull this girl that Russ dumped a few weeks back to get his money for the totaled Loser Cruiser.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well another weekend coming to end. It was a fun packed busy weekend. On Saturday was a start with Jerry coming over and the 2 of us riding to the training ride. It was cool and windy overcast and the start, when we got to the ride the sun poked its head out. There was about 15 on the ride and it was a pretty fast paced for the group that was there. With Jeff pushing the pace and then Russell and Jerry going up and pulling the pace stayed pretty high for a good portion of the ride. It seemed though every time we turned a corner the wind was blasting us in the face. That's what I like though as it is good training tool and when you are racing it only makes you a better and faster racer. Then Jerry and I headed home and that made it a nice 3 plus hours in the saddle.

The fun part was after washing and waxing the truck we headed to church and then to Pats house for great 40th Birthday bash. I have to say that it was the best party that I have ever been to. Pat had great beer, wine and food and did not run out of any of it. Thanks to Pat and Julie for the fun time. Although the ride today was a lot slower because of it I had a great time.

Today was a lazy slow day as I was sporting a hangover from the party last night. I got the single speed out and rode around for the better part of the afternoon along the lake front and looked at the trails by the lake. Some areas are nice and a few are still soggy and wet from the last couple of rains. I got home and Maddie wanted to go for a ride so I got another hour in and now it is time to relax and watch the race on OLN.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Well the Thurdsay night ride started and with the sky spitting a few times just before the ride started I almost didn't partake in the fun. I put the fender on the bike and headed out with the sparce group. It was the Tool, Coop, Flat, Bubba, Fast Girl, Dick Balls, Fast John and myself. We got started at 6pm and rode out and were able to get a hour in at 20 plus mph. Everyone that started the ride made it in and for a short ride it was a good one. The next few weeks we will be making the route longer and soon the entire group will be there and the pace will be fast and ferious. So come now and get used to the route and the group and you will have a easier time when the pace and size of riders pick up.

Going to talk to Nate and see if he wants to go to Rockford for some bmx racing this weekend. With the rain and the track being outside I don't know how the track recovers after being rained on hard a few times. I'll call the track on Saturday and see if anyone answers the phone and maybe get a update and save a trip.

Saturday morning is the group ride from the wheel at 9:30am and is the ride around Wind Lake. Jerry is coming up and we are riding from my house to the ride leaving around 8:30am. Then after maybe hit the bike shop and maybe even I'll try to get to the Expo to see the Wheel bike Show and see if they are giving any real great deals on anything that I really don't need. Then on Sat night it is party time with Pat and Julie. I may need to behave on the beers as I may race on Sun. To much happening in to liitle time to get it all done. Later..

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well nothing going on. Have hit the trainers the last few days with the kids as we didn't have the time to get our stuff together to get outside. We did a nice recovery ride on Monday and then a sprint work out yesterday. Took the girls to the mall but some high top Chucks in the color of pink. The Boy said no to the color so he came home with nothing. Tonight had a volleyball tourny with the health dept. We lost a game so ended up in 2nd place. We have won it 3 of the last 4 years but shit fell apart in a game and lost one. Good time was had and went for a couple of beers. Now time to get the kids in bed and take a shower. Later..

Monday, April 03, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

When the sun popped out today I saw Russell's girlfriend sitting out working on her tan today. I think she needs a little sun screen and a titty lift.


Well as every Monday goes I didn't feel like there was even a weekend. Went to work and put in 8 hours for the man. Mondays are the easier days as every place I go to is real slow and things are in slow down making my job a lot easier. I felt tired all day and that is because I rode 2 days in a row outside. My legs were tired but a good tired. I haven't ridden outside more then 1 day a weekend and none were longer then 2 hours. I put in around a 100 miles for the first time this year over 2 days. I plan on doing a few longer rides when time allows and when we don't go to Rockford for some bmx races.

I have to put in a few longer days as the Bone ride is May 17th. The bone ride is a ride to Madison for lunch and back. It is a 160 mile ride that has a average speed of over 20mph or higher by the end. So if you are interested let me know and I will get you the details about the ride. If you can't ride at about 25 mph for about 2 hours straight this is not a ride to try, but if you are in for a real good beat down this is a fun ride. There was about 150 riders last year and the groups were about 50 each and spread about 1/2 mile apart riding 2 a breast and cooking along there and back. I have done it 3 times and made the entire ride. There are a couple of vans that follow each group that pick up riders that have flats and they fix them and put you back in as the group keeps moving and for the ones that can't make it. The ride leaves at 8am from Tosa and gets back around 5pm. So start training if you want in and let me know if you are interested.

Now that it is lighter longer the Thursday night rides also start at the Hales Corners Wheel. The ride leaves at 6 sharp from the back parking lot and we do a shorter route for the first couple of weeks and then it is a 42 mile fast paced training ride. If you fall off the pace you are on your own. If you do show up you are not expected to pull if you can't, you can sit on the back and stay out of the traffic and hang on for as long as you can. So show up now as the pace is a little slower and the fast guys aren't there yet to really push the pace at 25 mph average yet. Time to watch the NCAA finals. Later..

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Day After Randy's Day

The day after the Fools day and had a nice ride in the morning. I didn't make it to the track in Rockford as it is a outdoor track and the sky was crying and the races would be cancelled. So I took up the offer by the Tool to take a ride to Pewaukee lake and back. He called last night and said that there was a ride leaving the Casa Da Bubba at 9 am so road riding it was. On the ride was The Tool, Cooop, Tosa Crosser, Bubba, Pimp Daddy Sug, Dick Balls and myself. The Tool and Dick were on the Fixt roadies and the rest of us on the road bikes. We got to the lake and with rain in the forecast we didn't do the entire trip around the drink. Da Sug did as he went on to find his Lady. The ride was nice steady not a leg burner as the Tool and Tosa Crosser did do a lot of the work. I figured if that is what they wanted to do so why not let them do it. Going down one of the hills it was fun to watch as Tosa crosser and I egged The Tool on to spin his ass so fast we thought he would blow his taint . The Tool was spinning so fast that we thought that his ass was going to fly off his bike, funny sight to see. We got back and we all parted ways. It was a nice ride to just spin the legs out after yesterday.

Cece the girls and her Mother are at a play that a few of Cece's student's are performing in today. Nate and I got out of it as we planned on going racing and Cece got the tickets on Wed. Lucky us. Jerry stopped by with his extra weight bench and a few weights. I'm giving the bench and weights to Kyle as I already have a bench and weights. When Cece and the other get home it will be off to dinner as her mothers B-day is tomorrow. I don't know how old she is. All I know is that she is in her upper side of the 70's and still doing real good. Time to watch the bike race on OLN. Later..

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Well after the ride today I talked to Cece and we agreed that I can quit my job and take up bike racing full time. I felt pretty good after the ride since I sat on wheels for the last 10 miles of the ride. I did ride to the ride and then did the ride and rode home for a nice 3 hour day in the saddle. Since I felt good I got to thinking that it is now or never in taking the racing to the top. I'm going to use up the vacation and comp time I have and then quit and ride and race. Cece will work her job and take a summer job and then when school starts try to find another job to work also. This should allow me to ride all day and then race all I want. What a great wife I have. So watch out everyone I'm going big.

Tomorrow Nate and I are going to go to the bmx track in Rockford and race there. I'm looking forward to racing the track there as it is a outdoor track. I have heard that it is one of the best bmx tracks around. It has asphalt corners and is supposed to flow real good. I think that Nate will do fine and I should hold up as the track is longer so maybe the others will get tired and I will do more passing in the races. Time to go and get a few things done. Later..