Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bmx State Qualifier

Tina, Fred and Nate relaxing in between moto's.

Nate taking the high line, he stayed at the top and did the job to take the 2nd in cruiser.

Nate on the outside of Fred during gate practice. These 2 have a blast riding with each other and bang elbows for fun. It pays off as a kid tried to move Nate over today and from Fred giving Nate the elbows during practice Nate just flicked the other guy away and smoked him in his 20 inch moto. Thanks for working with Nate on tossing some elbows Fred.

Nate running the high line on Brandon but had to settle for 4th overall in the UCI Jr Development race. Nate's first time running any races with the random gate drop. Nate was right there with them as the other guys couldn't sling shot and Nate doesn't so that evened it all out. I hope we go to random as that makes it all even out of the gate.

Nate coming out of turn 1 in gate practice.

Sam getting a shot of Nate's head right at the top of turn 1.
Me going into turn 3.

Me dropping into turn 1.
Me going over the double into turn 3.
Fred clearing the way for me into turn 1 in the qualifying moto for the BS open. I made it to the Semi finals. They were taking the top 4 in each moto and I was # 5. I watched the main this year.
Awesome pictures from Sam Gillis.
It was a good day of racing at the track today for Nate and I. He raced the UCI/USAC Jr Development race, cruiser and 20 inch. The UCI race uses random gate drop so you can't sling shot out of the gate. It ws Nate's first time doing the random gate drops so he was just hoping for the best. Well there was 7 of the fastest Jr's lined up in the gate and after the dust settled in 3 runs Nate ended up 4th overall. It was a great finish for Nate as the top 3 included a former World Champ, a Nag #10 and another fast guy. So well job by Nate. Then he took a 2nd in cruiser and then a 5th in 20 inch. Not bad for a kid that ate hardly nothing for the last 3 days.
Yesterday Nate also took a 2nd in cruiser and a 4th in class. I took a 3rd in cruiser and a 2nd in class. so it was a good day yesterday.
Today I raced the BS open which is a big watch you want to race, either the 20 inch bike or the cruiser. I raced the 20 inch bike and made it to the semi's. I knew with the guys racing this race it would be where I bowed out. The guys in the main today were all fast the ones that were meant to be there. It was some fast racing and the best so far this year at the track. I also took a 3rd in my cruiser and a 2nd in my 20 inch. It was awesome weekend of racing and a blast hanging out with the team. Now I need my left shoulder to heal as it has been hurting since I carried some 50# weights through a warehouse at work. I'm going to go and get it checked out Tuesday and see what the deal is. But now time to rest. Later..

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bust'n gates all weekend

A short film from gate practice on Wednesday. Nate is on the yellow GHP bike.

Today and tomorrow Nate and I will be riding our bikes indoors. It is the State Qualifier and BS open on Sunday and just a single point race tonight. So come on out and catch some fun action if there is nothing else to do. for the details. Later..

Friday, January 29, 2010

Off day

I took a day off today as Jess has had the last 2 1/2 days off because of parent conferences this week. Was thinking of doing more but the weather and the fact that Nate was sick kept us home. I asked Jess where she wanted to go for lunch and she said Wendy's. I was hoping for a nicer place but she wanted Wendy's. It was OK but you still burp the taste for the next couple of hours. Nate is feeling better as he came along and ate some fries but he did just eat a few waffles before we left and has kept them down so that is a good sign. He should be ready for the races this weekend at the bmx track. So with the weather so nice come out and catch some bmx racing tomorrow night at about 5pm and on Sunday stating at 1pm. Later..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hair Do's

Today the kids got their hair cuts and they needed it as their hair was getting way to long. Here are the girls and Nate looks way better but is upstairs sleeping as he had to come home from school as he tossed his breakfast at the soup kitchen that he was volunteering at. So as I was in Madison for a meeting Cece had to leave her school and run and get him and take him home. He is doing OK now and is resting so he can race this weekend at the bmx track on Sat and Sun. I think that I will have him home tomorrow to. I took the day off to do something with Jess so we will have to figure out what we want to do and just head out and have some fun. Time for some gourmet hot dogs and beans. Later..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bust'n the gates at the barn

A fast group of guys lined up in the gate waiting for some time to rub elbows.

Dan hanging loose after a hand full of Runts.

Dan busting out of the gate.

Here is Payton, Fred and Nate lined up in the gate.

Tonight was another barn burner at the bmx barn. We had a good crew and a blast bust'n the gates together. By the end of the night I was tired and glad that I have a personal driver to get me home while I relaxed. I do lean back and keep one eye opened to make sure that the car is still going straight but I do get to relax. Nate is getting better each time and I think he already drives better then some others that I know. Noe I need to get a few things together for a all day meeting in Madison tomorrow. Later..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Honey Pie

Meeting some former workers that left us at work for a better place. Well they thought as they are both on their 2 and 3rd job in the last 2 years. But we are heading the Honey Pie for some good home made food and some laughs. Always a good time and we try to make it a point every few months. Last time it was meeting at the Stack for a great burger.

Today was a meeting at work as we are in the midst of maybe moving to a different office or just staying and the rest of the staff moving by us. But no one seems to know where and what is happening. Then it was off to the Ambrosia chocolate factory and testing the scales there. Oh what a cool place and a great smelling place. I would be a Clydesdale if I worked there as the chocolate smelled and looked awesome. After work it was off to the orthodontist and the teeth getting tightened down again for Nate and Maddie. Time for me to head out and enjoy a few laughs and a good meal. Later..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Bee

I have to give a shout to Ronsta as he has posted some cool movies of Nate and my racing at the bmx track yesterday. 1 one his blog and the rest in his Flicker site linked on his blog. Check them out. Click on his highlighted name for those who are new.

Today was a busy day doing some scales at the Klements sausage factory. I get to see the entire process from start to finish and I do have to say that it brings back memories of when I worked for my Uncle Bill at his meat market and I made sausage for 8 hours a day on the weekends. But it was cool to see the process and how the people get it done. Then it was get home and check on the girls as they stayed home from school as they were puking all Saturday night and still had a fever yesterday. All good as they folded the clothes while they hung out at home. I then went into the basement and tossed some weights around and did my roller workout. After that Cece was thinking that the wax ring on the toilet was leaking as there was a little water along the base of the toilet. I was thinking it was the fact that Maddie takes long showers and that the tank sweats and the water from that falls to the base. So I picked up some new wax rings and proceeded to take the toilet of the ring and it was fine but I replaced it as the seal was now broken and I did not want the stink in the house. All good now as there is a new wax ring, now I need to get Maddie to take shorter showers and that should take care of the sweating tank. Now time to watch House and then 24. Later..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rough start today

Ronsta was in the house today, thanks for the hollering. Plus he got some movies of our mains so I will post those when I get them. Thanks again Ron.

It was a night of little sleep as Cece was up all night taking care of Jess and Maddie puking their guts out. So needless to say Cece called them both in already as they have not eaten anything and both are still running a fever so no school for either of them tomorrow. I did wake up yesterday with a real sore throat but today it was OK so I'm hoping that I dodged that bullet.

Nate drove our butts to the track in the rain and fog and did a fine job. I like being driven around. At the track Nate asked Fred should I race the main and Fred looked at him and said yeah, so he did. He took a 2nd in the open and then followed that up with a 2nd in age and cruiser. He is looking real smooth on the GHP and is right in the mix from start to finish. He did a low high in turn 2 on Payton and put Payton on the ground which was pretty good and thanks to Payton for being cool about it. I raced the 20 and cruiser to day too and took a 3rd in both. I do feel bad as I did the low high in turn 2 and sent Bill over the burm and that opened the door for the guy behind to move ahead of me and I still ended up 3rd. Sorry Bill. But in all a good day of racing our little bikes. Time for dinner. Later..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting it done

Today with the weather being so nice I got up and did the grocery shopping with Cece this morning. Have to do that every now and then to remember how nice it is that Cece does the shopping and I do have to say that it is not a fun thing at all. Then it was home and did a bunch of cleaning upstairs in the play room area. Cece and I then put the tree in the storage area and put some other things that are in the way away. After that then it was downstairs to a workout and get the vineyard that was in my body from the team meeting last night out of me. I think I was sweating wine during the workout. The time by fast while I worked out as I was watching the BMX Sooner Nationals I was working out so that was cool. Nate and I thought about going to Crystal Ridge to race but the weather was crappy and we bailed but that is OK as we have BMX racing tomorrow. Now I have to get the bikes and gear ready for some racing. I also have to fit 5 sets of wheels in the truck for Bryan and a set for the BS open. It is going to be a tight fit for sure with or 4 bikes and gear. We will make it work though. Later..

Friday, January 22, 2010

16 years together

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary for Cece and I. Here is a picture of the 2 of us in California at a vineyard when we went for the Mountain Bike National Championships. It was a fun time then and our times together are fun now. Hope for many more. Later..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gate Practice Pictures

Nate getting some air going into turn 3.
Nate coming up the triple into turn 1.
Nate pulling us down the 1st straight.
Nate getting ready to go over the triple step up.
Diving into turn 3.
I think I got about 3 inches off the ground which is like 3 feet less then Nate does.
The look you get right when the gate starts to drop.
Moving out of turn 2.
Russell going into turn 1.

Here are some picture Awesome pictures from the gate practice last night that Guy and Sam took of us. I can't say thanks enough to these guys for taking the pictures and letting us take them and us them. Thanks guys. See you at the races Sunday. Later..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Nate and Ray in the gate before it drops. Nate killed it and left Ray in his dust.
How Fred makes it out of the gate so fast, tapes and hot dog to his helmet and chases it around the track.

It was another normal day at work as I busted out another bunch of 10,000 pound scales. The good thing is after working like that I am pretty loose at bmx gate practice. I got home and Nate and I loaded the bikes and headed out to Elkhorn. I again let Nate drive out and this time it was out in the rush hour traffic. He did fine and then he drove home and there was talk that it was raining and that the roads were like black ice. Nate looked at me like are you driving or do I have to? I told him that he was and that it would be fine, and it was as there was no problems. Now I have him coming to the team meeting on Friday to and the good thing is that he can drive my butt home. Not that I plan on drinking to much or staying out late as it is our 16th wedding anniversary. Cece is going to a Pampered Chef that night to so I guess it just happens sometimes that we can't celebrate our anniversary the dame night. All good. Later..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nate's Cruiser Main

Here is a short film of Nate's cruiser main. As he gets ready to go into turn 2 there is a crash and he falls on the guy that crashes and is not harmed. He finishes 3rd. He had a decent day as in his cruiser there was him and Alan which are both 15 and other racers who were 21 and 25 years old. Just the way the classes fall sometimes. Then tomorrow is gate practice and that means that I get to sleep on the way there and back as I'm letting Nate drive again. He is getting better each time and I think this time I will let him drive in the rush hour traffic to. Hell he has to sometime so he may as well start right away. Just hope that he is patient enough to make it through it, or that I am and I make it through it. Well see you at the gate practice. Later..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day off

Picture of Nate coming into turn 1 at the track yesterday. I have to work on my gate and getting to turn 1 better at the gate practice this Wednesday night as not to have to worry about getting pinched in the turns next weekend. I don't want to miss any more mains as that sucked.
Today I have off for MLK day and used it to run the car in for a check as it starts rough and we are thinking that there may be a vacuum leak in a hose causing it as when the engine is warmed up it is fine. All I want is it to be fixed. Also getting the oil changed. Also got a nice workout in already and now just sitting back relaxing and enjoying the extra day off. It will be a while before the next day off as it will be Good Friday so I have to enjoy it while I can. Tomorrow it is back to the grind testing heavy duty scales but we will make sure that nothing is left in the van as we don't want someone breaking in and taking it again. Have a good day. Later..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Race Action

Today Nate and I headed to the barn for some racing and he raced and I tried. I got pinched out in turn 2 in both cruiser and 20 and missed making the mains. Just have to go for it and see what happens but I didn't want to go down so I hit the breaks and lost to much speed and just missed both times. Oh well next week I hope it goes better. Nate had a good day as he took 3rd in both cruiser and age. Nate also drove the truck both ways today so that was nice to just sit back and relax while he drove. I am getting real used to this sitting while he drives. Now we are just waiting for the season premiere of 24 to start. Later..

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Fast Girl Tina waiting in the gate to pounce on the pedals.
Russell in between the fast guys.
Today was a nice day to get a few things done. I got down in the basement and tossed a few weights around before Nate and I ran some errands. I have to say it is nice to have a driver to chauffeur me around. We ran to the post office to send back Maddie's phone and then to get the car washed and stop at Ben's to get a few things. It was nice running into Christine and Ty there and catch up. Then we got home and I ran the truck to get washed. I was going to wash them myself but with the temps staying in the low 20's that was not going to happen. But they are clean now and I think it has been since right around the Christmas since I was last able to get them washed, heck maybe even longer. Tonight Jess is staying overnight by a classmates so that is one less in the house so that will nice. Tomorrow is bmx racing at the barn so come on down. Gate drops start at 10 and racing around 12:30. Later..

Friday, January 15, 2010


This has been the longest week ever. Just to much went on and I am glad the week is over. Now I have a 3 day week end coming up and I hope to get re energized and feeling better. Tonight I have a retirement party for a co-worker and then tomorrow I'm going to try to get the car and truck washed and change the oil in the car. Then take a look at the list and see what else needs attention as there is bmx racing on Sunday so if you are bored and want some fun racing to watch. So come on out catch some tight fast racing action. Time to run to the party. Later..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last night

Here is another great picture of Nate last night at the track that Guy took. He seems to be getting a little more air then on his old bike.

After the relaxing time home from the track last night as Nate I do have to say that I can get used to it. I do have to say it may be a while before I sleep though as the Monte Carlo is a little faster then he thinks and I hope that he doesn't get going to fast. But he did great and he should be a good driver.
Today was uneventful and my new computer at work to replace the one the the guy took on Monday but our IT staff was having issues loading the Vista and keeping the Bluetooth loaded so I have a loaner till they get my new one figured out. Thank you idiot who took my perfectly good one. Just glad that it is Friday and I get to relax this weekend. Later..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Test drive

Well Nate got his temps yesterday so I figured it was time for him to drive part of the way to the bmx practice and then drive all the way home. He drove rather well I do have to say. He took his time and I only had to tell him to slow down about 3 times. He also drifted over a little to the right and there was a semi truck there and for some reason those still freak me out. But I figured what a better way to start driving then on the freeway. I know others think that I'm nuts but there is less to hit there in most cases. But it is just the start and I think he will do a good job. I think that I will hold off on the Excursion for a while though as that is a big thing to tackle. Bmx practice was good though and Nate is looking faster and I think I may even have gotten out of the gates a little better. But I hope it is the same on Sunday. Later..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Watch Out

Today was a better day at work as there was no one taking my stuff. But on another note Nate took his drivers test and got his temps and he will be burning up the streets. I offered him the keys for the drive home and he said no which surprised me. I was ready for the scare of my life but I guess that will have to wait for a while. I may try to get Nate to drive to and from the BMX gate practice tomorrow just have to see. So to be safe keep you may want to stay off the streets for a while. See you on the road. Later..

Monday, January 11, 2010


Today started off OK but went downhill rather quick. As Teresa and I were in a company testing their scales some assholes broke into my work van and stole my work computer and my lunch box with my check book. I called my mother who still remembered the phone number for the bank and she called right away and got my account canceled and the money flow stopped. Then I got to the bank and all my vast amounts of money was moved to a new one, so I hope that it is all OK now. Oh well hope tomorrow is a better day. Got a few things to take care of now. Later..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Race'n action

Today was some more racing at the barn. What a perfect day to be riding the bikes indoors. Nate took a 3rd in his 20 inch class and missed making it to the mains in the cruiser. Nate said his GHP was faster with the new tires on as the Holy Rollers seemed to slow the bike down when he was not pedaling. He also looked more comfortable today as he has had 3 days on the bike now. He can only get faster and better now.

I took a 2nd in the 20 inch which was earned as I had to come from gate 6 with one guy on the outside and 4 to the inside. I was lucky to get to the 2nd spot as all the guys inside are just as good so some luck was on my side. In the cruiser I took a 4th place as I has to hit the breaks 2 times to avoid 2 guys elbowing each other from the start to the end. The best thing was Bryan hit the gate at the start and went around all of us and took the 1st place at the line. Bryan also talked me into racing the open and I did make it to the semi's but that is were the run ended. Still a fun day at the track. Now 5 days of work with a nice break to go to gate practice Wednesday. Later..

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Swap stuff

Nate and I headed to the Crono Metro bike swap in Madison today looking for the can't pass up or plain old just need. We headed out this morning at 7 to get a spot at the front of the line. We got there and were about 15 people from the front and that made it nice. We were on a mission looking for some new road shoes for Nate. We looked and found some nice ones for $150 instead of $250 but we passed as that was to much for some shoes that he will out grow by summers end. Looked at one pair and they were $100 instead of $200 but he didn't like the they fit so on we went. After about 3 hours and the thinning crowd I just look lower and found a pair of Bontrager road shows and got Nate and they fit perfect and the best was they only cost $40 instead of $240 so that was the best deal of the day. I also bought 2 new seats. After that I didn't see anything else I had to have so we headed home. I did pick up 2 kids though as Mitch and Gage are over and coming to bmx with us tomorrow. Time to make some dinner. Later..

Friday, January 08, 2010


Today was another day of tossing the 50# weights around testing the 10,000 pound scales. The good thing is that the days of tossing the weights the body has adjusted to it and I am not sore anymore. Tomorrow Nate and I are heading to the swap meet in Madison looking for those items that I want but so not need. Just looking for a few things as I don't think we need anything right now except some new road shoes for Nate and I. Then Sunday it is of course BMX come and watch if you aren't busy. Well Cece just got home with the Gyro's. Later..

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Here is one of the 5 accidents I ran across today. Maybe going a little fast you think?

It was a good day at work as everything slowed down. I had to start an hour early to get to an appointment on the other side of town and with the snow my 30 minute drive was 1 1/2 hours. So the nice thing is that start early means done early. Then I had to clean and get the car out of the spot at the parking lot and then get Jessica and getting home to shovel. I pulled in the alley and the alley was plowed, cool as I didn't have to clear that out and the rest went fast. I think with the snow coming down now I will be out there a few times yet tonight. Oh well I like the snow

I stopped at Ben's and my tire's for Nate's GHP came in. 1.75 Maxxis DTH's. I got down in the bike cave and got them on the bike and they look nice and fast. I think Nate will like them and I hope that they hook up nice at the track. Now we are just waiting for the Answer carbon fork to come in. When the fork comes in that should finish the bike and make it sweet and fast. Can't wait to finish it up and see how it looks.

Got to get out and move some snow. Later..

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

BMX gate's

Nate on his new GHP.
Russell trying to figure out his new pedals. He brought the wrong shoes and I hooked him up with my spare shoes and got a spare pair of pedals for him.
Mitch looking up a the start lights. He was flying by the end of gate practice.
The kid wondering how bad that fast girl Tina was going to smoke him. And boy did she smoke him.
Dan getting ready to hang loose next to Russell.

Tonight was a great night for some bmx gate practice. I was sluggish as being outside all day testing recycling facility scales make the legs stiff and tired. But it was still an awesome night as the legs felt better about half way through. Also it was nice to see Dan T, Mitch, Ray and Russell come out. There was still Fast guy Joe running around the track with Jack trying to get him used to the bike and track. Jack is getting better and I hope that he is soon on hos own around the track as it is always fun to see Joe flying around the track too. So dust off your bike and hit the track and do a few laps with us. Time to shower and head to bed as I'm beat. Later..

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

My 50 pound weights were blocks of ice today. I guess the fact that they sit in the back of the van and with the temperatures being so cold that would explain why. Moving them on to the cart and then on the scales back on the cart back to the van meant that the hands got pretty cold today. But that goes with the job. The thing is even though I toss the test weights around all day I still need to come home and lift weights and ride. Tomorrow is more of the same except that there is gate practice at the barn. What a better way to end a night then riding the bmx bike, see you at the gate practice. Later..

Monday, January 04, 2010

Back at it

I have to say it was nice to be back at work today. Not that I love work or anything weird like that but I do like the routine that comes with it. Plus I like the physical duties that come with my job. It was also nice to see the coworkers again and meet the new workers that were hired over the holidays. Kind of a weird time to hire people but the city is never does anything normal. But in any case it was nice to be back at work. Tomorrow I do start working with Teresa again finishing off the rest of the heavy duty scales that require 1000 pounds plus in the city. That should take about another 2 months and it will be a hoot working with her again.

Also it went better then I thought it would getting the kids going for school this morning. They were a little slow getting out of bed but as it got time to get out of the house Jess and I were out earlier then we normal so that was nice. Cece, Nate and Maddie also got out a few minutes early as Cece said that she got a parking spot close to the school which was nice. I know it will fall back to the normal times again but we can hope that it kind of stays the way it was today. Well have to get going as there is a football game on, imagine that as I have had 2 weeks of good football to watch. Later..

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Racing at the barn

Old picture as I didn't have time to get one of Nate on his new bike.

Today we raced at the barn and at first I felt sluggish but as the gates started dropping I began to feel better. Also with the place being closed up for the last 2 weeks and the heat turned on for the first time today there was water dropping off the metal beams for gate practice and the racing. So in the gates you had to be careful as as when you were going out of the gate the back tire would slip. That happened to me in the 3rd moto of my 20 inch class but that was OK as I had the win locked up already, so I rolled in 3rd knowing that I had 2 wins already giving me the 1st place overall. Nice to finally get that 1st win as an Intermediate. Then in cruiser I took a 3rd and in that class that is good on any day.

Nate raced his new GHP 20 inch today and said that he is comfortable on it. He looked good but I have to adjust a few things and I think he will being liking the bike even more. He took a 3rd in class today and that was a stacked field again. Those little punks are just plain old fast and smooth. He also raced his cruiser and took a 2nd place making it a good day for him. So after gate practice on Wednesday I think he will have his GHP dialed in and it should be fun to watch. So come on down and catch some bmx action.

Now that I have had 16 days off it is back to work. I do have to say that I am looking forward to getting back to work as I do enjoy throwing a 1,250#'s worth of 50# blocks around all day. Hell what is there not to like about that right? Also the kids go back to school and I do have to say that they need it as they are just getting a little lazy and in to each others space. Good time to get into the groove again. So enjoying the last night off and relaxing watching the Packers. Later..

Saturday, January 02, 2010

2 more

Only 2 more days of vacation and of course it has to be like 10 degrees out so no outdoor actives for the kids and I. So now the girls are going to defrost the freezer in the basement and Nate is going to ride the bmx bike on the rollers so we can make sure it holds up for tomorrow. Don't need something letting go out of the gate tomorrow. Cece had a smile on her face when I said we are bmx racing tomorrow. I'm beginning to think that she likes it when Nate and I are gone racing every weekend. Maybe it is just me. But in any case I can't wait to go to the track tomorrow and race again and hang with the guys on the team for a while.

Took the tree out last night as it was losing needles by the ton and it was up for about 3 or 4 weeks so that was long enough. It is nice to have the upstairs family room back as the tree does take up a lot of room. But it is nice to have it up there instead of in the living room as it really makes that room tiny. Thinking maybe I will buy an artificial tree as it would make things so simple but we like going and getting the real one and enjoying the smell of the real trees. Plus I think that we would tend to leave it up longer and this was long enough. Still may check out a few artificial tree though.

Well time to get a few chores done and get the gear bags packed for the races tomorrow and getting ready for some gates to be dropping. Later..

Friday, January 01, 2010

Riding in the New Year

This morning I loaded the Felt single speed and dressed for the 15 degree weather and headed to the Tool Shed for a little ride to the lake with some friends. We got on the road ( a little late thanks to Bubba and made it to the Palomino Bar just in time to make to to the Bi-Polar plunge. Many ride their bikes into the lake and others just jump in. In any case they are all nuts in my book. After getting cold watching we rode back to the bar for a few cold PBR's and then back to the Tool Shed for some awesome chili and a fire. It was a fun day and now I'm chill'n trying to thaw my face and eye's. Good start to the new year to ride with a great group of friends. Later..