Saturday, April 30, 2011


Decided to skip the social ride so I could plant my cana lilies and head to Rays for the day. I thought that there was going to be a nice long road ride tomorrow but Danny is still alittle under the weather and it is called off. So skipping the road ride today may be a little bummer but going to Rays was a fun time. I plan on doing a longer road ride tomorrow any how as I will just head out of here alittle earlier then the 12:30 start that was planned. Like 9:30 if anyone is interested to ride to and around Wind Lake and back. Then clean up and go to Rays for the last day of riding there until next fall. Still waiting to hear from Nate on the their finishes from today in Iowa City. Later..

Ride, Ride, Ride...

Just trying to decide what I should do today. Should I do a long boring road ride by myself? Should I do the long boring road ride and then head to Rays for a spin as it is closing for the summer after this weekend. Should I just go to Rays and ride and then maybe ride later in the after noon if it is not raining. Or the last choice, should I go to the Metro Social ride out in Waukesha. The social ride is on top of the list right now as there will be a lot of busy weekends of racing coming up making it hard to ride for fun with a bunch of friends. But in any case it will be a ride on a bike today with friends. Later..

Friday, April 29, 2011


Today a great day to do some work outside. I tested a bunch of gas meters and then got home and went for a nice SS ride. It was nice to feel the sun on the face again after the last few days of rain and clouds. Then it was mow the grass before it got to long and I had bail it. But it was all nice to do in the sun again. Then it was lift weights and now relax and get the feet up.

Nate is in Iowa getting ready to race the Old Capital Criterium. He as a road race in the morning tomorrow and Time trial in the afternoon. Then on Sunday he has 2 crits to race. He is excited to race and is looking forward to doing several races over the weekend. He is a little bummed that he is missing the WORS race but still super stocked to be racing a bike. Good Luck to all those racing the road race and the WORS race.

Jessica comes home tomorrow from Rhinelander. She flies in at 7:25 in the morning so we have to be at the airport early but it will be nice to have her home again. She brightens up the house so much.

I want to get a ride in and then try to get to Rays for the last weekend of riding there until October 1st. Going to miss it that is for sure, but maybe one of these days the trails will dry up and we can ride outside. Then on Sunday I am going to try to get to a group ride and get a nice 60 plus mile ride in. Well time to get a bowl of ice cream. Later..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little wet

I think the rain is as sick of the rain as I am. I wish I would have cut the grass Monday as now it is getting a little long and I may have to bail it when I am done. So other then that the rain can take a break any day now.

On another note it seems a little different to not be getting ready to go and do the WORS race this weekend. Nate is going to Iowa City with the ISCorp team to race the Old Capital Criterium. He has a cat 3 road race and time trial on Saturday and then a cat 3 and Jr criterium on Sunday. That should make for a busy and long weekend but also a fun one for him. Also wishing all the racers racing the Iola race a safe and fun race. Later..

Monday, April 25, 2011

Furlough Day

Well with such a nice day off what was one to do? I figured I may as well ride my bikes. I first lifted weights and then got some breakfast then got Nate moving. We did a nice road ride along the lake and then cleaned up, changed and loaded the jumping bikes and went to Rays as it is the last week for some indoor fun. After a few hours of jumping we came back home and went to work cleaning the Harley Fat Boy. As always there was a nice coat of dust and dirt on it that I needed to remove. But once it is all shinny and clean it looks nice and is well worth it. I put the battery on trickle charge a few weeks ago so it would be ready for the day I decided to start it up and I was glad that I did that as it started right away. Then I took it for a ride as I am going to drive it to work a few times a week with the price of gas at what it is. But as always it was nice to ride the bikes and then the motor bike. Tomorrow if there is no rain Nate and I are going to head to the gun show for another beating. Later..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

HAPPY EASTER... Always room for another bunny on the bike. Later..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things going on

Nate in the Jr race.

Start of the cat 3 race.

Just a few ISCorp and a few Team Wisconsin racers here.

Nate chilling in the the Cat 3 race.

Nate finished we think like 6 or 7th in the Jr race and then top 10 in the cat 3 race. After last nights rain the day was perfect for some racing. Nate said his legs were flat in the Jr race and then in the 3's he was feeling better but a few riders in front of him faded when the sprint started and he had to slow and restart. Again a thing to learn to watch the racers around you and pick a better wheel next time. He is got a few training rides this week and then he is off to Iowa for some races with the ISCorp team.

Jessica is upnorth now in Rhinelander after her first air plane trip. She is such a trooper as being her first time on a plane she also flew alone. She was so excited and wanted to go to the airport at least 4 hours early. But we got there 2 hours early and I had to sit with her in the loading area till the plane took off. She got there and Grandma and Grandpa picked her up and she had a huge smile on her face.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The last few days have been quite unfriendly to the bike riders. The rain is fore casted for the next few days and then again for the start of next week. That is going to make a long first race for the guys doing the Iola WORS race that is for sure. For Nate he is heading to Iowa for the Old Capitol races . That should be a fun time as he is doing a road race in the morning on Saturday then a time trial in the afternoon. On Sunday he will be racing the Jr and cat 3 crits. But the good thing is that Nate has had the bmx all winter and then the road races that he has done is hopefully getting him going. But all I have to say is that hopefully everyone is finding a way to get in some training with this weather. Enjoy. Later..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy race weekend.

As always it was a busy weekend of riding and racing. Nate went down by Kaleb as they were registered for a 150km race on Saturday. Well with the rain I called Nate and advised him to not race but Kaleb wanted to do it so off they went and raced. It rained, sleeted and snowed with 60 mile an hour winds on gravel and asphalt roads. They got smart after 2 laps of mud and pulled the plug. They cleaned up and got home so we could wash the kits and get ready for some racing today. We loaded the cars and headed to Madison for some crit racing. Nate toed the line fotr the Jr race and took a 3rd place today and then later raced the cat 3 race and took a 10th place. Good day of racing then Nate and Maddie loaded the Volvo and headed to Stevens Point to spend the night with Wade before finishing the drive to Rhinelander for the week. It is going to seem a little different as Cece and I will only have Jessica for the week before we send her to Rhinelander on Friday via airplane. But Nate and Maddie come home Friday so it is just a switch for us. But nice none the less. Well I need to get the paper and relax after 8 hours in the wind and cold. Later..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Going to be a fun one

Nate is going to go down and meet Kaleb tonight and then head over and do this race tomorrow in Illinois. It should be a interesting race as it is a 150 km and parts of the race or on gravel. I am hoping that the rain is light and not to bad as they will be in for a epic race in any case. Oh well I think he is ready for the race and I am hoping that he eats and drinks properly as I am not going to make it to the race. I will keep you posted as what happens.

Last night was a fun group ride as we had 12 of us and we rolled at a brisk pace through out the ride. As the start I was thinking I do not want to do this and at the end as always I was glad that we had the ride. As of now the ride is still taking off at 5:30 next week as we still rolled in as it was getting pretty dark. I am thinking that the first week of May is the time when we will be moving the ride to 6pm. But I will keep you posted on that. See you on the road. Later..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pic's from the gun show

Here are a few pictures that Ron took of the group before the trigger was pulled and the Gun Show was on. It was a group of fast guys and I do have to say a great training ride for those wanting to get faster and can hang on. But Nate and I will be back for another show. Thanks Ron. Later..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shot out the back

The Gun show was a good ride. At least that is what hear. Nate made the entire ride and said the hills were alittle tiring but he enjoyed the pace and ride. I made it to about 30 minutes into the ride and then the pace was to fast. Scott and I rode together for the rest until I flatted about a mile from Ron's house and I did not have a co2 or a pump so Ron came and got me in the car. Thanks Ron for the group ride and the ride back to your place. We will be back for more and I hope to make it a little further or just be smart and do the B group Gun Show. Either way Nate will do the big show and I will ride some where out there. Now Nate needs to do his homework and I need to catch my breath and get my legs up. Later..

Gun Show

Going to go and try to hang on this ride tonight. Nate should be OK but I am worried that I won't hang to long and I will be lost in the back hills of Waukesha. Oh well just have to go and see and I will bring the phone and use the GPS if I have to. So see you on the road. Later..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where did it go?

Nate, Kaleb and Kevin at the finish line.

Nate and Kaleb launching the attack for the break.

Nate coming up the hill leading the break.

The Jr ISCorp Jr's at the start of the race today.

It was a fast and fun weekend. Wade came into town and we went out for a fish fry Friday night and caught up on the last few months. Then came home and watched a movie before getting to bed. Nate then had his ACT test on Saturday morning while Cece and the girls went to Racing for the weekend to stay with her Mom and Cece then went to a friends for the night to. I got a few things done around the house and then when Nate got home it was race time. We headed over the race and Nate jumped in the cat 3 race and raced a good race as he raced to pull a break in at the end and got Kaleb to the front so he could contend for the win. Kaleb hit it hard and got 2nd place and Nate rolled in with the field. Then it was load the bike and gear and get to the Brewer game. Wade got us hooked for a great spot for the game. He had a suite and I do have to say it was a awesome way to watch the game. To top it off the Brewers beat the Cubs. Then it was get home and then get some showers and sleep. Then it was get to Madison for some more racing. Nate raced the Jr race and Kaleb, Kevin and Nate got off the front and got a nice gap and held it to the finish and Nate got the win. Thanks to Kaleb and Kevin for the awesome work with Nate and then the rest of the ISCorp riders riding it tempo in the pack for the break to work. Then it was the cat 3 race and the ISCorp Jr played a pretty good race and kept the breaks close and then end the Nate closed a gap to a group and got Kaleb into the mix and then Kaleb did the rest for the win. It was a blast to see the kids racing so well and hanging out for the day. It is going to be a fun year of racing. Well now it is time to relax and enjoy the breezes blowing in the house through the open windows. Later..

Friday, April 08, 2011

Tonights catch

Wade is coming into town tonight as we are going to the Brewer game tomorrow night. He is also going to come and watch Nate race a few races if the weather holds out for it. But tonight we are going to find a fish fry some where and we are looking at the St Francis Brewery or maybe Cafe Centraal or just where ever we end up. No Serb Hall though, not my type of atmosphere or really just doesn't appeal to me. Did it once 20 plus years ago and never went back to Serb Hall, just me so enjoy if you like it. But time to open a beer or a bottle of wine to pre load for a great dinner. Later..

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Wow the week is almost gone already. The days are flying by and the busy as hell weekend is coming up. Tuesday was the annual Health Dept. volleyball tourney and we took 2nd place again this year. Good times seeing and hanging with the others in the dept for a night. Then yesterday was a simple day that flew by and then Nate and I got out for a nice spin along the lake. He said he was tired at the start which was understandable after some of the longer rides we have been doing, but it was not the riding it was the fact that his back brake was rubbing and slowing him down. Too funny as after fixing the issue he was flying and I think I was holding him back. Today as of now if there is no rain it the Thursday group ride and if rain Nate and I are going to go out and help take the bmx track down but only if there is rain. Then tomorrow Wade is coming down for the weekend as we are going to a Brewer game Saturday night. It will be Nate, Wade and myself as the girls are spending the night at Cece's Mom's house and Cece is doing something with a few of her girlfriends. But for Nate he is going to be busy as hell as Saturday morning he has the ACT test and then we are going to try to make it to the race in Menominee Falls as he will only make the cat 3 if we go. Then the Brewer game Saturday night and then get to the races in Madison on Sunday. I hope Nate has the energy to make it to all of this over the weekend and time will only tell I guess. Later..

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Hoping that this does not happen to me tonight.

Tonight is the first night that the gun show rolls out and I have a annual volleyball game for the Health Dept. I committed to the game and then set up a appointment for Nate to get fit on his new team bike tonight as well. I think Nate may be done in time for the ride but he wants to wait for me to drive with him so he knows where to go. We will be there next week Ron for sure. In the past we have won the volleyball tourney and taken the traveling trophy home but last year with my busted wing the team didn't fair as well and we are looking forward to playing this year and we are hoping that age is not catching up and we bring home the trophy one again. I know one thing and that is tomorrow I will be sore from my 1 time a year of playing volleyball and all the different muscles that I never use other wise. But it is fun to hang with the co workers and all every once in a while.

Then tomorrow I hope that the rain holds out and we get an outside ride in and if it is raining we will hit up Rays for a few hours of jumping. Then again on Thursday the group ride out of Hales Corners Wheel and Sprocket will be taking off at 5:30. But this week do not forget that the store is closed because of the Expo going on so if you are needing anything or need to use the restroom you may be out of luck. So plan ahead. Later..

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Great day to catch some Rays

The hail coming down on the ride to Rays, it was interesting to drive in.

Curt all happy to be catching some Rays too.

Joe, Mike and Nate taking a break while catching some Rays.

Nate airing it out while catching some Rays.

Nate going into the rafters to catch some Rays.

With the rain, hail and 60 plus MPH winds today Nate and I caught some Rays. Must have been the idea of others as we had a bunch of friends catching some Rays today as well. After the ride yesterday it was a perfect day to play on the jumps to give the legs a day to recover. Nate as always was hitting the jumps high and smooth while I was still trying to get the courage to let the bike jump and have fun. By the end of today I was getting more comfortable and I was actually beginning to almost clear the jumps. I actually did clear a few and now I am hoping to get more consistent by the time that Rays closes for the summer. I just don't want to crash and hurt myself. Well time to sit back and watch UP. Later..

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Riding the days away.

Nate looking for the landing yesterday at Rays.

Nic bailing after boasting it to much doing a back flip into the foam pit.

Garrett trying to get out of the foam pit yesterday.

Nate and I have been getting in a little riding the last few days. Thursdays beat down group ride was a fun one and with the larger group for the first ride it was a nice one. Don't forget that if you are thinking that you want to join us at the Hales Corners Wheel and Sprocket in the back parking lot the ride leaves at 5:30 for the next few weeks and then it will move to the normal 6pm time. Then yesterday it was some riding at Rays for Nate, Garrett and we meet Nic there for some jumping and tricks. As always a great time. Then this morning Nate, Garrett and I rode to the Saturday group ride. The group was a good size and we rode around Wind Lake and back to Wheel and Sprocket before joining most everyone for a nice toasted bagel sandwich before heading it back home. Now it is time to get ready for a celebration of Cece's Mom's 81 Birthday. Later..