Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things going on

Nate in the Jr race.

Start of the cat 3 race.

Just a few ISCorp and a few Team Wisconsin racers here.

Nate chilling in the the Cat 3 race.

Nate finished we think like 6 or 7th in the Jr race and then top 10 in the cat 3 race. After last nights rain the day was perfect for some racing. Nate said his legs were flat in the Jr race and then in the 3's he was feeling better but a few riders in front of him faded when the sprint started and he had to slow and restart. Again a thing to learn to watch the racers around you and pick a better wheel next time. He is got a few training rides this week and then he is off to Iowa for some races with the ISCorp team.

Jessica is upnorth now in Rhinelander after her first air plane trip. She is such a trooper as being her first time on a plane she also flew alone. She was so excited and wanted to go to the airport at least 4 hours early. But we got there 2 hours early and I had to sit with her in the loading area till the plane took off. She got there and Grandma and Grandpa picked her up and she had a huge smile on her face.

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