Thursday, August 31, 2006

More to come later...

Here is a picture of the big truck trying to look small next to the Red woods. The size of the trees are just unreal and if you ever get a chance to see them it is a must stop.

The Beat down was fun and some good action after the ride. More to come tomorrow as I need sleep. Later..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Track wrap up

We went to the track last night for some fixie racing. It was the last night for the year so we loaded the truck with Russ, Erich, Jamie, The Boy, Mad Dog and myself and hit it for the last night of racing. I didn't race as after the summer off with the fingers and all I don't have thge leg speed so I gave each of the kids a split of the money I saved from the entry fee. The Boy raced well but again but he looked real tired from the weekend of racing WORS as he was nipped out at the line twice. Maddie raced well and it is to bad the season is over because she is looking better on the track each week. Russell didn't race as he is pretty beat up from this weekend of crashes and E man looked good as he won the Masters snowball. Well another year of track racing is over and now Nate is looking forward to the rest of the Mtn bike races and doing the cross races again this year. Hell Maddie even asked if she could do some cross races so maybe she will become a all around racer yet. See you all at the time trial or if not at the bmx track as that should be open no matter if the trails are closed. Later..

Monday, August 28, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

I think these 2 women were taking up Russell's time as he couldn't fit in both races this last weekend. Russ still was able to pull off a win on Sunday but I think if he gave up a few minutes with the women he could have won the WORS Cup again. Enjoy your ladies Russ.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

WORS cup

The family had a good weekend of racing at the WORS cup. Nate and I won the Down hill TT on Saturday racing on the greasy wet trails. Then on Sunday Maddie took 3rd in her race and is getting better each race. Cece won her race and took 4th overall of the female class. Nate won his race and took 8th overall of all the cit men. I took second in SS and 11th overall in the sport class. In the end Nate took first in the omnium and I was able to also win the omnium. So everall it was a great weekend and we all had a lot of fun. Time to get the kids in bed as they start school tomorrow. Later..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Big Heads

Here is a picture of the family at Mount Rushmore on the way home during our trip out west. It was a great place to visit and if you get a chance to get there I recommend that you stop there. It was a beautiful clear day when we were there and when we were on our way to our hotel it rained about 30 minutes and about 4 inches of rain fell. We lucked out. Today with the rain I didn't go to the Beat Down I rode the spin bike instead. Easy ride tomorrow and then Dan is picking us up and off to the WORS cup. Later..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Low Down

Here is a picture of Nate finishing his race at the NORBA nationals. The race was the last ones of the day at 5pm and 105 plus degrees. He was in the lead for the first 7 miles and the last mile plus climb got to him and the others passed him. He pushed it and made up one spot and got his third place. The awards was what took so long as they waited until the last one finished and that was over an hour and a half after they finished so that was a long wait.

My brother Wade and some friends came in to town for the weekend and we crammed 10 pounds of crap into a few days. On Saturday morning we hit the BMX track for a few laps as Wade wanted to see Nate and Maddie ride it. Ezra and Emma also came to the track and got to see the kids ride. Ezra did a bunch of laps on Maddie's bike and loved it. He wished that they had a track close to their home in Woodville. After that we went to the Brewers game and got there early enough to watch batting practice. We had a table on the Fridays deck and I caught 4 baseballs and Nate caught one so every kid got to bring one home with the free lunch box that they also got that night. On Sunday we went to the Milwaukee Market and then on a boat ride on Lake Michigan. When we got home we grilled and sat around and talked and enjoyed the weather. On Monday we went on a Miller Brewery tour and they left and went home in the early afternoon. I got my chores done and got a ride in.

On Tuesday we went to the track and I warmed up but did not race as I just don't have the leg speed to waste the 20 dollars. I split the 20 and give each kid 10 instead. Nate took 2 4th places and that was pretty good as he is on antibiotics for strep thoat. Maddie took a couple of 2nd places in the girls. The story of the night was Russell pulling down some good results and looking real good on the track. He is getting some real good leg speed and racing real good. The rest of the team looked good all night as well.

Tonight was a night of riding at the bmx track. The gang was there. Ron, Russell, Dan, Bubba's kids, Skyler, Josh ( Kenny's little rocket boy) and many others. The track is looking better each week and I can't wait until they get a gate. There will be few more practice times this year and I think we are going to hit the bmx and take a break from the time trials for a while. Tomorrow is the beat down and then get ready for the WORS cup races this weekend. Later..

Monday, August 21, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Russell's has his hands full with these 2 girls. They are competing to get his attention by showing off their underwear. I think Russell was so happy at seeing the undies he ripped the white ones with his teeth before she could tuck them back in. Enjoy your 2 girls Russ..

Friday, August 18, 2006

New Baby in the house

We have a new baby hanging in the basement now. I bought the frame last spring and got the fork this summer and started to put the bike together over the last few weeks. Nate wanted a carbon handle bar also so I made a deal that if he paid for half of it I would also. I got the great wheel set Tuesday from the Master wheel builders of Russell and Ron. The wheels are great and really cool. Nate took it for a spin outside today and the bike is nice and solid and really light. He should be able to rip it up at the bmx track. I may have to build a 20 inch up for myself and race age and cruiser. Tomorrow he is going to ride it at the track so that should be the real test. See you at the bmx track maybe. Have to go my brother just pulled in. Later..

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spinning along

It has been a little busy with having to do that thing called work again. After putting in a few hours of manual labor testing the gas pumps and scales I manage to get home and fit in some time for the races and riding.

Well on Monday it was a nice recovery ride and the kids also did a recovery ride during the day. Then on Tuesday it was down to the track with the kids, Russell, and Eric. I decided to race and the legs felt like lead and I should have saved the 20.00 and given each kid 10 dollars. I have decided that with my lack of time on the track that I will go to the track and warm up and then get the kids racing and give my entry fee money to them. Then the kids got racing and both of them had a good night. Nate finished a close 3rd in the unknown race and won the miss and out. He is flying and I think that racing my bike has made a big difference. With racing my bike Nate has been giving the kids a tough race as now he has btter gearing and they can't ride away from him. I think many wins are to come if he keeps riding the way he did the other night. Maddie also had a good night of racing as she took a 3rd in the unknown and a 2nd in the miss and out. In the end they didn't seperate the girls and boys out for a race and she didn't earn any money for her finishes so I gave her the money she would have gotten for her finishes. The rest of the team had great finishes and good races through out the night. After the races it was off to the Spot for some of that tasty greasy drive in food.

Last night was the time trials and it was a great night for racing. There were a few more people there for the races then normal for once. Also with the bmx track now almost ready there were a bunch of people riding there also. I had a decent race as we raced 3 laps instead of 2. At the end of the final lap I was begining to cramp going up the last 2 climbs but I was able finish it off nice and finished 2nd in age and 9th overall. Nate rode well and I think he finished 2nd in age also. Danny rode with Nate and said he was tearing up the single track. Maddie and the girls rode around and spent some time on the bmx track. Then we did a night ride and Nate was leading it and he was riding as strong in the dark as he does in the day. Tonight is the beat down and then some easy riding as my brother is coming in to town and we are doing some fun things around town. Have to get going, Later...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Russell has been a sneaky little guy and buying his lady smaller pants with out her knowing it. Here she is trying to get them buttoned and zipped before heading to the all you can eat. She is in tears as she may miss a few minutes at the buffet line trying get her ass in these pants. Here is one more plate for Russell's Supermate.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rest Day

Here is a cool picture of the girls with a sign supporting Nate during his race. It was a cool time during the races as everyone was yelling support to every racer that came by. The only thing was that when Nate raced it was like 100 plus degrees, sunny and no where to get relief so he had it the worst of all the races that day. He did great and the next time we go to Nationals he will have everything in place and I believe he will win.

Yesterday went to the bmx track and helped for a couple of hours and it is looking real good. The first straight is smooth and turn one was getting finished as I left. The trenches were getting dug and the drain tile was to be put in so that should keep the water in the turns slim to none soon. There will be a open house on Aug 19th from 10- 1 and you will be able to ride the track so if you can come and ride it for awhile. But you will need long pants, long sleeve shirt and a helmet. After working there I got home to go for a nice 48 mile ride with Russell, Nate, Dan and John B. It was nice pace and Nate was able to keep up and only needed some pushes up some of the hills. A few more of those types of rides and he should be blowing all the Citizens away, not only being a top 15 place finisher. Russell and John stayed for some good Mexican food that Cece got ready for us and then watched the Brewers win and then the Packers sink it up.

Today was a rest day and we went to Cece's brothers house to get together with her family for a day. Nate and I went there on the Harley Fat Boy. Boy I need to ride that thing more often. I have to try to fit some riding time on the Fat Boy as the weather is getting perfect for that to. It is nice that Nate can sit on the back and hang on so that makes that nice. Now Nate and I can go for a ride as Cece doesn't really like to ride on the Harley so it is kind of boring to ride by myself. Now time to get a few things done and get ready for week 2 at work. Later..

Friday, August 11, 2006


Here are the punk kids a the side of the pool at the villa that we stayed at during the NORBA race. It was real nice and only 5 miles from the course. The kids got to swim at every hotel we stayed at and they loved it. Only 1 pool was real nasty as the water was kind of green and the whirl pool had foam about 1 foot high. Needless to say I didn't go in that pool but the kids did. One pool had a nice slide and others were your normal small but nice pools.

I did the Beat Down ride yesterday and the pace was nice for the ride out as we were going between 25 and 32 with a nice tail wind. We waited at a stop sign to regroup but that only meant that the fast guys got a rest and the pace was to pick up soon and that it did. Jeff and Matt picked it up a notch and we were cruising along at 30 mph plus for a good long time. We hung on and then decided to sit up and get a group of about 7 of us and ride at a little slower pace. We caught the guys that fell off and the others that took a short cut and had a nice group to the finish. I need a few more rides like that and I should be ready for the rest of the WORS races.

Well I have been back to work for a week now and I'm getting into the groove again. My fingers are doing fine and were only stiff yesterday from the damp rain in the morning. My leg doesn't even get sore from the damp weather and I'm hoping the fingers don't down the road too. Next week I'm hitting it full speed ahead at work and that should test the fingers then. The good thing is that I still have 5 weeks of vacation to use up before the end of the year so when some nice weather comes in the fall I'll be taking off for a ride or 2.

Time to sit down and get some sleep as I'm going to go and help at the BMX track in the morning. They are hoping to get a lot of it done or maybe finish it as there is a open house next week Sat from 10-1 so come and see the track and maybe bring your bike and ride then. Then tomorrow in the afternoon we are getting a group ride together at 1pm from my house so if you are interested call me or Russell and come on the ride. Later..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Here is a nice picture that we took as we drove 4 days up the coast. There was so many great areas to go down to the beach and eat lunch and play. We stopped a couple of times a day to just play and walk on the beach. We saw we think was a whale one day and got to pick up shells, sand dollars and star fish. It a lot of fun and different from any thing around here. A must if you ever get out west is to drive up the coast.

Yesterday was a night at the track and I went and warmed up and did not race. The kids did race and I gave Nate my bike to race as he is to big to ride the bike he has been racing and was way under geared. He raced better and just needs to get used to a bigger gear and I think he will do better. He took a 3rd and a 4th. Maddie raced well and I put her on Nate's old bike and she looked way better to. She took a 2nd and a 3rd. Oh yea Russell took a first in the danish and licked good in all the other races as well. I think he is racing better each week. The rest of the guys on the team were also winning and taking the money home.

Tonight was the time trials and it was hot and muggy. They went well but I was way under geared as I didn't change it from the last race. I finished 8th overall and 3rd age. Nate died on the 2nd lap and took 2nd in age. Maddie rode around with a couple of other punk girls and hit golf balls. We did a night ride also and I can't wait until we are doing night rides a couple of nights a week.

Went back to work Monday and after being off for 10 weeks I feel lost. But just have to get things in order and correct the mess the others have started and plug along. The hand is holding up and is just a little sore from lifting the gas measure cans. I just have to work through it and it will get better each day. Time to hit the sack. Later..

Monday, August 07, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Now that Russell has just about locked up his category in the WORS series with another win he is going to bring this beauty to the awards banquet. I think that Russell has been giving his testosterone to his girlfriend though. Now I see why all the kids are beating you.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bling, Bling, Bling, Ding

We got the truck packed and then got the kids up at 5:30am to get some breakfast in them and hit the rode. We were watching the radar before leaving and hoping that the rain would be done by the time we hit the race. Well it was close as we got there it was just finishing up with a light drizzle. I got our tags and nice cool shirts. I then got the bikes ready and sent Maddie out for her race. She was not wanting to race but when Don yelled go the race face went on and she took off. When rode by after the lead out she yelled to Cece I can't breath but Cece just said keep going and do your best. She finished 2nd in her class and was so happy and wouldn't stop talking on how fun it was.
Next was sending off Nate and Cece. Nate went first and got on a fast group of 18 year old racers and held his ground on the 4th and dropped all the others in his age. In the first lap he came by and looked the strongest I have seen him this year. He won his age group and I think was in the top 15 for all the citizen racers.
Then Cece took off and being the hard core not training but I will race girl that she is I was wondering how she would handle the hills, tacky mud and all. She came by after the lead out kind of in the back half of group. After the first lap she looked to be moving up and by the finish she was able to pull off a win in her age group also and place 5th overall for the women. Man if she would only train.
I took to line next and had a crappy race starting with the lead out and never getting on a group to try to sit in. I then held onto 6th place from the start to the end. I got caught in the crappy line of racers walking up the muddy hill not that would have been any different as everyone was walking. I then got on the bike and passed racers left and right but never caught any SS racers and had to settle for 6th in the end. I'm hoping to get a few better results before the the end of the year and maybe finish in the top 3 overall. But missing 3 races my put that on slim to maybe none, just have to wait and see. I watched the others race and many were looking like I felt during the race. Russell won his age, Samantha took 4th in elite women, Jack was in the top 15, Ron was about 20th, and Jerry was in there some where also. Good job to all that raced.
Tomorrow is the first day back to work since the gate tried to eat my fingers. I really don't want to go back but I still do want to get back to work at the same time. I have to unpack a bunch of boxes as our office moved while I was out so that is the first day and then get my van and things up to date. This will take a couple of days so it won't be wham back in the grind so it will be nice in that means any how. The good thing is that I used sick time for the time off so I have 5 weeks of vacation to use before the end of the year. I will use a bunch to go to school functions and others for the extended holiday times. Time to read the paper and get the feet up. Later..

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Here is picture of us just before the pre ride at the NORBA Nationals. It was a sunny and hot day. It was about 105 degrees the day we pre rode. This is the day that after the pre ride that Maddie and Cece decided that the course was so bad and the temps being high that they would not waste the money and time to race. That was to bad they didn't race but it was better then having a real bad race or a DNF. As you can see the area was nothing but brown grass and open trails to ride on. It was by far the worst course ever. It makes Phillips race seem like a 10 star course. But Nate and I raced and enjoyed the race any how.

Today I went to the BMX track and helped fill a bunch of wheel barrows for about 1 1/2 hours. Then I had to get a few things ready before the race. I had to clean the bikes and get them ready and get the rest of the things in order. All 4 of us are going to race tomorrow I think for the first time this year. I'm hoping that Maddie is ready and that Cece is also. Nate should be OK and I'm just hoping for a good finish. Time to go out and start the grill and get some food going. Later..

Friday, August 04, 2006

Wine country

Here is one of the vineyards that we went to during our stay in California. We were able to visit about 6 different vineyards that were not more then a mile from our place in any direction. We did bring some wine home but let me tell you it was not cheaper then any of the bottles that you buy here. Matter of fact it cost more then any you buy on the shelf in the store around here. The only thing is the fact that you get right from the place that grows, picks and bottles the wine. Matter of fact I think I may open a bottle tonight to go with the pizza I just picked up.

Today is Maddie's 11th birthday. Cece took her and a couple of friends to the cool waters swim park. I got lucky as Nate didn't want to go so we went to the BMX track and rode some laps. The track is looking real good and it should be ready in a few weeks for some good practice runs. If you get a chance come and check it out. Also thanks to Cooper for the cutting of a brake rotor that had a bad rust spot from sitting for 3 weeks. Now they are smooth as butter. I owe him a dinner soon. Time to get some pizza and have some cake with Maddie. Later..

Thursday, August 03, 2006


We went to the time trials and paid to race and then the rain came. We waited for a few minutes to see if it would let up but it only came down harder and the water was running down the ski hill making it impossible to race. We waited inside for the rain to let up and then loaded the bikes and went home. Once I got home I got on the SS and tooled around the Bay View area and lake front. It was cool as I seen 2 red fox by the lake and then seen a bunch of raccoons playing in the water. On my way home I ran into fast guy Mike Phillips and talked to him for awhile before heading home.

This morning the family and I headed to State Fair to see the sights. It was a lot of fun to walk through the animal farms and see the sights at the fir. We then went to the ride area and all the rides all cost a $1.00 to ride and we bought $20.00 dollars worth. Well after a few Maddie was done as she wasn't feeling the best after a few of the spinning rides. Plus the heat I think was getting to all of us. So I rode a few with Nate and then we headed home as we are all sun burnt as hell. We all had fun as it is way better then summerfest and all as there is a lot for the kids and families to do.

Went on the beat down ride tonight and I was wondering if being in the sun all day and not riding that much in the last month would hurt me. But the pace was good and steady and the ride did stay together for the most part as only a few fell off the pace. I'm hoping that I feel good for the race on Sunday and that the rain holds out for the early races. Tonight Dan, Len, John, Bob and a few off the trackies went to a big race at Northbrook. Last year Matt Fox won the race so we are hoping that another Hayes rider can repeat. Time to get something to eat. Later..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back in the saddle

Here is a picture of me racing at the NORBA Nationals. I raced at 8 in the morning and it was already in the high 80's and the saving thing was the sun was not out in full as the fog from the bay was still there. Well in the start of the 2nd lap the sun came out and the temps went up for the last 2 laps. I got hand ups every lap from Nate and I needed all the fluids I took from him. I drank 4 bottles during the race and took water at the water station each time also. I was a good race fro me as I finished 29th in the SS open and the top finishers were all pro's.

I went to the track last night with The Boy, Maddie and Russell. I was thinking on the way down maybe I should just warm up and save the $20.00 and give each kid $10.00 extra. But as I warmed up and raced. I could tell I haven't raced at the track yet this year as the night went on my legs went away. The first couple of races I held my ground and then the last race I just didn't have it. I will keep pushing and hope to be able to hold my ground for the rest of the the WORS races. The kids did well as Nate took 2 3rd places and Maddie took 2 2nd places. Russell just finished in the field in his races.

Today I went to the hand Dr. and he said that my summer vacation is over. I have good movement in the fingers and he said that he can't believe that with the damage I had done to the fingers that I should have limitited movement. But with the way that mine move he could not believe it and was just sitting there going move your fingers again I have to see that again. He said I heal great and that he wants to see me in 2 months as he wants to see how much more progress I will have. So it is back to work Monday and then try to plan when to take my 5 weeks of vacation that I have to use before the end of the year.

Tonight are the time trials at Crystal Ridge if the rain holds off. There is 2 races tonight so Nate and I will do both but Maddie will just be riding tonight. The second race will be a night race so the lights are charged and ready to go. Tomorrow is off to to the State Fair with the family. I hope that it is not to hot and alot of the people don't go early as we are going at about 8 am. Well time to go and lift weights and get some things done. Later..