Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snowy gates

Just like every week it seems to be either snowing or cold as hell. Tonight with the snow there was a lighter turn out meaning going till you blow your taint. We got there a tad late as I had to get back from Madison then drop off the co peeps and then get rid of the city car and get my car meaning getting home at 4:40 and gates start dropping at 5. We got there at 5:20 with some fancy fast driving. We were able to pound the gates as I still had to work the gates as Fred was sick and left. Brian was busy and couldn't make it to practice tonight either. So Nate and I dropped the gates and Todd and Kenny picked up the kids that fell off there bikes. It was another fun night of sprints. This Sunday is Nates first Expert class race so it should be fun. Have to get to bed as now I have to get up early to shovel. Later..

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I went to play bingo and I was 1 away from 1 of the 5,000 dollar jackpots. But no luck here. I could not believe how many people were there even with the bad weather and all, it was just crazy. I couldn't sit there and play bingo nightly as it looked like many did. Several people looked like hey played daily as a couple of the players needed 2 chairs pushed together to hold their fat ass. But overall it was fun and a tad stressful trying to keep up with the numbers being called. I made it but next time if there ever is a next time I'm getting a electronic scorer as it tells you when you win. After playing bingo for 4 hours I went out to leave and it was snowing and cold as hell. I went in it was 37 and leaving it was -3 and windy. I couldn't see more then a few blocks ahead and I was driving 20 all the way home. What a change in a few hours time, Wisconsin weather at it's best I guess.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Madison then gate practice. So if you need to get a good workout in come check out the bmx. Later..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Tonight I'm going to go play bingo with some peeps from work. I have not played in years and I'm hoping that the old ladies that are around us don't smoke us out. I may try to get into the non smoking room and avoid the smoke all together if I can. I'm thinking I might try to find a troll or 2 to place on the tale to bring some luck as I hear that is the thing to do. I hope that the weather doesn't get to nasty while were are playing but I'm only 15 minutes from the place so the drive shouldn't be to bad. I'm going to play the easy way and get a electronic player that lights up the numbers as they call so I don't miss any of the 12 cards per game. I would hate to miss a bingo because I'm slow on the marking of the cards. Later..

Monday, January 28, 2008

High School student for a day

Today Nate shadowed a student for the day at St Thomas More. He got to see how the students get to and from their classes and how the school is. He said that he liked the school and is looking forward to going there next fall. I think that he liked it because he shadowed 2 girls all day but he says that had nothing to do with it. Tonight Cece and I are going to the school to see what scholarships and grants are available to help off set the cost of The Punk going to school there as it is quite pricey for a good education. I went to school there as did my brothers and I think that the education is well worth the cost. I know that Nate and Maddie will be well prepared for college and that is why we are sacrificing the money now so that they are prepared for later. It looks like I just may have to ride my bikes for a few years longer and wear the parts out before replacing them to pay for the kids schooling. Man I can't believe that Nate is going to be in high school, next he will be asking to drive the car. Later..

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inter no more

Today Nate won his age class in strong fashion and is now an Expert racer. He just pulled the fastest gates and the strongest races that I have seen from him ever. I know that there are more then a few Experts that are worried. He also had a great open class race today. He missed making the main in the first moto but in the 2nd he went out into the front right out of the gate to secure his spot in the main. In the open main he hit the hole and stayed in 2nd and took it to the finish. In his open it was all Experts and now they know what he can do. I think that he is ready to race the Expert class now.

I made the main and took a 4th again today. There was a crash in turn 1 and I missed it but had to almost stop causing me to move back 1 spot. I tried to hit the gas but I couldn't get past the 3rd place and had to settle for 4th. Kenny had a crash in his race and it took the big guns out and took home a 2nd place. Now I'm typing as I spin for an hour. Later..

Saturday, January 26, 2008

1 down 1 to go

Just got cleaned up from the bmx races. Nate just raced cruiser tonight to save the last Inter win for tomorrow. In his cruiser he had a full rack in the qualifier motos and he made the main. He ended up taking a 4th which was great in a very stacked group. It was his first race on the new cruiser and he said he was over geared and couldn't snap the pedals over as fast as he wanted. My bad as I should have had him ride it on Thursday and we would have known that the gear was to tall. He would have moved up 1 spot tonight but it was still a great race for him. Just taking the cruiser tomorrow and he will get a few extra gates before the races.

I have another tough field tonight as always. In the first moto I had gate 8 and that just plain sucks. But I had a good gate start and I did a low high and moved from 5th to 3rd out of turn 1. Then Rich was pushing the outside and Ed seen that and got nervous and then got squirrely and lost it and went over the bars and took Rich with him. I went to 2nd and made the main in the first moto which was nice for once. In the main I got a good start but the others were just gone and i rolled in for a 4th. Not a bad day for the both of us.

Sammy and Skyler were there today and they both won their mains. Tomorrow is the triple point race so that should be fun. I hope to make the main and Nate hopes to win his and then move to Expert. Later..

Miller time

Just sitting here chilling, cleaning, shoveling and getting ready for a day of racing bmx tonight and tomorrow. This morning I noticed that there was a Warren Miller marathon on STARZ and I DVR'd all 10 hours plus of his movies. This guy makes the best ski movies ever. If you haven't ever seen one try to check it out and see these, they will rock your world. He has the best footage and the greatest music. Time to lock and load the bmx stuff. Today Nate is racing cruiser as he only needs that 1 more win to go Expert and he is saving it for tomorrows triple point race. Later..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thomas More, gates and wings

Today I took a few hours off from work to get Nate registered at St Thomas More. We got his classes for next year and we have him taking a few classes for sophomore year as a freshman. We opening the door to get a few extra foreign language classes and maybe a engineering class or 2 down the road. We think he can handle it so we did it right away to open those doors. Man I can't believe it that The Punk is in high school next year. Man it was like just yesterday that he was riding his training wheels. Now he is killing me on the bike and the wallet. Oh well I wouldn't have any other way.

Today after the day at the school we got on the road early so that Brian Dickerson could help Nate on his gates. Brian was working with his daughter and said he would help Nate. Nate and I could tell after a few that Brian had Nate getting out of the gates with more power and faster then before. Now we have to have Nate getting those gates in the open races and I think he will be making the mains no problem. I hope. It was another light turn out and that meant more gates if you wanted. After the early gate practice both Nate and I were toast by the end. A few of the gang was there again Russell, Joe, Dan T., Chris, Sammy, and Skyler. Sammy decided to fall off her bike but she was ok which I was glad to see. Other then that it was a good night of gates again. After the gates Russell the Boy and myself went to BW's and ate 47 of the 50 wings we ordered. We tried but couldn't finish, we needed Cooop to take a pull. Time for bed. Later..

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What am I doing here?

I had another boring meeting this morning at work. I really don't mind the meetings but it just sounds the same every time. You are going to do this and that and you don't have a choice. The thing is that when you ask for a change that makes your job that little bit easier the bosses just say do it the way that the procedure is and that is just the way it is. The meeting was fine with me as I had met the amount devices that needed testing for the year. I only missed a few due to them being seasonal operators and scheduling with the management to get a time to get in to test the scales. The good thing is I had to start an hour early to get to the meeting and that was nice as I got done with work at 2:30 then. That was nice as I got to get my workouts in and now I'm watching a few programs I have on the DVR. That is the only way to watch TV as you get to skip all the commercials and that makes an hour show only 38 minutes and the 30 minute show about 19 minutes. That is the only way to watch TV.

Also the Punks are off the next 2 days and I hope that they behave as we are leaving them home alone during the day. And tomorrow I have to take Nate to St Thomas More and pick out his class schedule for his freshmen year next year. Man I'm getting old. After that we are off to the gate practices at the barn. Maybe the snow and cold will make a nice light turn out again. See you at the practice. Later..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

14 years of bliss

Today is our 14th annivsary for Cece and me. If has gone by fast as hell if you ask me. Here is to many more. Later..

Monday, January 21, 2008

Downstairs all day

Work out and bike stand area.

Where you try to store to many bikes for 5 riders. Soon Jessica will fir into many and the ones she don't will move on.

I spent the day in the basement putting Nate's old Specialized back together, cleaning his cross bike and bmx bikes. I then worked on my single speed and mountain bike to have them ready for some riding hopefully in the future. When I went downstairs there was no snow and when I came back up stairs there was about 4 inches on the ground. I was hoping that maybe it would miss us but I guess not. Just a bunch of bikes hanging around begging for a ride. Hopefully a few other then the bmx bikes wishes come true soon.

This morning I did get a workout in and lift weights before spending the day in the basement which was nice to be done by 9:30 instead of 7 at night like usual. I ran out and got Maddie her DS Lite this morning as when we went on Saturday everyone was out of them. The guy at EB game told me that they were not getting any in until mid February. I went online and everybody was out of stock in our area. I looked at the target ad from yesterdays paper last night and they said that they had them. I went on line and they had some listed at the Target about a mile from the house. I called this morning and they still had a few. After my workout I ran and got her one and surprised her after school. She is playing some fashion game that I got her. I remembered her looking at that game on Saturday. All good now here now as she got her DS. On Ebay the game systems are going for about 150.00 plus shipping. What a bunch of shit that is. I wouldn't pay more then what I would normally pay so she had to wait.

I have shoveled once already right after picking the kids up and it looks like I may need to get out there again as there is another inch plus already. I hope that this is almost over soon, I like the snow better then the -7 that we had yesterday driving to bmx though. I never seemed to get nice and warm at the races yesterday with the temps so low. I hope it is a little warmer at the gate practice Thursday. Later..

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just 1 more

Here is a blurry picture of Nate as he is winning today. He was about 15 feet ahead of the others going into turn 3, the shadow in the light from the window in the door is Nate.

1 win is all he needs and then Nate moves up to the top of the ladder. He is going to have a bunch of tougher races in expert and making the main should be a challenge each week. He has been doing the open and he has missed the main in open the last 2 times. It is different as it is a 13-14 open and there is 4 to 5 of the guys in open that are 14 but he still needs to just let it go and not back off at all as they will just eat you up. In his class today he just rode away from the others in his race so he is much faster then the others in intermediate. With his last race to win he is going to wait until the triple point weekend race on next Sunday and hopefully win that race and then move to expert after that. My race right before the crash.

Today was another packed 41-45 cruiser class. We had 9 guys so we had a combined moto meaning that they split it into 2 groups of 5 and 4 racers taking the top 2 in the first motos and then combined us for the 2nd qualifier meaning we had 5 and then they took the top 4. I missed making it in the first moto and then I had to race the combined moto. I took a 2nd and made the main. I had gate 6 and had a great start and then in turn 1 I was in 3rd or 4th and then bam I hit the ground again. I guess having 3 or 4 guys in a tight area something is going to happen. Bill and I had no where to go and we hooked bars and went down. I got up and finished 7th and Bill 8th. I'm getting better gates and all so I'm closer to the fast guys and trying to squeeze that little extra that last 2 weeks has meant I happen to be in tight spots with others and that bad thing has been that I crashed each time. One of these times I will make it and hopefully get a top 3 again. Here are a few pictures of Josh at the races today. In the top picture he is the lead in the main for the win. The bottom is the picture of Josh and his 1st place trophy.

Today was a great day for Josh. He had to race up with the 8 year old novices and he did great. He stood up in the gates and had his best racing ever. He took a 1st place today for the first time and he had the biggest smile after that. I think that he is going to sleep with the trophy tonight. Kenny made the main but spun his tires on the wet gate and ended up in 5th. Matt didn't make the main but he is getting closer each time. He will be making the mains real soon.

The thing about racing the cruiser is that the guys we race have all been doing this for 20 plus years and have the skills that separate them from us and we just look at the back of their bikes. I may bring the 20 inch and try racing that next as you only race in novice to start racing only guys in the same abilities. Maybe this Thursday I will take the 20 and try a few gates and see how I feel on it. The thing is that I have to get a 20 inch license and that is another 30 bucks. But I may do better in age then cruiser. Time to relax as I'm off tomorrow for Martin Luther King day. Later..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chickened out

I bailed on the Goat ride today. I had a -4 temp here and I just couldn't get the body moving in the direction of loading up the car with the bike and gear. I was afraid to spend to much time outside with the fact I can't feel the cold on my right leg and foot made it a easier decision. A few degrees higher I would have tried to make to the ride. Tomorrow we have bmx racing in Elkorn so if you are bored before the Packer game come on down and enjoy the action. Gate practice starts at 10am and racing at 1pm. Later..

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wii just hanging around

Wii games galore. I may even try the Guitar Hero game. Hey just another thing that the Punk will beat me at.

The kids and I are hanging around playing the Wii game. Nate is killing me on some of the games and I'm doing better on some of the others. The girls have the Barbies out and are playing with them. That is the mess you see every where. I told them that what ever is left out tonight is going in the trash can. I think that they may pick up for once. With the weather the way it is it will be a movie night. Maybe we will put in the Simpson's and enjoy some popcorn.
Still up in the air about the ride in the morning. I'm just not ready for a super cold ride. If something happens to some one you have to get moving right away as you will freeze waiting for anyone, I just don't want to be that anyone that they have to wait for. Later..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Everything was falling

Today on the ride to the gate practice the snow was falling and I knew that would keep a lot of the riders home. I pulled in a Joe was there and then Ray, Kenny, Josh, Matt, Fast Girl, Little Fast Girl showed up. It was a smaller crowd tonight and that was nice. The thing that has changed in the last couple of weeks was there was a group of free style bmx riders coming for gate practice. They are great bike handlers but they just like to jump every thing and into each other. Well I was dropping the gates and then I was watching turn 1 and this guy looses it over the last roller of the triple and hits the ground. I wait he limps off to the side and sits down on the cot and just moans. I begin to drop the gates again to keep the rest of the troops happy. Words comes back he broke his ankle and he gets a ride in the ambulance to the hospital. As he leaves his friends are riding again and one of them goes down and dislocates his elbow. He asks Kenny and Matt to put it back into place, they try and then a few take him to meet his friend. The rest stay and now I'm in the gate with a few and we are in turn one all lined up and I see that these 2 are in trouble I back off and right after the step up out of turn 1 they hit the deck hard. I just miss them and go off the side and land in the 2nd straight right at the bottom of the table and fly over that and manage not to crash some how. The guys that went down just face planted and one of them pushed his teeth through his lips and I think loosened up a few in the process. Word to anyone riding a bmx bike is to get a full face helmet as this guy is going to have one messed up smile, it was ugly as the few friends not hurt yet loaded him up to visit his other 2 friends. Then right at the end another one of the faster regulars went down and dislocated his shoulder. Matt and Kenny looked to try to put it back in but Matt said it was swollen up already and went to visit the other 3. It was a rough night as Kenny did go down and got a good strawberry on his knee just warming up. Chris decided to fall off his bike in turn 2 also and twist his elbow a little. Other then those and a few of the little kids falling over the rest of us managed to keep our bikes upright.

I'm watching the weather and I'm going to play it by ear as I don't want them to freeze and fall off on the ride Saturday. If it is real cold I will bail as I don't want to be sick for my day off on Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King day. Right now the weather is saying a wind chill of -35 right now. So it is a maybe ride right now. Later..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Typical Thursday

What we might be seeing on the way to the gate pratice tomorrow.

It looks like it is going to be another typical Thursday. More snow is on the way and that means one thing, more gates. The theme for the last couple of Thursdays seems to be snow and cold which means that there are less riders. I like that because it keeps the gates open and you can keep going till your lungs and legs pop. I put the new pedals I got at the swap meet on Nate's 20 inch bike so now he has the aluminum Time pedals instead of the plastic ones. They seem to hold up better to the constant in and out of the pedals. Going to have Nate working on his manuals and jumping tomorrow as he has gotten the pumping in the rhythm section to where it is as fast as he will go. He needs to get the manuals and jumping to hold his ground in the next level or he will be watching for the side line more then he wants. He already makes the main in the open against the expert but he needs to just get that manual and jumping to go faster. Me I can't do any of that so I just hope for one of the others to make a mistake to open the door. Nate is good enough to do it all he just needs to let it fly and not worry about the landing. See you at the gates. Later..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tossing 50's

I have been doing heavy duty scales for the last 2 months and it is near the end finally. I don't mind doing the heavy duty scales but near the end here the 50 # weights are taking their toll on my shoulders and elbows. The weights seem to be lighter but the shoulders are getting a little sore. After a few aspirin the inflammation goes away and the weights don't seem to hurt the joints. It should be over in the next 4 to 5 days then a nice break from the heavy weights for a few weeks.

I see that the Goat has posted a ride for this Saturday, I may have to try to get to it. After a few rides this year in the cold and snow what is one more any how. I have the cold weather clothes and it is going to be a ride in the woods so the weather should be a little better. I'll have to see if Nate wants to join, I have to just make sure that he doesn't get sick. See you at the gate practice Thursday. Later...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hannah Montana Pictures

The 3 lined up along a bus in Hannah Montana's road entourage.
Hannah Montana and her back up crew.
Hannah Montana and her back up crew on the run way.
Hannah Montanan and the crew at the end of the concert.
The 3 of them just watching the road crews getting the stage ready in between the acts. It was a fun night out with the girls as Nate and I are always at a bmx or some type of race almost every weekend. I have to say my hearing is almost back to normal today and still have flash backs of the loud shrieks that all them little girls can let out. Now that the concert is over it is time to get back to the racing. Later..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hannah Montana time

The excitement that the girls have is just funny. They are all hyper and giggly today as we are getting ready for the Hannah Montana concert. It should be fun to go but I'm thinking I just may have a headache after all the screaming. It does feel a bit different not being at the bmx races but a break is always nice. Nate is at a water park today with his friend and later he is going to the basketball game his friend is playing in. Time to get ready for the concert. Later..

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today it was a early ride after a long fun night at the auction with Danny, Len, Kyle and John. It was fun to watch Len as it was his first auction. He was waving his card alot and came home with some fine items. Kyle bought a few things and John bought some sauerkraut and chocolate covered cherries. I bought a 100 rings for the girls and split it with Len. After loading the prizes in the cars we sat in the bars and tried to bounce quarters onto a tripod that Len bought. After doing this for a few minutes we had a crowd gather and they all were in the game trying. We proceeded to drink beer and when I left I had just a tad more then I needed. This in turn made the day at the swap meet feel longer then the 6 hours that I was there.

Nate and I got up and we were out of the house at 7am. We got to the swap meet at 8:15. We got there and then it was just wait and then go for the deals. We got Nate a new pair of road shoes and a couple of pairs of Time mtn bike pedals. I think if I get another pair or 2 then I don't have a bmx or mtn bike without them. I got another set of Night Rider lights with a extra battery so now Nate and I both have 2 sets when we ride. I walked each isle at least 100 times looking for something I didn't need and I couldn't and that was all we bought. Nate went with Mitch to his Dad's before the banquet and I went Great Danes with Tim, Russell, Rick and Liz. Tim's family joined us a short time later. We sat in the dinning area so we heard the crowd watching the packer game but couldn't hear it or see a TV. After eating we got to the bar area and the Pack was up 28-17. We watched the packers score and then the seahawks score and left for the Cross banquet.

At the cross banquet we had some great food and beer. We got to hear a guy talk about the Cliff bar development team in Colorado. A good thing tht they are doing but he talked a bit to long. But it's OK that was what he did and he was proud. He could have just cut it a bit shorter as he was loosing the crowd. After the speech it was award time. Nate got his first place and Mitch got his 4th place finish. After we got the awards we left as I had to get Nate to a party that one of his friends was at. Now it is bed time. Later..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Roseanne Barr speaks her mind

Just for the pilgrim as he has to think I hate people of color because I don't think Obama is the right man. Just a funny one here for your reading pilgrim. I just hope the country is a better place for our children and I don't think he will help anything. Just look at his church, drug use etc. Hilary is just riding the days on her husbands name is not the answer either. My view here remember that. Also why don't you worry about that fact that there are more people killed in Philly, Chicago, and New York in a year by your own country man then the entire Iraq war so far. These are men and women volunteering to keep your freedom doing. I rather have McCain make the right decision then some one who has never made one in his political career yet make the wrong one as Bill Clinton did by not doing anything about the Cole and twin tower bombings. Again Moron pilgrim nothing to do with color, sex, or religion just the right man for the right job. This is going to be a fun year playing with you. Later..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snow and Gates

Tonight it was a fun night at the gates. Ray was back like he never left and Andy was in from school trying it for the first time. It was a nice lighter turnout because of the snow so it was run a lap and get right back in the gate. This makes for a tired rider by the end of the night. Again I ran the gates so Brian and Fred could get a few more instead of waiting for about 20 minutes in between. Len is looking better each week although his kids Mike and Sam were hitting the ground for some reason today. Matter of fact Josh hit the ground real hard and he will have a good bruise in the morning. I hope will be OK. Nate has gotten used to his new bike and was smoking us again. Nothing new.

This weekend is the swap meet and the cross banquet. Same old plan to look for a few things and then find a place to see the Packer game and then take Nate to the Cross banquet to pick up his State Championship and overall awards. Then Sunday it is the Hannah Montana concert with Jessica, Maddie, and McKencie. It should be fun for them and hopefully me. Later..

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Windshield time

I have to say that the fact of getting paid to drive to an executive meeting is not the worst. I got to just sit back and enjoy some music that I had Nate burn for me. At the meeting it was the usual stuff of planning the fall conference and just talking weights and measures. It may be hard to believe but after awhile it does get a little boring even to me. The only time I didn't like about the drive was the fact that I got back into Milwaukee at 5pm and the traffic was plain old shitty. I sure am glad that I end the work day at 4:15 and that I only have to drive about 7 minutes to get home only on city streets. Now only 2 more weeks till I have to drive to Madison for another meeting.

Now it is time to get the kids and head over to Cece's school as there is a open house and they want to go and see her class room. See you at the gate practice tomorrow. Later..

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

On the road

Tomorrow I have to go to Nennah for a weights and measures executive meeting. I'm the VP this year and the Prez next year. I have to make some plans for a conference about scales, meters, pumps, or anything related to our job at this meeting. In the next few weeks I have a few meetings that are required to keep certifications for my job. After that it is the summer of nothing but work and play with no meetings. I'm hoping that the fog and rain are over so the trip isn't that bad tomorrow as I don't want to be traveling in any bad weather. I should be home by 6pm so it is a long say of sitting either behind the windshield or in a meeting. Oh well it all goes with the job. Later..

Monday, January 07, 2008

I hope no one finds out

I was wrong, well maybe a little. Here is the church that our fine Christan belongs to. Brought up Muslim and trying to be some sort of Christan.

Unstuck's Supermate of the week

Here is Kerry's supermate after she heard that he was switch hitting with Obama.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New bike same result

Nate took some track dollars today as he has enough of these other awards.....
And these.....
And these......

Today while it was warm and foggy outside for some nice winter riding. While others were outside enjoying the warmer weather Nate and were inside for some warm and dry racing. Today Nate raced for the first time on his new Kuwahara 20 inch bike. Nate raced open and class today as he said just leave the cruiser home for now as he just wants to dial in the racing on the 20. Well in the open he was running 4th and then another racer for some reason took the both of then out. They were both out of the qualifying for the main so I don't know why the other racer pulled that bone head move. Nate took a handle bar in the back while crashing and it was sore the rest of the day. In the 2nd moto in the open he had lane 8 and just missed making the main. In class he did alot better. He made the main in the first moto no problem. In the main his back was tight and he was hoping to have a good gate start. Well he just hit it and took the hole shot and cruised in for the win. So it was nice to get a win on the first day of racing on the new bike. Now Nate just needs 2 more wins and he turns expert. When that happens it will a lot harder to make the mains and I think he will have his eyes opened to how good he is compared to the other expert racers there.

My day was not a great one at the track. We had a full rack of racers again and I love that as it makes alot of fun racing. In the first moto I took a 4th and they took 3. In the 2nd moto I was running 2nd and a guy comes under me in turn 2 and t bones me. As I go down Todd plows into me and my handle bars get messed up and Todd gets up and gets across the line before me. I didn't make the main today. Oh well next time as next week I have to take the girls to Hannah Montana so I don't think I can fit in the racing and the concert. I may just drop off Nate at the races and Mike Froh said he would bring him home. I was hoping Cece would take the girls and I would take Nate to the races but I have to take the girls as Cece told me it was my idea for the tickets I have to take them. I will just have to take some ear plugs and just sit back at the concert. Later..

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sleepy Head

Today I slept in as I have felt as something was just making me tired and achy. My back was really bothering me at the gate practice so knew something was up. I felt great as I got a solid 10 hours of sleep. Sleeping in meant that I skipped the Saturday morning ride. With the temps warm I like to do the rides but I needed the sleep more then riding at this point.

I went down and did a nice and hard interval workout on the spin bike after some coffee and reading the paper. After my workout Nate made it down and did his interval workout and was cooked after it which means that he worked it nice and hard. At this point of the season it always nice to do a good longer training ride that isn't real high paced but I needed the rest more. Next week is the swap meet and Cross awards banquet so no group ride but there is always plenty more.

Tomorrow is some bmx racing at the barn. It will bill the first race since the 2nd week of December so it will be nice to see the others again. It will also be the first races for Nate on his new Kuwahara bmx bikes. Then I spent some time finishing transferring some stuff on the bmx bikes to hopefully having them dialed in for the races tomorrow. New handle bars on all 3 race bikes and better gearing on Nate's bikes. I hope that I have the bikes set.

Now I have to go over the School info and get it in line for Nate. We are going to send him to Saint Thomas More. I went there as did my brothers 25 years ago so it is neat that my kids will get to attend as I did. It is a small private Catholic coed high school that really prepares you college and life. It is a cyber school meaning that the entire school uses computers for their school work and all the text books are on the computer also. This should be kind of cool. I have to look over the info and see if we can find any financial aid or scholarships that Nate my be able to get. Later..

Friday, January 04, 2008


Here is a picture of a few LOSERS as they were trying to steal a few votes. The Moron stood with is back to the flag and wouldn't say the pledge. Good thing is that if he gets the nod from the #&%#heads that vote him to the main event the rest of the nation will make sure he never gets to the big house. The rest seen through the smoke that Clinton has been blowing so the results yesterday were cool to see too.

Well the first week of work is done. Even though it was a short one it is in the books. I could feel the fact that I was tired at the gate practice last night. Make back was stiff and I kept hitting the gate and spinning the rear tire. I was trying to jump the gate to make up for the fact that i was tired and it messed me up big. I got home and then went to the basement and switched some handle bars on Nate's bikes as they were not fitting right at the practice. I think that now we have the bikes are set up pretty good. I also got some Intense micro knobby tires for his 20 inch and now I have to Dial in the cruiser. We will be racing this Sunday so I hope everything is set and we don't run into any problems on race day.

Tomorrow Russell has posted that the Saturday training ride from Hales Corners Wheel and Sprocket will be going off at 9:30am. It leaves from the back parking lot. So if you want a nice training ride be there. Later..

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to work'n for the man

Well it was back to the grind today. At least it will be a short work week. I just didn't like getting up at 5:30am again after sleeping until 8 the last 11 days. Cece and the kids still had off today and they all go back to school tomorrow, lucky dogs. I'm tired today and I didn't test a bunch of heavy duty scales only a bunch of shipping scales to ease back into it.

Tomorrow it will be bmx gates for the first time this new year. Nate is looking froward to bringing both of his new Kuwarha race bikes. I hope that the cruiser is OK as it may be a tad big but he can still race his other one till he grows up. So come out for some gates to wear off the extra cookies over the holidays. Later..

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wii just had fun

Russell came over and we played the Wii game. Happy New Year......