Friday, November 30, 2007

Tree shopping

We shop for trees city style. None of that going to the country and cutting for us.
Bike rack used for more then just a bike. Maybe I have to tie a kid to the top one day.
Brought the tree up stairs and letting the limbs open up and then we will add the lights later. I will post pictures of the process. Later..

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Light turn out

With Packers playing tonight there was a light turn out at the gate practice tonight. It was nice to be able to just keep going in the gates and not have to wait. For the first hour it was open gates and the little kids were getting a little intimidated with the big guys like Kenny and Fred always lining up next to them so they broke it up for the last hour. We are going to miss the bmx races this weekend as Nate has the State Cross race on Sunday so that will be first over the bmx racing. Nate said the track felt a lot different to ride as the grands track was long and the barn is so short that you have to have to hole shot or you are done. I had Nate ride my cruiser for the last gates as he will be riding a pro cruiser as soon as he gets his. He will also be riding his pro 20 inch when he gets that. Well see you at the cross race. Later..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dust has settled

Picture of the family after Nate's race.

I have finally had some time to relax after the running around for the last week. It was a blast going to the Grands and all but it is nice to relax a bit. This weekend is the State Cross race and Nate is ready to race the cross bike again after racing the bmx bike for the last weekend. He has been asking about the NBL and a race in Ohio over Christmas vacation. A parent of another racer talked about the race and now Nate is interested in this race. I will have to see about it as it would be another license and I don't know about trying to get to another race that requires about 7 or 8 hours of travel. I will have to look into it and check it out though before I push it aside. Also maybe his new bikes will be here by then. I ordered a Laser Lite Pro 20 inch and 24 inch as he is just a bit to big for his expert 20 inch and cruiser so time for the bigger bikes. Just have to see how things are going around the Christmas time and see if we drive to the race in Ohio. To much to do before then to worry to much about it though. Later..

Monday, November 26, 2007

Grand old time at the Grands

Nate after taking a 4th place at the BMX Grands.
A look at the BMX Grands track that the racers raced on.
Nate relaxing before his First moto on Saturday. Moto 383 out of about 500 plus.
Nate leading a gate practice into turn 1.
My parents and us having Thanksgiving at the BMX Grands track.

Well what a day. We got to the track at 10:45 as the program said the semi finals would be starting at about 12:30. This allowed plenty of time for Nate to warm up and be ready for his race. Well the day just kept dragging on and he finally got to race after 1:30pm. He just needed to place in the top 4 to make the main. Man let me tell you all the racers that were left in the semis were fast. Nate played it smart and got a good gate start and pulled it into the first straight and then settled into 3rd and avoided all the traffic bumping that was going on behind and rolled in 3rd to make the main.
In the main he was next to Alan from Elkhorn and Alan pinched him out of the gate into the rider in the next gate and Nate stopped pedaling for a second to not go down. Then he got going again and the others boxed him into 6th or 7th going into turn 1. Going over the the first obstacle after the turn he just hit the manuals and pedalled himself into 4th place. Out of turn 2 he hit the rhythm section and almost pulled the next 2 racers in but just ran out of track. He had to settle for a 4th and that was a great finish and we are proud of him for his racing over the weekend. I have to tell you that there is alot pressure to race at the Grands and you never would have known by the way Nate was racing and acting. He just raced and made it happen and never was down about how he finished in his motos or races, he was just happy to race his bike and enjoy the time at the races. There are over 500 motos and over 3400 racers. so to make the main is tougher then anything. That is the dream of every racer there and for Nate to make it as he only races during the winter and a few in the summer. These kids and their families have been doing this for years and some of these kids have been racing intermediate for years. This is the start of Nate's 3rd year and he will be expert in 3 more wins and then it will be alot harder to make the mains at the races and he will have to really pick it up. It will be the next step but to get better you have to race faster and better racers and I think Nate will be up for the task.

I drove home from Tulsa after Nate got done racing and we got on the road at 6:40pm and I drove straight through and we got home about 6:15am. As like the way there I drove about 10 hours of each way in the rain. On the way home I had to drive through about 30 minutes of sleet and snow but it wasn't that bad. I drank 2 coffees had a mountain dew and chewed 4 pieces of caffeine gum to keep the eyes open but I made it home just as the sun was coming up. We unloaded the truck and called the kids school to tell them that they weren't going in and I called work and took another vacation day and Cece called a sub to handle her class. I then went to bed for a 3 hour nap and then got a few things done around the yard. I'm know going to go down and lift and maybe ride the spin bike for alittle while to loosen the legs up. To much sitting and driving the last couple of days. Later..

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Win and done

Today Nate didn't have to race till after 10:45am in moto 353 so we were able stay at the hotel and relax for a bit. We got there at 10am and they were only on moto 90ish and I thought they would have been further along. After sitting around for awhile Nate got his gear on and went to the staging area to wait for his moto. It was nice today as Nate had a kid that races in Elkhorn in his moto so he was able to sit and talk and that kept him relaxed before his moto. In his moto transfer today the first across the line transferred to the semi final round. Nate not wanting what happened yesterday fired out of the gate and took the hole shot and lead from start to finish. That was nice that he won and moved on as we were able to get out of the Expo center and not sit there all day long again. Now he has the semi final round tomorrow about 12pm and hopefully the finals at about 4pm. Then after that we are hitting the road to drive the 780 miles back home. As it looks like we won't be making it home for the kids to make it to school but this has been a fun trip and well worth it so far. See you when we get home. Later..

Friday, November 23, 2007

Race Of Champions

Today was a long day of moto's and racing for Nate. In his age class there was 22 racers so he had qualifiers to the semis. In his first moto he spun his rear wheel in the gate and had to make up track and finished 3rd and they took the top 2. In his 2nd moto he had gate 8 and had a long way to go. He hit the start perfect and took the 2nd spot and sat there making no mistakes to make it the the semis. In the semis he had another good gate and was running side by side with in 2nd and the guy went down and Nate just hit the gas and his just missed taking Nate with him. Nate again just rolled in for 2nd and was in the main. In the main he had a great start and the guy behind him lost it and hit Nate's rear wheel and it caused Nate to unclip. He clipped back in and tried as hard as he could and caught the back and passed 1 guy to finish 6th. He was easily in the top 2or 3 and is was a disappointment not to ride it out to the finish and challenge for the win but he raced hard and rode his best. It just happens some times and you can't control others actions on the track and just have to race then next race and move on. He will make it up tomorrow when the grands start. Mike Froh had a good day and finished 4th in 41-45 cruiser. Sorry I can't remember how the others finished. Later..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gates all day

Nate and I spent the entire day at the track as he had gate practice spread out through out the day from 8am till the last one at 6:30pm. He took practices on his cruiser and 20 inch today to get his start and rhythm down even though he is not racing the cruiser. It took till the last round gates to get his first real good looking starts which made him and myself feel that he is ready now. Tomorrow he starts his rounds at 7am and he is in moto 227 and has 22 guys in his class. The Grands will have even more so it will be fun to see how he stacks up the best. I think he should do fine. Now Nate and the girls are in the game room and then it is bedtime as we need to get there at 7 to be ready for the racing. Later..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We got The Punks up @ 4am and we were on the road at 5am this morning. We took I43 to miss the Chicago area as that sucks at any time you drive any where near there. We were to St Louis in 5 hours and then got here in Tulsa by 5pm. I had to drive rain or a mist the entire way here but the traffic was not that bad as it was going 75 to 80 the entire time. We made 2 bathroom stops with a gas and a food stop. So it was a 775 mile drive and got it done with the stops in 12 hours. We went to the Expo center right away to check out he track and it is really cool. It was is a long track with some real cool tables and rhythm sections. I think Nate is going to do well and the goal is to make the mains in the Race of Champions on Friday and also the mains in the Grands on Sat and Sunday. If he makes the mains on Sunday he races after 4pm so it is going to be a long night ride home. We may not make it in time to get them to school but oh well. I will call in and take a vacation day as I have a week and 1 day left for the year yet. Cece already took a personal day and sent in her sub plans so we are in no hurry. I need sleep as Nate has gate practices tomorrow so off to bed I am. Later..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Dog

Happy Birthday Jessica. It is her 6th today. She picked BW's for wings tonight, only the hot wings for this little one.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Views of the hunt

Here is my brother Wades house where we stayed for the weekend of hunting.
The trail that I walked out to my stand that is right behind his house.
My Dad's deer stand that was about a 4 minute walk from the door for him. Nice..
My deer stand that was about a 15 to 20 minute walk but well worth the trip.
My killing machine that never unleashed it's powers as I never seen a deer this year. It was a nice weekend and I wish it would have turned out better with a deer hanging. That was OK as we are leaving for BMX Grands in Tulsa on Wed morning and I didn't need that headache or spend the $ for making it into sausage. Time to get a few things ready for the trip.

Oh yea thanks Pat and Russell for taking the Boy to the cross race as Nate had a good race and won the race. Nate has won the series and now only 1 more race and that is the State cross race and he hopes to win that again this year. See ya later..

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Luck is still holding

I have been sitting in the tree stand and I have not seen a deer. Not one has come by or anything so I won't have to clean the gun or a deer. I really don't mind not getting one as Cece doesn't eat the meat and the Punks and I are the only ones that do so I always get it all made into sausage and jerky which then costs me about $300.00. Now we are just sitting watching the Packer game and having a few beers so no more hunting today for me. I will get one more day in tomorrow so maybe I will see a deer but if not I won't mind.

I would like to thank Pat and Russell for taking Nate to the Cross race today. I tried calling Russell to find out how the 3 of them did but I got no answer so I will try later. That leaves only the State Cross race to go and we will home for that. We leave Wed for the Grands in Tulsa and I'm looking forward to it. I hope Nate is. Time to catch the game. Later..

Friday, November 16, 2007

Time to live in a tree

I got the Punks to school this morning and then got some petro for the car and a pound of Alterra coffee and hit the road. I got going about 8:30am and got here at 12:30pm. I should have counted the deer on the side of the road as there was at least 100 from Milwaukee to Woodville. I think that there is a better chance to hit a deer with the car then seeing one in the deer stand. I hope that I see a few while I'm sitting there for the next 3 days. I was able to set the cruise control at 75 and just followed the traffic flow. I seen a bunch of State Patrol cars waiting in the woods hoping to ruin someones hunting trip, but I wasn't going to let it happen to me. I just kept the eye out front and slowed each time to prevent the radar from getting me. I also think every truck was on the road with blaze orange, guns and not to forget a bunch of beer heading to the woods. I'm just glad that we hunt by Wade and there is not to any of these guys around us. It is nice as we get to sit behind his place in about 100 acres with only his neighbor and kid and my Dad and I. Time to get out and check the deer stand and get the gun and blaze orange clothes out for the hunt. Later..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time to get kill'n

Thanks for the pictures Ron.

Tonight Nate and I hit the barn for some more gates. And a big thanks to Ron for coming out and working with Nate. Ron has got Nate getting out of the gate strong and fast and hitting the manuals and rhythm sections smooth and fast. I think Nate should be ready for the Grands in Tulsa next week. He is racing Friday in the Race Of Champions and the then on Saturday and Sunday in the Grand Nationals. The main goal is to make the main event in both and the best would be in the top 3 or the top box. I think if he rides hard and rides the way he has been he has a shot at making the top 3, so I hope that everything goes well.

Tomorrow I will leave to go up by my bothers for deer hunting for the weekend. Like I said there has been a nice big buck around his place and we are hoping to see it and have a shot at it. If not it will be nice to just sit in the woods. I will go up tomorrow and then hunt for 3 days maybe if I don't get lucky and get a deer on one of the first days. I will then head home on Monday night and then get things loaded and head to Tulsa on early Wed morning. Well time to go and get my hunting things ready. Later..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hitt'n the barn

See you all at the barn for some gates. Now that the weather has gotten a little crappier and the sun goes to bed early come and get some gates in. Later..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Only 3 days 2 go

I took Friday off to head up by my brothers to deer hunt. He has been seeing a nice big buck roaming around behind his place so we are hoping to see it and most of all my Dad or I have a shot at it. It is always nice to get out in the woods and just sit there and listen for the deer and think about stupid things for a couple of days waiting for a deer to come by. In the past we have been lucky as we sat in a nice deer stand by my parents and only shot at deer that were at least 8 points or more, we passed on a bunch of deer over the years. Now we hope to see a couple and have a shot at a nice one. Now if I see a decent buck it is going down. I don't think I could shoot a doe though. I need to start getting my stuff together as I always forget something. Good thing is that if I forget anything Wade has it or I just run into town and buy it. I hope my Dad doesn't forget my gun as I gave it to him this last weekend to bring there, I hate to have to go and buy another gun. Later..

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank you

Thanks to all that are brave enough to serve for our freedom.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Racing at the barn.

Well Nate and I were racing at the barn this weekend. There was a single point race yesterday and a double point race today. Nate raced the cruiser only to save his lst couple of wins in inter so he can race age at the Grands in a couple of weeks. He took a 2nd place yesterday and then today one of the other racers rode him hard in the first turn and he tried but just missed getting it back in turn 2 so he didn't make the main. Yesterday I took a 4th and today in a stacked gate of guys I took a 6th. In all it was a fun weekend the tiny bikes again. Nate just needs 3 more wins and then he moves to expert and that is were the fun begins as he will be racing nothing but the top guys in his age group. As it looks now he should be ok but I think he will have to suffer the learning curve and get his butt kicked for awhile until he falls into the pace that they go. Kenny was there today and he rode a smart race to make the main and then as a few racers bumped he rode on and then Fred stopped pedaling short of the finish and Kenny keep the gas on to steal a 3rd place finish, it was a cool way to finish. See ya at the gate practice on Thursday. Later..

Friday, November 09, 2007

Still all Quite

The Punks are still with my parents at a play and Cece is still at school. I could get used to this. Watched Warren Miller's ski movie last tonight and right now I'm having a few beers with the pumpkin seeds I roasted. I'm laughing my ass off watching Big Daddy. I need another beer. I need to relax as we are racing tomorrow and Sunday at the bmx track. Later..

Thursday, November 08, 2007


My parents came down and took the kids to a water park for 2 days as they are off for parent teacher conferences. I love the quite that is in the house as I type. Cece is at work and I can sit here and not have a sound in the house except the TV (ESPN). I skipped the bmx gate practice and I'm going to just sit here and enjoy it. Later..

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Just been doing things around here for a few days. I got after work yesterday and the punks sat and took about 5 hours to do an hours worth of homework because they kept bothering each other and messing around. I just worked out and then relaxed as the hip was sore for some reason so I just vegged and shook my head as they sat and did their homework. When they got done doing their homework it was enough time to shower and go to bed. I think that they learned a lesson last night as they didn't get to do a thing other then school crap all day. Today was better as Nate got done in an hour and rode the spin bike for an hour after. Maddie took about 2 hours today which was way better. I worked out again and changed the chain ring on my bmx cruiser to a smaller gear as the outdoor gear was a tad to big for the indoor track. Now I'm sitting watching Big Fat Loser and I think I will get a nice big bowl of ice cream.


Sunday, November 04, 2007


Here is a good shot of Nate coming to the finish of his race. He raced a smart race and took 1st. More pictures of the race and others the raced below.
Nate, Travis, Aris at the State Night race Championships. Aris 1st, Travis 2nd and Nate 3rd.
Megen winning the women's race.
Glen 1st, Joel 2nd, Peter 3rd.

Diane finishing the barriers.
Sarah after the barriers.
Carlos getting over the barriers.
Brittany remounting after the barriers.

Mitch and Ian coming into the sprint finish.
Maciej remounting after the barriers.
Carlos coming at you.
Carlos I think had the smoothest remounts I have seen after the barriers.
Bill getting ready to remount.

Nate and Sarah at the barriers, Nate leading into the turn.
The remount after the turn.
Ian and Mitch caught in the traffic.
Nate and Sarah coming into the sprint finish.

Pat running in 2nd where he would finish.
Russell pulling the guys into the barriers.
Mike thinking I should have skipped this and went straight to the BMX track.
Nate into the tight turn leading to the barriers.
The 4 racers early in the race. Nate won the race today and Ian took 2nd and Mitch took 3rd. Today Nate pulled a double racing the cross race in the morning and then the night race. I'm getting to old to do that but it is fun to watch the Boy do it and never complain.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day and Night

This morning was a cross race at Kletzch Park. It was the best course of the year so far. It was some great trail and open field riding with a sweet hill that the racers had to tackle. From the start of the race Nate took the hole shoot and just opened the gap until the lst 2 laps where he put it in to cruise as no one would catch him by the finish. Mitch rode a sweet race today to haul in 2nd on his single speed. The Polska team sure put on a great race and gave some of the best awards compared to some of the races. Thanks guys for the great race today. We just got to see a few the early races and Pat and Russell both had great finishes 2nd and 3rd respectively. See you at Estabrook park.

Last night was a nice night ride with Dave and the gang. Dave is in visiting from Colo. and Donny got a ride planned and we rode out of WS in Hales Corners. It was a nice ride and we only lost 1 rider for about and hour. We located him a then rode the trails in as some of the lights were fading and others were getting cold. It was nice to see Dave and get another group night ride in. Tomorrow night is the State Night race and it should be another good turn out as it was last year. See you at the races. Later..