Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It never slows down

Here are few pictures from the weekend. More to follow this week.

Last night Nate and I took the night off the bike to recover and rest. Well sort of as we went the West Allis Safe Night Out and helped Marty give out about 300 free helmets to the children. We helped fit them right on their heads and looked on as they smiled and said thank you, well most of them said thanks after. One kid was tossing the new helmets on the ground and the nice lady cop yelled at him and he was embarrassed and picked them up and kept walking. It was fun and I think if Marty needs help next year we will fit it in again. This guy also helped. Tonight we decided to skip the track and bmx races as the legs would still be tired from the weekend. Nate and I just went for a nice road bike ride.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ohh so close.

If you think you are tough just come and race these 4 kids. Nate, Mitch Theo, Myles and Gage the great team mate and helper raced the 24 hour National Hour race this past weekend. These kids were flying down the course ripping times that were faster then most of the adults that raced. Nate had times of 1:12, 1:14, 1:17 and a 1:18 night lap and also a slower 1:36. I don't know the other times of the kids but I will look them up and post them during the week. The kids raced a team of 17& 18 year old kids. Al 4 of these kids are 13 and 14. Just wait they will be beating the best for years to come. These 4 kids raced and just kept it pinned every lap and got on the bikes and never complained. I'm very proud of them and can't with for the years to come. A very special thanks goes to Jeff, Steve and Amy for all the great help as I raced and they all stepped up to ensure a great race.
I raced also with Rick, Kyle and Mark. We took a 3rd place out of 19 teams. We took 3rd by 6 seconds over 4th on a great sprint finish from Mark. A race report will follow later. A big congrats to all the others who won National Championship categories. I will again list them and post pictures during the week. I need sleep right now. Later..

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Got an Ark?

We got up to the park about 3pm and got a spot for the RV and a spot for Chris . Then we got on the riding stuff and headed to the trails for a nice and easy ride. The course was marked OK and we managed to find the right trails. The course is about 80% single track so the hole shot is going to make a big ass difference for everyone. You get into the single track about mile into the race and then it is that way for a good amount of time. There is alot of spots to pass but man is there alot of single track. We were heading back to the hotel and that is when the skies let loose and it has been raining for about 4 hours now. The rain was coming down sideways and the parking lots were flooded up the hubs of the cars. It is supposed to get nice over the next day or 2 so the race course should be in great shape. because of the rain we couldn't do a night lap s0 that sucked. The kids should be fine. Myles hasn't ridden at night but we can get some easy stuff in tomorrow with him. Time to hit the bed. Later..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

24-9 time

Going over everything twice to try to make sure that I don't forget anything. I got all the lights and the riding gear packed and now it's time to get the food items in line. I went over the bikes the other night and we went for a ride tonight with Mitch and Gage as they are staying over night so we can get a early start to 9 mile park tomorrow. I'm going to work in the morning as Nate has his last day of summer school so why not take a half day off. I hope to be on the road by noon and get there by 3pm to ride a lap and then check in to the hotel. We will then eat and then go out for a night lap. See you all there. Later..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Getting it all ready

Getting the things ready to roll up to the 24-9. I have the lights charged for a night ride on Thursday with the kids. The stuff is slowly getting packed for the trip. I know I will forget something, I always do. But as far as it goes I think we will have everything we need for the race. The good thing about going up a day earlier then normal is that if you forget anything you can run into town and get it. I did pick up a new night light for the race, a Night Rider HID Fire Storm. With Nate using mine and the other Jr's needing some light's I wanted at least 1 good one for me. Thanks to Danny, Lenny, Joe, Donny and Jack for the help setting the Jr's up. Just need to get the small stuff ready for the weekend. Time to get to bed. Later..

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just pedaling my life away

I have just been doing some rides with the kids to get them ready for the night riding. Took Nate, Mitch and Theo for another night ride last night. Mitch, Nate and Gage raced a Superweek race in the afternoon in witch Mitch pulled a 2nd place finish and then Gage rolled in 5th and Nate 6th. Then we were off to the WEMS race to hassle the racers for awhile. When the sun went down we were off to some more night riding. This time Russell joined us and we hit until my lights went out. I think the kids are ready for the race now after 4 night rides . Just got done painting the front porch and hanging a new light. Cece is painting the kitchen and then I have more lights to hang. Oh I just love playing with electricity. Just chilling and getting ready for the 24-9 race. Later..

Thursday, July 19, 2007

X's 2

Yesterday was a 2 a day, well 2 rides in 1 day. we went to the time trials and then did a night ride. In the time trials on the lead out around the cap Nate was on Al Brunner's wheel and I was 2 bikes back. As we were just about to go across the gravel drive Al hits the deck and Nate's goes down right on top of him. I pull over and circle back and see if they are OK as they went down hard. We untangle and then head out to chase back. We caught alot of the others but then Nate slowed for a while and then he rolled it in to the finish and I took off for a last and fast lap. At the end Nate was OK but Al was pretty sore. After a little stop we put the lights on and went for a nice night ride to finish the night off. I think that Nate and Theo will be ready for the 24-9 race. I'm hooking up to do a 4 person team with Kyle, Rick and Mark for the race so that should be fun to do the race again. Time to get some things ready for the bmx and road ride tonight. I may just do the bmx practice tonight as I'm a little tired yet. Later..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hitting the trails in the dark

Last night Nate, Theo, myself, Jeff went for a night ride. The trails and weather were perfect for a 2 1/2 hour ride. We are going to try to get another night ride in after the Wed night time trials if it doesn't rain. So bring the lights and join us. See ya at the track for the 150 lap points race tonight that should be fast and furious. Time to get the track stuff ready. Later..

Monday, July 16, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Here is why Russell is beating the others by 20 plus minutes. I seen her on the double track yesterday.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Deforestation Ramble

Today was the Marathon race in Saumico. It was a brutal race. Maddie had a great race today as she got her first 1st place of the year and I think ever. She was pumped and now wants to make sure she holds it up for the marathon series overall win. Cece had a good race and finished 4th in age and was done at the end. Nate was riding strong but then he bonked big time and finished 5th in age. He was riding 3rd place until the middle of the last lap and blew up big and rolled it in. I blew up on lap 1 and just didn't have any power today for anything. Each lap I went past Jeff and told him I'm cooked and stopping and he kept telling me oh no you don't. I pedalled on and kept racing. I knew I was cooked as Kyle went past and I tried to get on his wheel and it was a no go. I pushed on and on lap 3 in the same spot Danny comes by I try again and no go. I found it about 1/2 way through the last lap and catch back to Danny and pass 1 guy in age and then get with in 5 seconds of the 3rd and I end up 4th. Oh well I finished and thought it would have been alot worse. Great race was had by Ronsta as he got a 5th overall and a 2nd in age, Mitch who grabbed a 2nd, Kyle who took a 3rd in age also. I will have to check results and see the others. Time to watch the rest of the Tour. Later..

Friday, July 13, 2007

This and That

Just have been busy doing a little of everything this week. Cece, Nate and my parents until they left have been painting the foundation of the house the last couple of days and I have to say they are doing a fine job and it looks great. I have been racing, riding and taking Nate to races this week with a few days off to let the legs recover from the rides this weekend. I also had to take the car in to get the compressor fixed and $700 later the air is working with out making a loud grinding noise. The good thing is that I didn't run it while it was grinding away as it would have added another $300 to the price. Now it is time to get some things ready for the race and head out to meet some folks from work for a beverage or 2. Later..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nate's Birthday today

Today Nate entered the teenage years. He turned 13. Man where are the years going. Monday we went out to Botana's with my parents, Cece's Mom and my brother and his roommate. It was a nice time and today he got to mow the lawn and relax most of the day. We went to the time trials and volunteered to take the time instead of racing it. We were kind of tired after the weekend of racing and the track last night. Happy Birthday Nate. Later..

Monday, July 09, 2007

Russell's Supermate's of the week

On yesterdays ride I felt like I was pulling these 2 on my back for the last 18 miles in that heat. I think if they could ride a bike they would have lost 25 pounds yesterday.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cooked Blown up Sir.

Yesterday I went for a ride when I got home from Nate's race and at the end the legs started to cramp just a bit. Well I drank a ton of fluids over the rest of the night while I worked at the church festival. The legs felt a lot better and then I was talking to Cece during the festival and at night saying man it is going to be hot as Hell, should I be doing the Ronsta ride? Well she looked at me in that you're crazy any how so you make the call. I got up ate and hit the Ronsta ride as the temp in the thermometer in the car was reading 81 at 7 in the morning. Oh shit this is going to burn today I was thinking. Well the gang toes the line and off we were and 92 plus miles later and a ton of cramps for the last 10 miles I finished. Thanks to everyone for keeping the pace steady so I could ride it in at the end. For a another report check here, here. Thanks for the picture Ron. Time to eat again. Just finished a entire pizza and now it's time for more salt. Later..

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Today was another good day for the Jr MARS team as they took the 3 spots on the podium at the State Crit race. There was a good field for the race today as there was about 20 toeing the line. The race went off and the kids tucked in nice and let a newer rider take some hard pulls and then Mitch went ot the front and they dropped him and then they stayed in the field and let a few others fall off the pace. The laps winded down and on the bell lap Mitch hit the last corner in first and held it for the win with Nate rolling in 5th but 2nd in state and then Gage rolled in and took the last medal. That is another sweep for the guys. They raced great and now are hanging out for the night. Tonight is work at the church festival and then ride with Ron's group tomorrow. Time to get a few things done. Later..

Friday, July 06, 2007

My own bed

Just got home from the week by my brothers. It was a blast and we had great weather the entire week. Seen some great fireworks, snowmobile water skip, swimming, beer, and a nice brewery tour. Got on the road and we were driving home and a lady pulls up and says you lost a bike wheel way back. Went back couldn't find it so now Maddie has to ride a different pair for the rest of the year. Man what a Randy move I was thinking all the way home. Tomorrow it's the State Crit and then the Ronsta ride on Sunday. Time to get things unpacked.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pool Bar

Today was easy road ride for Nate to just loosen the legs up after the race and a day off the bike. I think he should be ready for the State crit to try to make it a 1, 2, 3 for the jr MARS team on Sat. I took another 25 mile rail to trail ride early this morning so we could help Wade's neighbor build a bar on the side of his in ground pool this afternoon before the heavy rain came in. They really need the rain up here as they are way behind in the total rainfall for this year. Now we are sitting and watching The Great Outdoors as the rain has halted our progress. We are about 3/4's of the way done. We will try to finish it tomorrow before the snowmobile skips. If not we will finish it Thursday and we will be drinking on it in no time. Now it is time for another beer. Later..

Monday, July 02, 2007

Farm Chores

Today was a nice easy ride for me. Maybe 25 on a nice rails to trails area about 1/4 mile from Wade's house. The speed and temps were perfect for a recovery ride. As I was riding the punks were across the street doing farm chores. Feeding the cattle and moving hay bails and other farm things. Man would it be nice to live near a farm to keep the kids busy during the down time. No plans for tomorrow so far but maybe another ride if it's not raining and some more farm chores for the kids. Nate will get a few rides in and maybe I'll have to hook up the trail a bike to pull Jess. July 4th it is the snowmobile races across the water in Knapp Wi. That is a fun time watching the ones that sink and the fools having to dive down and hook up the pull rope. Plus it's a blast to watch all the red necks for 5 hours. I think it is funnier then going to Summerfest of the State Fair. Well maybe just like a good old church festival in West Allis. Time to get a beer. Later..

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend recap

We got to the crit nice and early which meant getting up at 5 am to get things packed and ready for a vacation along with racing. Nate, Mitch and Gage raced the Elm Grove crit first thin in the morning. Mitch took a solo with 2 to go for the win and then Gage pulled in 2nd and Nate got robbed out of third. That is another story. We got on the road and made it to Wade's and I got a ride in before the firework party next door. We got up early and packed the truck and hit the Wors race. Maddie raced another good race and pulled a 2nd place finish. Cece went next and finished 3rd in age also. Nate and I went for a warm up and he was saying he didn't feel like he had it in him for a good race. I was thinking that he jumped to much on the trampoline and ran around to much the night before. Well he took another 2nd place and had a great race again. I took a 5th in age but finished 13th overall so a bit bummed but oh well had a good race and rode as well as I could and got the finish I got but not wanted. Now it is time for beer and fun. Later.