Thursday, June 30, 2005

Back Home

Well I'm back home after a 4 day stay in the hospital. I got a real bad infection in my leg and had to go to the hospital for a few bags of antibiotics. I got up Sat night and I couldn't walk and the leg was all hot and I was throwing up so I had Cece take me in. We were there with the drunks who got their punks asses beat up but I was looked at right away. A fever ot 103.7 and not doing good they gave me some oral antibiotics and sent me home. I relaxed on Sunday felt ok but not better. Monday I woke up and the leg was bright red and the size of a clydes waist. So it was off to the doctors office and he looked and said go check yourself in right now. Well now 4 days later I'm back home and no racing this weekend. We are sill going to the races but I'm going to work at it instead of racing and still get my points. I'm off next week by doctors orders but can ride some if my legs allows. So I hope everyone else is ready and we will see you all at the race this weekend. Later..

Friday, June 24, 2005

Rest Time

The CR time trial was the best course of the year. We did 3 longer laps that went into the Alpha trails and back to the ski hill. It was the best set up of the year. I felt good the entire race and and got faster as the race went on. I finished 2nd age group and like 5th overall. Cece had to do some Grad school work on the computer so she didn't go and her and Maddie went for a ride later. The group ride went well and was another 22+ average speed. The group was about 28 or so at the start. As we got to the Fox river the pace was picking up and the others were popping off the back and about 8 of us finished together at the end. Congrats to Samantha and her 3rd at Nationals and to the punks in their finishes. Way to go and see you all back at the races in Milw. Good Luck this weekend Ron. Got to go. Later..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Circle racing

Yesterday I went To the hospital to visit Dave Young and was getting discharged to go home. How great is that? He said that he had surgery last Wed and that the doc's took the knee off and then closed up the leg so he will missing his leg from just above the knee down. He is in great spirits and I think he will be doing fine down the road. He does want to get back on the bike asap and he said that he will get fit for a lower leg in a few months. Have a great recocery Dave and see you soon on the bike. And then Dave Eckel got a long taxi cab ride home per Bdog. I hope that the ride went well and that Brad kept you in good spirits and that they gave you happy pills for the ride home. Dave do what they say and only push it when they drop the green flag. Take it easy as pushing it to soon only drops you back if you damage things and they have to reheal. Good luck to you also and see you soon. Well we raced the track and Maddie is looking better each time on the track. she took 2 4th places. I took a 4th and finished the other 3 races. I'm feeling better each week and I'm hoping to finish in the money more each week. I can see it now, 20.00 to race and get 5.00 to 10.00 back what a bargin. Ah I still love doing it and hey where else can you get your ass handed to to by kids, girls and other older racers. Tonight is the CR time trials and I think Marty said it will be a 17+ mile race. Boy this is getting to be long time trial at the sky hill. When I first started racing these it was a 2 lap then 3 now it appears to be either a 4 lap or longerand now going into the park and back. Wow what a long one but for 5.00 what bargin. The punks had a day in the thin air and it made it tough for them. I hope they get their lungs and start kicking butt and all. Good luck. Later..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Track nite

Yesterday was a easy 25 mile spin to get the junk out of the legs. I felt ok and the ride was a nice pace in the small ring. Just what I think I needed. Tonight we are going to race the track and it is scratch and tempo races. I hate the tempo but will have to see how it goes. Maddie is going and she is looking forward to racing so I'm glad that she is enjoying the racing now. Tomorrow is the CR time trial and Cece is going to race it for the first time as she has figured it out she has a tri in 3 weeks. So alot of training to do in the next couple of weeks. But she should be ok as she always does well. I heard Dave came home I hope that everything goes well in the next couple of weeks. Good Luck Dave. And Brad you are the best. Later..

Monday, June 20, 2005


We went up to Rhinelander and stayed with my parents for the weekend. Nate and I got up on Sat and went to the BMX track in town and entered the races. Nate was put in the 13 year cruiser and he took 2nd so that was cool. I raced and was able to take a 2nd place also. The track is a really nice track with alot of rhythm sections and some cool tables with step ups. The track is really long and the racers seem to be really slow compared to the racers in Elkorn but I was tired at the end of my races and seemed slow to. Nate stayed up there and my parents are taking him racing at the BMX track a few times during the week. I have to say thanks to Lenny as he gave me a new pair of El Camino disc brakes Friday and I put them on the bike Sat afternoon and I dailed them in for the race Sun. They are great brakes and work awesome. The races went well again. My parents came to watch and were excited to see us race well. Nate took first in age again. Maddie is racing better each week and is now begining to beat others that were ahead of her in the first races. Maddie took 3rd in her age group. Cece is still making me wonder if training is over rated as she has not been on her bike except for the races and took 2nd again. She said she is going to start riding now that school is over so maybe she can do better in the weeks to come. I took 3rd again as the heat was getting to me and I began to cramp in the end of the race so I'm happy that no one else caught me. I have to say that I hope that Dave Eckle is ok as he got hit by a deer during the race. He flew off the bike and hit his knee in the stem of his bike and broke his knee cap in half and had a whole bunch of more damage to his knee. He had surgery and should be coming home today. Bdog stayed with him in the woods and at the hospital. Good luck Dave and my you be back on the bike soon. Bdog you rock as you gave up your race to stay with Dave. And to all the others who raced and did good. Ron, Goat, Jerry, Lori, Baron, and everyone else. Good luck to the Punks that are at or on the way to Nationals. Later recovery ride today and the track tomorrow. Later..

Friday, June 17, 2005


Well the CR time trials werre called Wed as when I got there it was raining and the hill up along the west side of the building was muddy. It was a ok call as I really didn't feel like racing 17 miles. We went home and it wasn't raining by my house so the kids and I rode the bikes to the high school about 6 miles away and did a sprint work out on the track there. It was a good workout as it got the junk out of the legs from the track the night before. Yesterday was the wheel group ride and was a nice faster ride. We of course are riding down the road and some guy in a pick up gets stopped at the light with us and decided to start jawing with us and the next thing he knows Russ and a few guys are in his face. The sad thing is he is swearing at us and his kid is in the car, that's to bad. And later in the ride Russ was yelling at the tri dork (this guy rides like shit) that comes on the ride, Russ was in rare form for this ride. After all that the ride was good and it picked up at the Fox River area and the hanger on riders could no longer do that. We then rode in a group of about 7 of us and the others took a short cut and we caught them again and then rode in as a group then. Today is a short day of work and then pack the bikes for a weekend of racing and a stay at the cabin. Nate and I are going to race the bmx track in Rhinelander on Sat then Wors in Wausau on Sunday. So have a safe trip to the races and see all of you at the races. Later..

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

track tuesday

Well it was another night at the track. We got most of the races in but at the end a couple were called because a small rain came and the track was wet for a couple of minutes. Nate did ok as took 3rd in both of his races. I got 3 of the 5 in and did ok but still in the second group or just hanging on and chasing for the race. But I hope to get stronger each week as the track is a hurt fest. It was cool to see Ron, Bubba and his girls and Randy come to watch the races. I hope they can make it to a few more this summer. Tonight is is the CR time trails hope they go, but as now it looks like the rain will hold off. Later..

Monday, June 13, 2005


Today Nate and I went for a easy 1.5 hour ride. Tomorrow at the track is the Madison and it is the first race of the night. If you want to see some great racing this is the best race on the track. It starts at 7pm and should last only last for about 45 minutes then it will racing for all others after that and should wrap up around 9:30. Nothing happening right now just have to get the place in order as Maddie is coming home and the parents now are house guests for a night or 2. Time to go and eat and get going on picking the place up. Later..

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Rest Day

Today I had to work at the Locust Street block party. WOW what a bunch of goofy looking people that take up some of the air that we breath. It was a interesting day seeing some real bizare people walking around. I guess living on the south side I don't see the crazy things people do to themselves, you name it they had a tatoo on it or it was piereced. But better them then me. It was a easy 4 hours of work and the pay was good. Yesterday was a long ride in the heat, I did a 3 hour ride and bonked about 8 miles from home and had to just ride it in. I saw Danielle and one of her friends riding out in Franklin and then I ran into Danny and my 2 hour ride got longer. I turned and rode around wind Lake with him and then rode home. It turned out to be a 55 mile ride and I ran out of fuild and had to stop by a buddies house to get more to make it home. It still turned out to be a good ride. So as it goes today was a day to work and then do some things around the house and not ride the bike. Good job to Ron and Alan in the 6 hour and to Aaron Brandt as he won the state road race. Oh yea and to Butch and Rick to. See you all later..

Friday, June 10, 2005

Good Bye

The truck has left town for a new parking spot. My parents are now located in a new area code. It is 715 and a 4 hour drive. It seems kind of different now that I know that they are not right around the block. I guess we will just have to get used to it and now have to find some one to watch the kids when need to do something. Cece's mother will be on call now that my parents are gone. Today Nate and I went for a ride and it was a hot one. We went to the lake and rode there as it was like 15 to 20 degrees cooler. But with the heat we only rode for a a hour and a half for a good recovery ride. Tomorrow I'm going to get a early ride and try to beat the heat and then we are going to Katie's graduation party. I my try to crash Sharon Senn's wedding before we head to Katie's. Today I went and visited David Young and he seems to be doing ok after his accident. I'm glad to see that he is going to just keep working hard for a good recovery. Pray for David as he is going to need a lot of support for awhile until he get's through this part of his life. I have to work Sunday as I thought it was Saturday but it doesn't matter as both days were open this weekend and the time and half is always nice. Have a good weekend and good luck to all those who racing. Later..

Moving Day

No Wheel ride last night as I had to go and help load the truck for the parents. They are closing on the house today and moving to Rhinelander. I was surprized that with the help of my brother his room mate and my parents that it didn't take all that long. My prents have been making trips with items over the past few weeks so that helped. They also have been packing for a couple of weeks and were well prepared. They close today at 4pm and then hit the road to the new castle on the lake. My brothers and Maddie are going there to help but I have to work so I'll go next weekend and help finish before the race at 9 mile. Today I'm going to try to visit Dave Young at the hospital and see how he is doing after the accident and the removal of his leg. I hope that he will try to ride again as he can ride with me and the both of us will only be using a half of a leg, although he will still be faster then me. Good luck to all that are racing this weekend. Later..

Thursday, June 09, 2005

CR Nite

Tonight the rain held off and it was off to the time trials. We got there and I got the kids ready and then went in and paid for the races and then it was a warm up and then off to the races. I rode with Maddie for her lap and then I did my final lap to get my time. Nate had a good race and won the 18 and under group. It was a double race and we did a second race. Only 11 of us stayed for the second race. I didn't start fast as I was racing the SS today. I can tell that it was the first race on the SS. I was getting used to it each lap and getting faster each turn. I ended up finishing OK and winning the old mans group. We then were off to eat at Qdoba's for some food with the gang. Ron was flying tonight as he passed Maddie and me there was nobody coming for like 2 or 3 minutes. And in the second race he was gone like the wind again, great racing Ron. Good Luck this weekend. Tonight it is a day off as we are helping load my parents stuff on a moving truck as the house is sold as of 4pm tomorrow. They are moving to Rhinelander and there goes my baby sitter and free meals a couple times a week. I will miss them alot. Later..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Track Night

Again we went to the track for some fun on the oval. The kids did real good as Nate took 2 3rd places and Maddie finished 7th and 6th. We have to work on Nate's timing alittle better as he could have been a place or 2 higher in each race. Maddie did great as she wasn't the first one out in the miss and out and was the last in the danish which is the hardest race on the track. I finished the races and was ok in the miss and out 5th out of 19. The points race was fast as Aaron Brandt took off and lapped the field and Richie then took 2nd or 3rd. I just was a racer in the race. Tonight we have the time trials at CR. I'm not going to race I'm going to ride the course with Maddie and Nate will race. Good Luck to Matt at the NVR. And to all, one of our friends David Young who races on road and track had a motorcycle accident and is in the hospital. He lost one of his legs from the knee down and part of a hand. So keep him in your prayers. I will try to get info and keep you posted. Later..

Monday, June 06, 2005

Rome around

Well we went to the race in Rapids on Saturday. As we were driving up Jerry and I were hating it as we were driving through the rain. The ladies and the kids were in the truck ahead of us going like 80. I don't know how we didn't get pulled over other then all the cops were busy pulling others over. As we got closer to the race the weather got better and the rain stopped. We checked in and Nate, Jerry and myself hit the trails. I did a warm up the guys from the team Nate waited in the parking lot as we did another lap. Then headed back to get the kids and Sam to go to the bmx track while the ladies rode. The bmx track was closed but I pulled the fence up and the kids went under. I put the bikes over the top and then the kids did a few laps. They had a blast as they haven't been on the track in few months. Nate looked like he hadn't missed a day and sam looked good to. We went back and hit the showers and got something to eat. It was the rest and get ready to race.
We got up to get something to eat and then it was off to the races. I get so nervous getting the kids and Cece ready, more then when I'm in the gate for my start. Nate had a good race and won his age group and was 1st over all. Maddie did well and was 3rd in her age group. Cece went off in her race and was near the front of the ladies group for the entire race. She took 2nd in her group and 7th over all. Not bad since she has not trained at all and has only raced her bike, she has only been on her bike 3 times this year and each has been for a race. I took 2nd again and that is good as I was dying on the last lap and a half from the heat. Next is the Wausau race and will have to get some road rides in as that course is a road type race with all the fire roads. Well a easy ride with the kids today as we have track tomorrow if it dosen't rain.
Checked the results and see that Ron did ok not as well as he wanted but a tough course for a single speed. And the mountain goat did well on his single speed also and I think he was in the money again. Jack did ok to and Jerry was happy with his result. Good job to all that raced and see you at the Wed time trails and the next race. Later

Friday, June 03, 2005


Today was a ride with the kids on the SS with the trailer behind. We went for about a hour and stopped by my parents house. My brother was there picking up some chairs for his house and my cousin was picking up a dining room set. We helped load the things and finished the ride. I then got on the rollers and did a workout as I didn't get a ride in yesterday as Cece had her graduation and is now a licensed teacher. Now I'm folding a weeks worth of clothes and getting ready for the race. Taking the bmx bikes also to try the track in rapids, I'm hoping that it is a cool track. See you all at the races. Later..

Thursday, June 02, 2005

6/1 at CR

Tonight was the first night that we made it to Crystal Ridge for the Wednesday night races. Russell rode with Maddie and took her for a ride then they started off the back and stayed out of every ones way and rode the course. I'm glad that Russ doesn't minfd riding wiht the kids as they do really well after riding with him a few times. Nate did well and took 3rd in the 18 and under group, he is riding better each week and a little more training that softball is over he should get alittle faster. I took it easy as I was tired from the weekend and the Tuesday night of track racing. I was able to win the old man group and now taking a few nights off to recover for the weekend. Ron was flying across the field and was the top gun again. Way to go Ron. It was good to be racing on Wed nights again so see you all every week we are in town. Later..

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tues nite

Well it was Maddies first day of racing on the track. She did a warm up with Russell and was nervous with all the others flying by her on the track. After alittle riding she was ok. She did good in both her races and Nate did ok and it shows we need to get on the road bike and ride for some speed or he will have a long track season. He finished 3rd in both races I think, maybe a second in the first one. He then raced up in the age group and was off the back but finished both races. I did ok in my races, then in the consulation took the first sprint and then settled in to help Russell and Richie. In the end Russell won the points race and I finished like 4th or 5th or something. It was a fun race and always fun to listen to Russell talk smack to the kids when he beats them. I will never go for the win or money as I just like making the kids ride harder and fight for wheels and spots during the race. I then watched the main event a 50 lap points race and the race was pretty fast from the start, I'm glad that I don't think I need to try to race that race anymore as I can never keep up with those guys. The young guns keep going and when they aren't flying the others just fly to. Well next week is the start of the real season and the rest of the racers should be coming then. Tonight is racing at Crystal Ridge and it should be fun to be doing the time trials again. See all of you there. Later..