Friday, June 17, 2005


Well the CR time trials werre called Wed as when I got there it was raining and the hill up along the west side of the building was muddy. It was a ok call as I really didn't feel like racing 17 miles. We went home and it wasn't raining by my house so the kids and I rode the bikes to the high school about 6 miles away and did a sprint work out on the track there. It was a good workout as it got the junk out of the legs from the track the night before. Yesterday was the wheel group ride and was a nice faster ride. We of course are riding down the road and some guy in a pick up gets stopped at the light with us and decided to start jawing with us and the next thing he knows Russ and a few guys are in his face. The sad thing is he is swearing at us and his kid is in the car, that's to bad. And later in the ride Russ was yelling at the tri dork (this guy rides like shit) that comes on the ride, Russ was in rare form for this ride. After all that the ride was good and it picked up at the Fox River area and the hanger on riders could no longer do that. We then rode in a group of about 7 of us and the others took a short cut and we caught them again and then rode in as a group then. Today is a short day of work and then pack the bikes for a weekend of racing and a stay at the cabin. Nate and I are going to race the bmx track in Rhinelander on Sat then Wors in Wausau on Sunday. So have a safe trip to the races and see all of you at the races. Later..

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RonSta said...

Now that ride sounds fun! Picking fights with motorists and tri riders, i'll try to make it out there in the next couple weeks.