Thursday, June 02, 2005

6/1 at CR

Tonight was the first night that we made it to Crystal Ridge for the Wednesday night races. Russell rode with Maddie and took her for a ride then they started off the back and stayed out of every ones way and rode the course. I'm glad that Russ doesn't minfd riding wiht the kids as they do really well after riding with him a few times. Nate did well and took 3rd in the 18 and under group, he is riding better each week and a little more training that softball is over he should get alittle faster. I took it easy as I was tired from the weekend and the Tuesday night of track racing. I was able to win the old man group and now taking a few nights off to recover for the weekend. Ron was flying across the field and was the top gun again. Way to go Ron. It was good to be racing on Wed nights again so see you all every week we are in town. Later..

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Mitch Man said...

That Russell, he's a good guy!