Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alot of stuff in a day again.

Yesterday was another day of riding in the best weather one could for this time of year.  78 degrees and sunny is what it was here.  We rolled out and hit some dirt roads and then some crappy roads and rode to a park that had a lake.  Yeah there is water here in Tucson.  Then we did the programmed workout before heading a few miles up Mt Lemmon again.  I have to say that the ride up is really cool but the ride down is worth the ride up.  Then we got home and the kids went for a swim before we headed to Colossal Cave for a fun time in the ground.  It was a different cave as it was 70 degrees and dry which was nice compared to the ones up in Wisconsin that are cold and damp.  Then it was back home for some goofing around before Cece played some games with the kids.  The Roth family and Max went home early this morning so it leaves us and Billy's family here for the last 3 days so that will be a change not having the other 5 kids running around.  But it will still leave us with some fun rides to get in everyday.  Well time to go over the bikes and get ready to ride.  Happy New Year everyone.  Later..