Sunday, December 04, 2011


 Picture of Maddie swimming the freestyle done
 by canvas prints.
 Picture of Maddie doing the backstroke again done
 by canvas prints.
We got the tree up the other night.  Jess already has a little mess around it.

Well we have been a little busier around here again as the holidays are approaching so it is a lot of running to try to get stuff together.  Plus we are trying to get ready for the trip to Tuscon over the holidays this year.  So we are trying to get a lot done before we head there.  Plus with the running around with the lids sure makes the days go fast.  Nate has had work and had a cross race today, he has not looked like himself the last few races and he took another 4th place. He was in the lead and then the wheels fell off and he just rolled in taking 4th.  I will have to try to figure out what is going on and have him ready for the cross Nationals coming up in January, the good thing is that they are a few weeks away.  Maddie has Drivers ed and has been swimming and riding to stay in shape so that is a nice.  Jessie is just being a 10 year old having some fun and as always doing what is asked of her.  As we all know that will change once see becomes a teenager so we are enjoying while we can.  Later..

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