Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glad to be off

I am just glad that I have been off the last few days as I have been running all over the place.  Yesterday started with some phone calls to cancel the mail and paper while we are in Tuscon, lift weights, run to the emissions to get the Monte Carlo tested to only find out that they are closed on Wednesdays, run to the post office to mail the Christmas cards, then finally make it Rays for 4 hours.  Then it was get home and get a 2 hour training ride in before taking Maddie to her last driver ed class before finally making dinner and doing a few loads of laundry before sitting down.  Then today it was run to the emissions to get the car tested and it did pass which took no time at all but to pay for it there to get the sticker they rape you for another $10.00 bucks, what a bunch of bull is all I have to say.  Plus they had 4 lines open for the testing but just 1 person taking the payments which took for ever. After getting through that I ran to Lenn's house to borrow a wheel bag for take Nate's Power Tap wheel that Doug is letting him use to Arizona.  Also get a Power Tap harness to hook up to Nate's bike, and buy a pair of sun glasses.  After that it was a trip home to get Nate's cross bike and run to Ben's to take the single chain ring set up off and then put a double back on.  Thanks to Chris it was done in a few minutes and now both bikes are ready for Nationals.  Then it was get to WCJ wire to meet Mike Weber but he didn't make it there as the Sprinter was still being worked on, so maybe tomorrow we will meet up to go over a few things before Nationals as we are going to have it there to keep the boys warm before and after the races.  Then it was come home and get a training ride in before my parents and Wade stopped in.  So tomorrow it is run a few errand and then go to the bank, training ride in and then our family Christmas as we leave for Arizona on Saturday, hope I get everything packed and don't forget anything.  All I do know is that I am for sure taking my riding shoes, helmet, a kit and some things in my carry on.  The bikes are already there so that is good and now we just have to get there and ride.  Boy I can't wait to just get to Arizona to ride and relax for a while.  Oh well time to get a few things done.  Later...

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