Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mt Lemmon

 Yeah that is part of the climb way up there.

 The group rolling along.

 Billy and Randy chatting it up.

 Billy and Randy pulling the kids to the bottom of Mt Lemmon.

 The kids in a happy mood as we start the long day in the saddle.

 The punks in front of the Fort Lowell Rd sign.

 All smiles going up for now.

 Simon up and out of the saddle.

 Simon showing his form climbing up mt Lemmon.

 We took a few more seconds to eat during the long climb.

 Simon and I took a few seconds to eat something.

 Simon and I rode up hill for a few hours.

 I went to Arizona to play in the snow.

 Simon taking a break near the top.

Simon and Randy at the top as we waited a bit for the gang to come past.  They never did so Simon and I  headed down and beat them to the bottom by just a few minutes.

Yesterday was the epic long ride to the top of Mt Lemmon.  We started out at 10 and headed to Mt Lemon  and the 10 mile ride there was over in no time as we rolled up to the bottom of the hill.  That is where Billy, Nate, Garrett, Kaleb, Max and Randy rolled away as Simon and I went up at his pace. The boys and Billy went all the way to Ski Valley at the way top for a bite to eat.  Simon and I stopped a few times for a few gu's to eat and then we rolled up to mile #22 and waited with Randy as we seen him rolling down.  He said that the kids and Billy dropped him at mile #8 and he rolled up to Summer Haven and turned back.  Then Simon and I headed down and just beat the guys down by a few minutes.  In all Simon and I rode 66 miles and had 4:50 in the saddle and the other guys got around 80 miles and 4:30 in the saddle.  It was a great ride and would like to do it again but I don't think there is time and or I could do it again without killing myself.  Then it was sit with the podium legs on and get a massage.  I feel good today and it is just a short recovery ride.  Later...

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Ronsta, said...

More snow than we have here! Looks like a fun trip. Nate's gonna make the gunshow hurt this year!