Saturday, December 17, 2011

 Cece getting all excited at Jessica's Christmas concert.

 Nate getting in the mood to hear Jessica play her clarinet at the Christmas concert.

 A unfocused picture of Jessica walking into the concert.

 Len and Jim at the team meeting last night.

 Nate with some of  his parts for his new dirt jumper.

 Cece catching some Zzzz's setting up the plan to spend some money.

A little film of Jess at the concert.

It as always been a busy week here.  Wednesday I had to go to the oncologist for the final checkup to ensure that I was melanoma free.  The good news is that I am and now it is just follow ups every few months to a year.  Yeah.  Then it was run to Jessica's concert Wednesday night and as always the kids do not disappoint as they all try hard and do a awesome job.  Then on Thursday I went to Rays again and rode while Nate worked.  That gives me a nice 5 plus hour workout on the jumps and skills area.  I have to say after riding and jumping for that long I am on sore old man on Friday for work.  But I love it and plan on going every Thursday to Rays to play while Nate works.  Then last night it was our bike team meeting and as always thanks Len for letting us have it at your house.  The plan again it is that you will see us in the races and maybe under a different team name but as always the RPM cycling team is still alive but just different colors.  Then today was a meeting with Nate's coaches Doug and Scott so we can plan the next year of racing and training. All I can say is that it is going to be fun and fast.  Now it is time to relax and get a ton of stuff done.  Later..

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