Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gates are dropping again...

After a 2 week break because of Grands the gates are dropping again tomorrow (Wednesday) night. So come and get some as the other place isn't open and this place rocks. The practice is from 5 to 7 ( we always run later ). Also after a week break on the racing it starts again this Sunday with gate practice at 10am - 12:30pm and racing ASAP after that. See you at the barn for some riding and racing on the little bikes. Later..

Monday, November 29, 2010

Grinding away

Well after a nice 10 day stay in Rhinelander with a lot of it sitting in the woods it was back to working for the man. I had a great time with my parents and brothers up north and then with the family when they showed up. It is always a stress free when up in Rhinelander and I love going there and really though love coming home to the normal grind too. I do have to say that work is not really that bad either and I do enjoy being back. I have one main goal for the rest of the year and that is to get all the food inspections at my gas stations done before the end of the year. I had about 120 to do and I think that I am down to about 20 to go and that is manageable to get done by the end of the week. Also I have 100 hours of vacation and 2 furlough days take off by the end of the year so I have to keep at it to get the inspections done. But I like the busy work that it is as it makes the day fly by. Cece has a few projects that I need to get done so I will need a few of those vacation days to get those done to. Well time to fix the door that the wind messed up. Later..

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things that go on upnorth

Been doing a few chores instead of just sitting waiting for the big deer to come. I may be waiting for hell to freeze over for one of them. But yesterday we went into town for some Black Friday with the little town country folk. What a treat I do have to say. We went to Menards to get a few TVs that were a great price so we went to the store at opening. We got there and the lines were long as hell and we thought why are we doing this? Well we got at the end of one line that was right next to front of another line. Well the doors opened and we were in right at the front of the other one. Nice as my parents flew to the TVs and we got ours and were out of there. Then it was a stop to get some oil to do a oil change for Tim's truck and the Volvo. We also rotated Tim's truck tires and tired to do the Volvo but they were on so tight we couldn't break the lugs loose. Oh well I will take it in and pay to get them loosened up. Then it was relax and celebrate the kids Birthdays as it is the first time that Wade, Tim and my parents and us were all together. The we watched Grown Ups again. That movie is so funny. Then this morning I sat in the tree stand and seen 5 doe but nothing else. Took a break and now I am getting some lunch before going back out. Oh well maybe no deer but a good time in the tree stand talking and sitting with my Dad. Later..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snowy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Well the snow that missed the folks down home came here and it looks pretty. Today I helped clear the drive and deck. I would have gone to the tree stand but I just haven't seen a buck so I figured why sit all day today plus Wade and Tim are here and we can sit and talk. The sun is out and the woods with the snow looks awesome. Cece and the kids are coming up tomorrow so that will be nice and maybe I will take Nate and the girls into the deer stand. Time fir some beers and football. Later..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Doe and Turkeys

This morning when I got up and went to the tree stand I was happy to see a dusting of snow as it was way better then the rain we have been getting for the last few days. I seen some doe right away in the morning and then there was a break for a while. Then about 1 pm some more doe came past again. Then about 3 pm 15 plus turkeys came down the hill. I was amazed at how fast they moved and how they looked like a waterfall coming down the hill onto the path. Then when they were spooked they ran real fast up the hill again. Then right before we were getting things ready to leave the tree stand a few doe showed up again. Tomorrow is more of the same and maybe a buck will poke its head around. Later..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things that happened...

Nate at the State Cross race. Picture from John Senkerik.

Nate on Ian's wheel at the cross race. Picture from John again.

Pictures of Doe playing below the tree stand today.

Today I put another 10 hours in the tree stand and seen nothing but doe play under it. As I said before we are in a buck only area and in any case I would not shoot a doe either way. Or most importantly I will not shoot a deer that is not at least a 6 pointer that is big or usually it has to be a 8 pointer. But still got a lot of time for the big buck so show up.

Today Wade and one of his old football players he coached flew to Craig's home in Souix Falls to spend a few days with his family as Wade is the Godparent of one of Craig's daughters. Then he is flying back on Wednesday to spend the rest of the week here with my parents and us.

On a good note though is that Nate raced the State Cyclocross Championships in Hales Corners. It was a good test as Nate had to do everything himself as I was up here hunting and Cece was with a bunch of little girls painting things for Jessica's Birthday party. But he got there and Thanks Randy for taking care of the paperwork for him. Nate toed the line in the Jr 18 and under race and took a 2nd place to Ian who has been racing real well. Great job Ian and Nate. Then he toed the line for the cat 4's and took the State Championship. A great way to finish the season of hard work that paid off with a season of great results. Now it is time for a few days off and then back at it with some bmx racing. Later..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Up Nort

A view of the cabin from the back of my deer stand.

Just trees and hills.

More trees and hills.

More trees and hills.

Well after the kids and Cece were out of the house I laded the car and ran a few errands before hitting the road to get to Rhinelander for the week plus of hunting. I did stop on the way up to visit Grandma in Keil. She is doing fine and for being 93 she is holding her own. It was a nice visit even though I had to say the same things about 5 times while I was there it was a nice time. Then I hit the road and got to the cabin and that left me enough time to sit int he tree stand for about a hour and a half to just check it out. I am hoping for a good hunt and it would be nice to get a nice buck int he first few days and then help get a few things done around here for my parents. Time to get a few things ready for the early start tomorrow. Later..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gate practice

Nate pulling a manual out of turn 2.

Pulling another manual.

Me with a nice face going into turn 1.

Me again not doing a manual out of turn 1.

Picture of Tina and Nate in the gate.

All the great pictures from Sam and the one of Tina and Nate I took.

Had a blast at the gate practice tonight with the gang. Feeling alot better on the track each time and I hope to get better each week. Nate looked better and we are looking forward to when we go random gates all the time at the start of the 2011 year. Should be more fun and closer racing as the sling shot starts will be almost gone by then. Good luck to all the racers going to Grands next week as we have other plans and things going on so we aren't making the trip to Tulsa. Later..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have a few days to use

Well I looked at the amount of time that I have to burn before the end of the year or lose it and I thought I had it figured out. I had it planned to take off over the deer hunting ( Thanksgiving ) week and then use some to have the 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years. That would have left me with 4 days to burn in the rest of the time I was not off. Well that was OK as that left me with some time to work and get some things done. Well that was till today as my bossman Kevin calls me in and say that the city paid me for the furlough days off over the summer by accident and that I have to take 3 more days off to make up for it. Well that is OK but the bad it that I only have 3 weeks to do it. The real pisser is that I have to take the days off without pay around the holidays. But in the end I am not complaining as I have to take them off and I did not work the days that the city paid me when they made the mistake. In the end I will have 3 more days to get things done and less time to work I guess. Oh well. The thing that I wish was going on it that Ray's was open as I could have had a little fun while I was off. Later..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Racing again

Here is a video of Nate in the cruiser open main.

Today was another day of racing. Nate raced the cross race in Sun Prairie in the morning. He toed the line and was sitting 2nd and then a racer from the masters class crashed into Nate and took him out and Nate had to untangle the bikes before getting rolling again. That Left time for Chris to catch Nate and pass him and then Nate was just in ride it out mode. He finished 3rd and we loaded the bike into the car and were on our way to Elkhorn for some bmx racing. We made good time and got there for a few gate drops and then it was race time. Nate raced the Cruiser open and took a 2nd, 20 inch open and took a 3rd, cruiser class and took a 3rd and then the 20 inch class and took a 3rd. Alot of racing in 1 day but he did good and he is now relaxing I think playing Black Opp's. I raced the cruiser open and missed the main but I took a 3rd in the cruiser class and then a 4th in the 20 inch class. A good day for me and I felt a lot more comfortable today and another gate practice or 2 I will be fine. I has been like 8 months since I raced the bmx bikes so it will take a while. But Now it is time to read the paper. Later..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tour Of Tosa

The Tour Of Tosa never disappoints. Again Russell put on a great event and fun was had. Here are a few pictures of a few of the things that had to be done during the ride. Now we have to get ready for some cross racing in the morning and then fly to the bmx races as soon as we are done. Going to be a fun day again. Later..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Barn burner

Pictures by Sam.

Went to the barn tonight for some gate practice to try to get used to riding the little bikes again. All was going good until Nate bonked the step up into turn 3 and went over the bars onto his face. I have to say it is a good thing that we wear full face helmets as it saved his face from some major damage. He laid there for a few seconds before Sam and Guy picked him up and got him off the track. He sat out a round and was back at it, good to be young. I am a little more comfortable and the shoulder is feeling good and there is no pain so far. Just still a little scared of crashing on it and that is the main thing that has me on the brakes a little yet. Hopefully after a few more gate practices that fear will fade. Later..

Monday, November 08, 2010

New Baby in the house

I bought a GHP cruiser frame from Bryan the other day and today after school Nate and I took the parts off the Kuwaraha and transfered to the GHP. I do have to say that the bike looks nice and Nate is looking forward to riding it Wednesday at gate practice. Now he has a 20 and 24 inch GHP and they both look awesome.

Got my last shot of Synvisc into the shoulder to help the shoulder. It is a lubricant that helps shoulder so that the bone on bone is less intensive and hopefully pro longs the need for it to be replaced done the road. Although the Dr stated that the shoulder will most likely need to be replaced like 10 to 15 years at the rate it is going with my work duties. Oh well hopefully by the time I need that done they will have even better ones then they do now. Now I need to see what the kids are up to. Later..

Sunday, November 07, 2010

BMX'n again

Pictures of us at the track from Sam. Thanks.

Well Nate and I loaded the 20 inch and cruisers in to the car and headed to Elkhorn for some bmx racing. I has been like 6 months for Nate and 8 months for me since we touched the little bikes and it was a great time. I told Nate the I entered him in 4 races today and he looked at me like I was crazy. But he lined up and had a great day. He took a 2nd in the 20 inch open, 2 in the cruiser open, 3rd in 20 inch and a 3rd in the cruiser. Pretty good since he busted his butt yesterday at the ICEMAN. I had a poor day as I was tentative as I hadn't ridden a bmx bike for 8 months and I didn't want to crash. I only made the main in the cruiser and took a 5th. Hopefully after a few gate practices I will get comfortable again and not tap the brakes everywhere around the track. See you at the first gate practice this Wednesday November 10th. Later..

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Pictures of Nate at the race from Rachael Jensen. Thanks.

Nate raced the ICEMAN today and said it was cold as hell and he couldn't feel his hands for the first 10 miles. He had to look down at his hands when pulling his brakes to make sure that he was getting the brakes as he couldn't tell with his frozen fingers. But in the end he finished 3rd in the end and got on the boxes although they left before the awards to get home as Ian has a soccer game tomorrow and Nate and I are racing bmx. So it works out as they are home already and they will mail his awards and money so that will work out. But now the racing is done and we can have some fun racing bmx and going to Ray's. Can't wait. See you at the barn. Later..

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Riding in the dark

Had the lights charged waiting for a free night to go for a ride. Tonight it worked out and we headed out to the tosa trails with Russell, Coop, Ronsta, Kelly, Nate and myself. The temps were perfect as were the trails. Kelly felt bad that Bubba wasn't there so she took it upon herself to get the flat to keep the ride real. All I have to say is that we need to fit more night rides in to keep the riding fun. Nate leaves for the ICEMAN on Friday morning with Hans and Ian as I am not going and they have offered to take him along with them, thanks guys. The nice thing is that they are coming home on Saturday and that means that Nate will be able to make it to the 1st day of bmx racing at the Walworth indoor track. We can't wait for the bmx racing to start as that is a blast. Come on out and try it as I think you will be hooked if you try it. Later..