Friday, November 19, 2010

Up Nort

A view of the cabin from the back of my deer stand.

Just trees and hills.

More trees and hills.

More trees and hills.

Well after the kids and Cece were out of the house I laded the car and ran a few errands before hitting the road to get to Rhinelander for the week plus of hunting. I did stop on the way up to visit Grandma in Keil. She is doing fine and for being 93 she is holding her own. It was a nice visit even though I had to say the same things about 5 times while I was there it was a nice time. Then I hit the road and got to the cabin and that left me enough time to sit int he tree stand for about a hour and a half to just check it out. I am hoping for a good hunt and it would be nice to get a nice buck int he first few days and then help get a few things done around here for my parents. Time to get a few things ready for the early start tomorrow. Later..

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