Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bones in pieces

I guess after the Dr looked at the xrays over the weekend he said that I have several displaced and fractured ribs. Well shit that is why taking a deep breath hurts a little for the past couple of days. Well he wants me to go see a Ortho specialist on Monday. I made the appt. But told him to look at the pictures and if they are going to say just wrap it, they won't be getting my money. Plus all I'm going to do is wrap my ribs and ride and race the bike no matter what he says. I told my Dr that all I may need is more pain meds. I may call him for a refill but I'm going to keep on riding and racing as the pain is kind of a cool feeling after awhile. Screw it if you can't take a little pain take up knitting or some other shit. Ride on brother.

Got a few bikes out of the way for the Goat and Gage so now they are getting ready to rock the barn with us. As for the rest of you with some time on your hands as it will get bad outside again come and check out the BMX racing. Nate can't wait to help Gage at the track and see how he does. Maddie should be ready to go this week also. Got to go and get some things done. Later..

Monday, January 30, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week.

I think this is one of the fine girls that live in Tosa. But what do you want with those girls from Tosa. I think the water there has a nasty effect on the people there.


Well nothing new today. I knew that after I raced yesterday that I would pay the price today. I'm sore but felt better as the day went along. I was able to ride the rollers tonight for a workout and felt fine. Going to try to ride Thursday at the gate practice also. The lungs are feeling better but the ribs hurt here and there. I will try to ride a few gates on Thursday as it only cost a dollar to ride.

Got bikes lined up for the Goat and Gage today so we will be seeing hopefully we will see them at the BMX track on Thursday. Tonight Maddie practiced balancing on the board in the basement and has it down now. She will be on her own in the gates at the practices for now on. Nate worked with her and had her doing it in 5 minutes. On Thursday Nate said he will work with Gage and that should be fun. Nate is looking forward to riding with Gage and helping him. So after a few times with Nate I hope that Gage will catch on real quick and enjoy the time at the track. I think the Goat will be just fine and rocking in no time.

Thanks again to Ron and Russell for the help at the track yesterday. Looking forward to the practice Thursday and seeing the others at the track. My parents just got in and are staying for the night as they are going to the grandparents breakfast with the kids at school tomorrow so have to get going. Later..

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday racing

We loaded the truck again and picked up Russell at the park and ride and hit the bmx track. We meet Ron there also. I took the bike along to see how I would feel on it after few gate starts. It hurt but I couldn't sit and let a double point day go past. I felt ok and took a extra pain pill and hit the races. I made the main but in the final gate I pulled hard but it wasn't the best as I ended up 5th. That was good as I really shouldn't have even tried to race as the way I was feeling. But hey why not you only live once and I love to race. I know I'll be paying for it tomorrow.

Nate had some real good races and made the main in age and open. In open main he hit a spot where they dropped some sand and he hit the deck and took 7th. That was ok as he was the only inter to make the main and the rest are real fast experts. Maybe a top 4 finish if he didn't crash. In his age he took 2nd today and was just a fraction from a win. The same guy who always tries to crash him tried again in turn one and Nate just stopped peddling for one second and that was the difference. Nate will have to put this jerk down next week and just end it all. He raced a good couple of races this weekend and I'm super proud of him. I love watching him race and wouldn't trade for anything.

Ron came out again and he had a tough age group today and hit the birm and just missed the main today. As I told Nate after his not winning my placing 5th and Ron missing the main that shit happens. He still did great and brought home a 2 1/2 foot trophy. So he was a little happier after that. He really wanted to win. Ron thanks for all your help with Nate again today he really respects you and likes when you help him. He always talks about that on the way home. Thanks again. And Russell thanks for all your help again, it made it a lot easier for us today. You took a lot of pressure off of us for all the help you gave us. Thank you. Later..

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oh Yea!

We loaded up the truck and hit the BMX track this afternoon. Boy it was real hard not racing and watching. But it was a blast as Ron made it there again. So Nate and Ron were hitting the gate practices and looking good. While that was going on Goat, Goats little guy and Jerry came there to watch. I think that the Goat is going to be mixing it up there real soon like this Thursday. Gage is real interested so that would be real cool. The Goat is going to be buying a bike from one of the other guys that races there so we only have to get one for Gage. He got Gage a real cool full face helmet at the swap corner so now Gage is hooked and ready to try it. Thursday we are going to bring Nates 20 inch with flat pedals for Gage to try. If all is not fine with the body I will be letting the Goat use my bike and let him give it a rip on the track.

Now for the racing. Nate and Ron both made the mains in the open and age class. Nate took a 5th in the open and if he didn't let up he could of been in the top 3 I think. He just needs to keep pedaling and he has it. In his age final he won it again. Like I said now with the skills he has those others have to be worried as he is only getting faster. Thanks Ron for helping Nate and giving him a lot of the pointers that you do. It really helps and he is doing better after each time you help him. Now Ron was on fire today and was pulling some sweet moves in turn one and they paid off. In the open main Ron was sitting 3rd and the 2 in the lead had to take each other out. So Ron just rode his bike right over the others bikes and the guys in back had to clip out and Ron was gone for the win. It was a great move to watch. In the age main he took a 3rd place so that was a great finish also. It was a blast to watch and I wish that I was out there and mixing it up with the guys. That will just have to wait for awhile until I heal a little more. I think I will try the rollers tomorrow after the races.

Tomorrow is the double point race and I'm really bummed that I will not be able to race it but tha is how the ball bounces. Russell is going to come out there with us and Ron said that he is going to be there also. It should be a good day of racing so if you are bored come out and watch as we race at about 12:30.

The side and ribs feel a lot better today as I'm to take a full deep breath for the first time since Thursday when I crashed. It still hurts when I make fast movements and cough. I think the lung bruise is what hurts the most. The ribs don't hurt but the lungs are what are killinmg me. But they feel way better today. Later..

Stiff but better.

I got up this morning and I was a little stiff but not as bad as I was yesterday. Still a no go for the racing but I'm going to go to the shop to put the new freewhell on to be ready for anything. I'm a little crazy and may try to race tomorrow if the stiffness is less. Just have to see. going to try to ride a bit laterr to see how I feel. The drugs do make it easier to move so why not try it. Plus I sat with the heating pad that has a messaging unit in it for a hour and that really helped. Just have to see. Jerry is coming ou to watch the racing today also because his daughter spent the night and is meeting us there to pick her up. As I was not going to be able to ride it also allowed Jerry to ride today with the group ride. So it worked out as the kids got to play last night and today.

Russell stopped by and showed me how to post a few links so now as you can see I have a few up and will add more when I get a chance. So if you are not there just give me a little time as I 'm not real fast at that. Going to play later and make the blog a little different also so stay tuned. Time to get to the shop and get the wheel fixed and looked at. Going to have the wheel looked at to make sure that it wasn't the problem that messed up my shit. Later..

Friday, January 27, 2006

No News

I went to the Dr and had xrays taken. They didn't read them while I was there. But it looked like no broken ribs but maybe a few cracks or atleast really bad bruised ribs and lungs. The good is that I got some good pain pills. Vicodin and Valium. I took each right away and will make Russell drive the car to the meeting. I hope that they will make the breathing easier.

Going to take the kids to spin class and then hit the meeting. It should be fun that Cece is spending the night at a friends house and doing some shit with a couple of friends tomorrow. I just hope to be able to get out of the bed in the morning. Will have to see or I may have to call the Boy to pull me out. I may sleep in the chair to make it easier to get up. Have to see how the pain meds work. Have to get the kids ready. Later..


I'm in alot of that today, PAIN. I iced and showered last night got ready for bed and layed down and didn't move all night as the pain wouldn't let me. Surprised enough I got a good night sleep and all. Now this morning was a different story. I tried to roll over and get up out of bed. That was a no go for sure. I had to get Cece to come over and pull me up to get out. Once standing up it wasn't that bad as the moving caused the pain to kind off streach away alittle. In the shower I let the hot water run on the side and it felt a little better. Getting dressed really sucked and had to have Cece put my socks on. Got the coffee in me and it was off to the work meetting this morning. Sitting there made me alittle stiff again and had trouble at times breathing. Once I got out of the meeting I called the Doc and I have a appt today at 3pm to make sure nothing is really messed up. Crossing my fingers to only have bad bruises.

Stopped at the shop on the way past to the office and I picked up a White Industries 18 tooth free wheel. They had one on the shelf and all so now just have to put it on and hope it wasn't the hub that messed my shit up. Got anyone who wants to test the wheel for me? I'm ordering the 16, 17, and 19 for the single speed I think after this happened.

So after this I don't think racing this weekend is a go for me but I will take Nate as he is just flying and ready to go. It will be kind of weird sitting and watching and not racing but I will be back on the BMX bike as soon as the pain is a little less. I kind of move and take deep breaths every now and then to just feel the discomfort. I know I'm messed up but the pain is kind of cool every now and then. Well I'll let you know what the Doc says. Later..

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I hit the dirt at the BMX track tonight. I mean I hit it Mother F'n hard. I had a good gate start and the cranks just spun and I went over the top. I hit the first bump with the right side and I hurt my ribs. My head hit and I seen stars and my left hand is a little swollen. I tried to go back out but the ribs hurt to much. I will ice them and will try to race this weekend. Ron said I may have broken the free wheel. Some of the pul's must be shot. I'm ordering a White Industries free wheel tomorrow and should be good to go next week with that. I will buy a new 18 to get by until then.

Nate is jumping the step up and almost the double. In a week or so he will have it down and the others will have a new force to deal with. Maddie was doing good this week as I didn't go up to help her at all. She still needs to learn to clip in faster so she can get better in the gates. Russell and the Magatron were looking better this week also. Sami and Maddies were doing good again also. Samantha and Little fast girl were doing good also. It was good to see Ron there as he was looking smoother then the weekend. Thanks for the help to all who helped me get up off the ground and load the truck. I will keep you all posted about how hard it will be to get up in the morning. Time to go get new ice. Later..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


That is the funny thing every racers ask themselves at this time of the year, is this enough training for the next year? I think yes I am and the kids are doing more then enough for the next year. As I have always done, I ride the rollers a couple times a week with specific training and doing it for shorter times then 2 plus hours each. I seem to do fine on all the rides and have made the entire Bone ride every year. Again if the rides are amped way up I would get dropped even if I rode 10 hours a day. I have accepted the fact that I will be 42 and with the limits that I work with I'm just happy to be able to ride every day.

Yes it would be great if Nate would be riding the weekend rides with us, but he has just turned 11. He does a few every year and holds his ground in the rides, so that is enough for him for now. Plus with the BMX racing on Sunday and a few on the Sat also I like him to be fresh for the races. So for now no Sat rides for Nate.Nate seems to be holding his own rather well in his age group in WORS with the training that he is doing. Maddie rides but not the same level or mind set that Nate has. She is getting better but it will be a awhile before I even think about pulling her in on a group ride with us. It is good that Maddie is riding at the BMX track as I hope that will help. They work out on the rollers in the basement for about an hour 3 times a week to a specific program also. So being their age I think that is enough for now. As they get older the training will get more intense also.

Now as for Cece if she did any training that would be a good thing. But with her teaching and all she might get a ride in on the bike once every couple of weeks. She could do well in sport if she tried but she won't ride in the off season. For that fact she did not ride her bike once even during the season last year also. She just rode at the races and then not again until the next one. So with her training that is a NOT ENOUGH but it works for her I guess.

There are a couple of other enough's in my world also. Do I have enough money? NO. Do you think you drank enough beer? NO. Do you think you are working enough? YES. The list could go on and on but those are a few enough's for now.

So everyone has their enough at a different level and it plays to where they want to be at the level that they want to play at. I'm happy with my enough because it gives me time to do what else makes our family happy also. Later..

Monday, January 23, 2006

Crapiest day of the year.

I read in the paper this morning that today is the worst day of the year for most of the people. With the holiday season gone and the bills coming in it makes for the worst day. I know the pain as I got the bills from the gifts this past week. We paid for more gifts with cash but we still over spent and that will take a couple of monthly payments to get it back to nothing. Plus now there is no holidays off until Good Friday and Easter. So many a people have a bad time until then.

I have to say driving at work and part of the day is driving in the near south side ghetto you get treated to some great sights. Today's treats were more then the normal day at work. I got to see a fine lady (250 lb plus) standing on the corner with both hands up her ass holding what I think was a big old Krebs in. She either was debating let it fly live with what happens or by forcing 2 fists up her ass that might stop the action. It was a sight as every car was hitting the brakes to see what they might miss. I just laughed and drove on. Next was several cars through out the day driving with flat tires. I mean one was going like 45 and was on the rim and not slowing down a bit. The other 2 cars were just moving and not a care in the world as a string of cars were behind them. I just laughed and drove on. Then the guy that never even looked and just walked off the curb into the road and the cars hit the brakes to not hit him. He just never looked and never broke stride and kept going as the cars honked. It was great. Then there was also the normal funny stuff that I will save to post for you all later.

I love it as I didn't have a crappy day at all. Matter of fact I had a good day and a bunch of laughs that went along with it. I hope that most of you had a good day not a crappy day. Later..

Russells Supermate of the week

I know that Russell has super powers but I think this girl would confuse him. Where do you start on this one?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Awards day

We hit the track today and it was a blast as always. We got a surprise visit from Ron and he was there to race. It was cool to hang with Ron a the track again. He is back from the ankle injury and looking as smooth as always. He needs to push it a hair and then he is back in all the mains again. He just missed our making the main and I'm sure that is because he hasn't raced for a couple of weeks, but I know he will be back soon.

Nate did well as he made the open main and placed 4th against mainly the 11-12 yr old experts. I know if he hit the gas through turn one it would be a different story and he would be in the top 3 for sure. In his age he just got edged out for the win and took 2nd. Again he could have won but I think he knows what he needs to do to win. The same guy pushes on him and I think Nate knows he needs to keep the needle down and he will win. All I have to say to the other racers watch out as he is getting better each race.

I took a 3rd in my cruiser race and it was a harder race then in past weeks. I had to move down to the faster age group as Bryan the winner every week was in Florida racing the Gator Nationals where he won both of his races. That guy is smoking fast and a great racer. I had to pull the secret track racing skills out to pass in the corners. I didn't hit the gate start as well as I hoped and was 5th or 6th going in the first turn. A tiny hole opened up and I hit the gas and went for it and was 3rd over the first table after turn one. In the 2nd turn I hit the gas in the apex and hoped it would stick it did. In the rhythm John was getting close on the outside but I pushed myself higher in turn 3 and forced him to hit the brakes. I pedaled over the last table and came in 3rd. I was happy for that finish with the group I had to race.

Little Sam is really getting the skills down. He finished like 4th or 5th in the open again. There was 18 kids in that open. They had 3 semi finals before he finally made the main. I would have been tied by then foe sure. In his age he won again by a straight away again. He is looking real good and getting better each week. Way to go Sam.

Tonight we went to the Cross banquet as Nate had to get his 3rd overall award for the year. He did well and I thank Russell and Pat for taking him to a couple of races as I had other things and they were great for that. He got a real cool trophy as did Pat 3rd also( maybe Pat can take a picture and post as I'm still not that far with posting pictues). Russell came to see about 200 pictures of himself in the video. Also Samantha, Kattie and Patrica our 3 national champs were there. It was a cool day today as Nate did well and seeing all the others that did well also. Later..


Yea I'm not going to be out done by the little kids at the track today. Many of them little kids have mad skills and leave me in their dust. Well I hope not today. Pat this is how I feel when they blow past me. Later..

Saturday, January 21, 2006

In House Gym

I lifted weights in the basement to not have to look at the sights that Russell's chases at the gym. I know he goes there in search of these called camel toes as the one in the picture above. I prefer to lift at home and not see these such things. I could not pay a place to work out that allows such things to happen in the presence of others. Of course they would say that about my leg and backside also, but I still wouldn't pay to workout at a gym when I can do it at home.

I did not meet with Russell this morning for a ride as there was 6 inches of snow on the ground. I called him he didn't answer but I wasn't going as I figured he would still ride just because he could. Nothing to prove here as I will spin in the basement later as I'm BMX'n tomorrow and don't want to be all stiff and cold from a ride in the snow. So join the Goat and come and watch some fun BMX racing at the Walworth BMX track. www.walworthbmx.com It is easy to get to and we are there at about 10 am for practice gates and the racing starts about 12:30 pm. See you there.

Got the shovling done and now the kids are out there messing up the clean side walks as I speak. I will have them clean up the side walks before they come in. I only hear a few screams so they must be behaving as the back door isn't flying open with cries of Nate is doing this and Maddie is doing that. That should last about another 5 minutes.

Tonight Cece and I are going out for dinner as it is our 12th wedding anniversary tomorrow. WOW it has been 12 years with 3 kids and a great time for the 2 of us. Ceces mother is coming up to watch the kids while we go out for dinner so that is nice. We haven't deciced where to go for dinner yet but it won't be a sushi bar or anything. I like sushi but not enough to celebrate our anniversary eating it. We will try a place in the area that we haven't been to yet as there are a few new places. Well nothing else new. Later..

Friday, January 20, 2006

Looking 4 something to do.

Just looking for something to do as I took a vacation day today to spend it with the kids as they are off. It is parent teacher conferences and we don't have to go in and talk to any of the teachers. The kids are doing well in school and the teachers said that they behave and are getting good grades. It was nice to sleep in and kind off just sit around for a little. But as usual right now Nate is getting Jessica all goofy and I had to bif him one to get him to stop. Any one what a kid? Just kidding he is all right but doesn't know when to stop every now and then ( thanks Russell) . I know where he gets it from as he hangs with a few of my friends and they get him going and don't stop until I hit them also.

We went to bmx practice last night with The Boy and Russell. We loaded the loser cruiser with the bikes and hit the road in fine fashion. We got there and then Bubba, Magan and Randy arrived. We brought one of The Boys extra bikes for Magan to try to see if see liked it. She picked it up pretty quick and was doing fine by the end of the night. She only hit the deck once I think and almost or maybe fell out of the gate once. I think that she will be coming out there every week and maybe racing soon. The Boy is beginning to do manuals in the rhythm section and jumping the step ups. He is getting faster and I can't keep up anymore with him out of the gates or on the track. I'm glad that he is enjoying it and doing so well. Little Sam J. Is getting faster every week and Maddie J. Is looking better each practice also. As always Samantha is fast and Skyler is getting faster every week. Even Russell is looking better each week believe it or not. Come out and check it out as bmx is a blast for the kids and fun for us parents.

Last night on the way home from bmx practice we stopped for some wings at BW3's. We ordered 50 wings and the 3 of us put them all in the grave with no problem. We did the trivia thing and missed the first round and I don't think it mattered as Russell proceded to win the next round and at the end he placed 2nd for the night. Now I know that the melon of his is full of a lot of useless shit as it was no match for most of the others playing. I did all right as placed like 4th at the end with the help from Russell in a lot of the questions. I don't know that much use less shit but I had a few right with out any help.

Well off to the bike store and then home for a workout. Later..

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Going to the barn

All I did was lift weights today. My parents drove down from Rhinelander to pick up a glass block window and run some errands. We ate dinner together and then they hit the road back to Rhinelander. They are a little crazy but needed to get things done and get back. Tomorrow we are going to the BMX track for some gate practice. Here is a picture that shows the gates at the barn. Come out and check it out of you have a chance as it is a blast to do and watch. Thursday practice is from 5-7pm and then on Sunday you get to practice from 10am-12:30pm and racing asap after that. Later..

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Secret Training

I have been spending about the same amount of training in the saddle as this guy is. With the swap meet and the BMX racing just haven't had the time to train. Nothing else is new. We are going to the BMX gate practice and racing BMX over the weekend. May try to go to the ride on Saturday, just have to see what is happening. Later..

Monday, January 16, 2006

A car for Jim

This is a skud car that can be seen in Jim's area.

Russell's Supermate of the week.

I think I found our super hero Russell's mate. I think even with all the powers that he has this gal would have the upper hand. We all know that Russell has the powers but this chick would pick him up and toss his around like the jr.'s do on the track. I will be posting a gal of the week until we find Russell's Supermate.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Today The Boy and I went to the BMX races. Nate was tired and thinking that it would be a great day not to go. We got home from the party at about 10:30 and they went right to bed. I let Nate sleep until he got up so I figured he had enough sleep. Well we ate and headed out to the races anyways. We got there to do the open gates and then got a fair amount in the age and class gates. In the practice gates he was flying and I knew if he hit it he would be doing just fine. Nate raced the age and open today and we left his cruiser in the basement so he only had to race the 20 for once. He made the main in the open against a stacked all expert field, there was 12 guys and he placed 6th. He had a fun 1st moto in age as he got a great gate start and then backed off a little and let the kid who has been beating him by. Nate pushed him him all the way through the moto and the kid hit the deck out off turn 3 to try to not the Nate by. Why I don't know because Nate wasn't going to go by as they were taking the top 2 and they were way in front. So Nate takes a first and that kid has to race another moto to make it, he does making a great main. Nate myself and Dave talked to Nate about just hitting the gate and never looking back. Well in the main he does just that and blows the entire field away. He was finishing as the others were coming out of turn 3. So Nate has his first Intermediate win and the others I think have a lot to worry about as I think Nate is going to be winning a lot more often soon.

I raced today also and took 2nd and had to fight every inch of it. In the first moto I was a little off and had to do the low high in turn one to get past John. I did and was sitting good and then I hit the rhythm area and that's when it fell apart. I don't know what happened but I got all messed up and almost lost it. John caught up and went past right before turn 3, so then I hit the gas and got by him and took a 2nd. In the next moto I got in 2nd and then I lost my mind for a bit and let up for a second and then John got by into turn 2 and I tried to get by him in turn 3 not happening without a mess so that left us tied for the main. I got my best gate start of the day and was right behind Bryan and took 2nd for the day.

Skyler was there today and took a hard and smart fought 1st place. She had to pull a good gate and then hit it and she is way smoother the Chyane. She did that took the 1st in grand fashion. Skyler is getting real fast and her skills are looking great. Samantha didn't race today as she did a road ride.

Tomorrow is a off day at work to celebrate Martin Luther Kings day so maybe Cece and I will go out for lunch as the kids are in school and get some chores done. We have some things to get done so it will be a good day to do those chores. I may even try to get a road ride in, just have to see. Have to go as Cece needs to type some school stuff. Later..

Saturday, January 14, 2006


The boy and I hit the road at 7:15 and picked up Joe in route to Madison. We got to the swap meet at about 8:15. We were the first in line to enter the swap meet. As we were waiting we got to see a lot of the guys that I haven't seen since the race season ended. We got to talk to the boss man himself Don for a while and then Scott Cole sat and talked to us until we went in. As we went in I was looking to get a BMX helmet for Maddie but John was not there this year so I will have Russell maybe order me one. As we were going I got a few of the things that I had on the list. I got 3 pair of Look pedals for the spin classes and a pair of Time for the mtn bike as I took a set off for the BMX bike. I got a freestyle helmet for Nate and a pair of BMX pants for him also. I found 2 pair of XTR V brakes one for the single speed and Nates new BMX bike. I also got 2 watches for a few bucks also. So in the end I was able to get a few things I needed cheap so it was worth the trip.

Tonight I have a party to go to down the block so that should be fun. Then tomorrow it is off to the BMX races. Time to eart and get ready. Later..

Friday, January 13, 2006


Why do I enjoy the bike? I was sitting and thinking why do I ride and race the bike. I enjoy the time with the family the most and the time that I get to ride with my friends and the last is the racing. I really enjoy seeing the kids on the bikes. Like last night watching Nate get better each week at the bmx track. He is really handling the bike well and I think that he will only get better and have the other kids chasing him in expert in no time. Then watching Maddie who is at times a struggle to get to ride liking the bmx riding. She fell yesterday and got back up and didn't even want to stop riding. She is getting better each week and I hope that she sticks with it. Maybe we will see her race yet. Then I like to see the other kids, Sam as he is like 5 and doing really good this year. Then Maddie who also fell a few times but is right back out there. Skyler who just rides fast and looking real good again this year. Then there is Samantha who is just plain old fast on everything that she has to pedal. I have seen her riding from when she was little and she is going to go some where with her skills. This is the best part of being around the bike.

As for riding with my friends I enjoy it because of they keep it all in perspective. The different abilities helps us all work together and most time respect the differences. Some times we do let the fast ones know that they are fast and the slow ones that is the fact also. But in all I couldn't train and race with out the friends that make it a purpose to do.

The reason I ride is because I enjoy the pain and the drain that the bike causes. I can't get the same feeling from doing any other sport or game. I ride to keep my mangled body in shape and to have a reason to get up everyday. My family will always come first but the bike will go infront of many other things that others don't understand or refuse to. My family is very understanding and will plan family gatherings around the races that our family does, so they have come to accept that we will racing then doing the family thing. As it goes I don't need to ride I have to as it keeps me sane and happy. Not that I have to ride long hours or 1oo's of miles at a time, but just to be on the bike. That's all. I love it and hope to keep doing it.

I could go on for ever and if I was DIHAF I probably would. But I have more reasons to ride then I have reasons not to ride. So ride on and and enjoy it any way that makes you happy.

As for the BMX riding at the barn everyone is getting smoother and faster. Dan missed it because he hit the deck last week and his wrist is goofed up but the rest were there messin with each other. Swap meet tomorrow and then the races on Sun. Will let you know about the shit I buy there tomorrow. Later..

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Not a thing new. Went to the WORBA meeting and got some info about the next year. BMX track looking closer and maybe a go in the Crystal Ridge area. Also WEMS is thinking making a State Championship for the Single Speeders. More info on that later I guess, maybe at the Blue Mounds race is when it would be. Trails in the Milw. area may become legal trails after 30 plus years of just being there. Come to next meeting for more complete updates.

Going to the BMX track tomorrow and then the Swap meet Sat. New plans for the Christmas tree for next year. Nothing else. Later..

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Racing BMX

Today I didn't know how the legs would be after riding yesterday. I knew that the effects wouldn't be that bad but they could be a little sluggish. They weren't that bad and I was doing alright. I had a total pointer and as always had to do a fancy passing in turn 1. I got good starts but I think I'm bumping to a 39 tooth front to spin a little more to get a better starts as I'm there but just getting it going into the turn. I took a 2nd in the first 2 moto's so in the main I knew Bryan would win so I was not worried and rode it out for the 2nd overall in the end.

Nate took the long day today as he raced age, open and cruiser. He just missed making the mains in the open and cruiser. He had great starts and was not finishing the moves into turn 1 and a couple of racers got past and then he missed the mains. He took 2nd in his age final. He had a couple of awesome moves and he could have maybe got a 1st today but it is his 2nd race as a Intermediate. He is getting better each week and I think in a few weeks the results will be different.

Little Sam "The Rocket " Janisch was racing great today. He made the open main and I think got like a 4th or 5th. In his age final he took another 1st. Way to go Sam.

Props to the Goat for coming and watching the races today. He sat in turn 2 and got to see some great bike handling. His little star was at a meet in the area so he was able to sneak away to catch some of the racing. Also Marty "the Beer Man" was there with the person from Milw. County parks. That is cool because Milw. parks want to put a BMX park in Milw. county some where. So thanks to the new spectators this week as it always nice to see others checking out BMX racing. Nothing else new so time to sit and relax for a minute and read the paper. Later..

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday Ride

The Saturday ride has started for the New Year. This guy was yelling where is Randy? The ride was a good pace with a few faster moments which felt good. We had a group of about 20 and if you wanted to hide there were plenty of spaces for you to fill in. We only had a couple of flats that John got and Russell had to fix the first one. Then John then got another flat at the end of the ride and I went back to get him as we didn't fell like waiting with 4 miles to go. It worked out good as he bought a bagel sami for lunch. If anyone is interested the rides will be Sat at 9 at the Hales Corners Wheel in the back parking lot. This is a good time to come on the ride as we generally have a do not drop anyone code going. There is not a ride next week as most of us are going to the swap meet. You can ride if you want but you may be by yourself or a small group may be there if you show.

Tomororw Nate and I are going to the bmx races. I'm looking forward to the races and hoping to do well again. Nate is doing the age, open and cruiser. I was going to ask Maddie to come watch to try to get her to more interested but she wants to stay home. So no pressure just happy that she is riding the bmx bike on Thursday nights. If anyone wants to watch some cool racing it is at the Walworth fair grounds on HWY 11 in Elkhorn. The gate practice is from 10am till 12:30 and racing starts soon after that. So if not busy try to come some weekend.

Nothing else going on so time to go pick up 4 bins of Polly Pocket junk. The only good thing is if you step on the stuff it is soft and you don't hurt your feet. Later..

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Boy

Here are a few pictures of The Boy racing at the track. Any of you that want to get some good spin in those legs come down and try the track. You will get the chance to race Russell and in a few years The Boy. It is a fun way to spend a nice warm summer night. If nothing else come and watch as the racing is Tuesday night at 7pm. I runs from the 2nd week of May thru the end of Aug. So go to the swap meet 1/14 and buy a track bike and come on down

Summer 05

I can't wait for the summer to come so I can start racing the WORS races again. I really hope that I can get a race or 2 like the Sunburst just to have a little extra fun tossed in. I'm hoping that the family can take off from where they ended and make gains in each new class and race.

Busting gates

Last night we loaded up the family truckster with Mad dog, Little Dog, Nate, Russell, and myself and hit the practice at the barn. It was Maddie's first full day of practice at the bmx track. She was doing real good and enjoyed riding her bmx bike. She does need to learn some of the basic skills like not sitting over the step up's and rythm area. She will learn the hard way one of these times as she will fly over the handle bars and that will teach here. Plus Russell moved her seat all the way down so she can't sit and pedal, that seemed to help. She did say that she was sore this morning from riding last night.

Nate was flying and begining to hit jumps at full speed and not slowing down at all. He is also begining to manual over a few of the areas and now is keeping up with many of the experts. I think he will be placing high in his age class this year in most of his races. He looks way faster and better each week.

Russell is looking better and soon may have enough skills to get the bike off the ground a few inches at times. He is looking smoother each practice and is getting faster believe it or not. The good thing is that he is finishing on the same straight in many of the gates he takes. Maybe we can get him to race here one of these weeks.

I felt good and was hitting the gates better and hope to race well this weekend again. Danny and Samantha were in the same gate as me and in turn one Samantha and Danny got tied up and Samantha put him on the ground. I looked back and Samantha had a smile on her face and Danny was alright but hung it up after that as his wrist was sore. Little Sammy was looking good and Maddie was doing well also. And like always Ray was smooth and looking ready to race. I hope he races one of these weekends.

I'm hoping to try to get on one of the rides this weekend. I'm debating wether to go one the ride in Kenosha with the Goat and the guys or to ride with the gang in Hales Corners. I will see what the family plans are and go from there. Then on Sunday it is race time at the barn again. Later..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day off

Well not really I went back to work after 11 days off. I liked the days off but being at work was a nice change again. I did take a day off the bike today and only lifted weights. It was the first day off the bike in a week plus. The break will feel good. We are gong to the bmx practice on Thursday and it will be cool as Maddie will be practicing the entire night for the first time. It should be cool. Nothing else new except that I changed the format of the blog. Later..

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy BMX New Year

Well we went to the race in Hobart Indiana. We loaded the Excursion with 6 bikes and headed out. The kids (Nate, Samantha, Skyler and Russell) watched a movie while Dave took care of handing me the toll money(thank you Russell for the coins). We left at 6:45 to make sure we got there in time for some gates. We got there with 2 plus hours of gates. At midnight the action started and it was fun. When the dust settled and a few of us picked ourselves up off the ground and it was a good night. Nate took 2nd in age, 2nd in cruiser and made the main in open. I took 3rd in cruiser. Samantha took first in cruiser. Skyler took 3rd in age. Russell took 3rd in cruiser in his first bmx racing. Props to all as everyone brought home some hardware. We got home at 4:15am and I put the clothes in the washer, cleaned up and hit the sack.

Got up dried the clothes at 8:30 and got some food in me. Got the Boy up feed him and got the truck repacked and headed to Walworth for another fun packed day of bmx racing. Nate only wanted to race age and not the open or the cruiser. Fine with me. He raced the first moto and the guy next to him hits the dirt. Nate had to hit the brakes and had to ride the next moto to make the main. In the next moto he took the hole shot and the same guy who crashed before tried to take Nate down again. They brushed elbows again and Nate pushed off and made the main. In the main Nate finished 3rd and did a great job. I had to ride 2 motos to make the main. I finished 2nd in the main out of 5. I felt way better and I think I'm more comfortable racing each week. My starts are better and I'm riding a lot smoother each race.

Sorry I missed the ride yesterday but with the driving and racing I wanted to get rest and not be tired. I will try to make some of the other Saturday rides in the next couple of weeks. I hope that all of you didn't drink to much last night and had a good night. Time to read the paper and relax. Later..