Saturday, March 31, 2007

Damn Rain

Today I left for the ride this morning and it was partly sunny. Then we rolled out and the rain began to fall and by the time we were at about 45 minutes in it started to really come down. A few of us took a shortened route and others went on. I hate riding in the rain and by the time we got back my fingers were so frozen I couldn't unbuckle my helmet or get my keys unpinned from my jersey. Got the fingers warmed up and then got things going and went home. I then took the bike apart and cleaned it up. I have to remind myself to ride the bad weather bike.

I just got Nate's authorization printed off the USA cycling site so now I don't have to pay for the 1 day tomorrow at the race. If it is raining though we won't head up to the race as he doesn't want to race in the rain and I don't want to drive and wait in the rain as he races. There will be many other races so no racing in the rain in 30 degree weather. He is ready for the race and wants to race just not in the rain. Time to go and get ready to go out for some pizza. Later..

Oh Yea check this out.. Not to start another feud but here are some numbers to check out.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Today the punks were off so Nate went to a class mates house and spent the night that left me with 2/3's the trouble. That was nice as the girls went to bed and weren't bothered before hand. He is still there and they are going out for a fish fry and watching a movie. The other 2 punks are still here so it is not real quite but better then the 3 getting in each others face. Tomorrow if no rain going to try to get about 80 plus in. Going to ride to the ride and then go for a ride with Nate and Maddie after. Now it is time to get ready adn figure out what to eat tonight, it is Lent so no meat for us Catholics. Later..

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Here are some pictures of the kids training. On Tuesday we loaded the bikes and went to train with the Jrs at Pets. They were doing hill repeats and a little spin after to cool down. The kids are looking good and I think the results in the races will show from their hard work. Yesterday was a easy spin on the rollers and spin bike to keep the legs fresh. Then today was the Thursday beat down and Nate went along again and rode great the entire ride. We will have to see what I can fit in the next couple of days as Nate is going to race again on Sunday in the WCA race. Have go drop Nate off at a friends as they are off tomorrow. Later..

What Up?

Is there something this guy isn't telling us?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Run, Run, Run

Just been doing some things to get the house in order. We got the new bedroom stuff in and all is set up and it looks great. Had the dude come in and we are going to have the house sided and new windows and doors put in. So the 2 things that were started are now ready and done. Now it is time to get the training fine tuned. We went to Kenosha yesterday and did a workout with the Jr Mars team. The kids are really working hard and I hope that they can transfer that into some awesome results this race season. Going to do a nice recovery ride tonight and then hopefully the rain will go away and we can have Nate do the Thursday group ride again. Time to get to work. Later..

Monday, March 26, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the week

Although a tad unsightly Russell likes to get his whisker rubs. She has a more full beard then most guys (Randy). Maybe she is hitting the Testosterone to keep up with Russell on the bike.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kids from MARS

Here is a picture of the Jr kids for the MARS team. I'm thinking that these 4 kids are going to be having a lot of fun and will be doing well in the races that they do this year. At the Parkside races this year Maddie was able to get a 3rd in both of her races that she did. Mitch got a 5th in the 1st race, Gage took a 5th and Nate got a 2nd place today. Each kid did their best and are racing well. I think after a few rides and races together they will have some more good results. Way to go kids and I can't wait for the season to start. After the Parkside races we again took off to the bmx races. Nate took a 3rd in age today but he was racing the 13 year olds and got messed up in turn 1 so it cost him a 2nd place. I took a 3rd again. Kenny took another 2nd and Josh took a 3rd. The season is done for the indoors and now time for some road racing and then some mtn biking with some bmx and track tossed in. Time to relax and read the paper. Later..

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Double stack

Today was the Sat Wind Lake ride. It was nice to ride outside again even though it was a damp and the roads were wet. The group was smallish but a nice group that worked well. It was a steady not drop the hammer except for a small time on Old Lomis Rd that it picked up for about 2 miles. Marty made the ride today for the first time. I think he will make a few more I hope. We ended up with I think about 35 miles or something.
After the morning ride I went home and I got a quick bite and Nate and I went out for a nice 18 mile spin. I'm hoping that he is a little more into the road race tomorrow. I think that Nate, Mitch or Gage can take one of these if they just ride up to their abilities. After the race in the morning it is off to the bmx races for the last Sunday for a while. Also the kits are in for the Punks and they are looking forward to racing in them tomorrow. Can't wait to see them. Time to get a few bikes and bags ready. Later..

Friday, March 23, 2007

Back down under

Got home after picking the kids up and it was just beginning to drizzle out. So back to the basement we went for a workout. I know that the weather is always unpredictable so riding down stairs is always the back up plan. The only thing is that we got out for rides on the weekends in the years past. But this year there hasn't been that many over the weekends that the temps were good. So I'm used to sitting in the basement on the rollers behind the punks. That way I can watch them and correct any from that begins to go away during the training. Tomorrow is the wheel ride and if it is not raining I will go on it no matter what. I was thinking of taking Nate but he is racing at Parkside in the morning and at the bmx track again on Sunday. Of course if it is raining Nate won't race at Parkside. It is also the last race at the bmx track for the winter season so that will be nice to free up the Sundays again Jake was saying that the track in Rockford will be open next weekend if the weather is good during the week but I don't think we will go for to many early. We will hit the track a couple of times before Nationals though. Time to go and relax in the new chair. Later..

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beat Down

Today was the first group ride for me and well in that case the first for Nate this year also. Because of the weather and the bmx racing we have not made any of the rides. The saving grace is that we have been riding steady in the basement so we were able hang in. Nate was not having to much of a problem until the long big hill left a gap and the others rode off and left us. Russell and Danny stayed back with Nate and I so that was nice. I sat at the front for a while and then Russ went around and pulled us back as I pushed Nate a time or 2 to keep him on Russ's wheel. At the end we had a 20 mph average and 30 miles in. A good starter ride for Nate and many to come this summer to get him ready for the season. I hope he learned today and stays on the wheels Sunday and has a better race at Parkside. I think he can do well and should be finishing better then he has the last couple. I got a new camera and here is the first picture with it. Later..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I wish the rain would go away as I need some more of this as I have only been outside on my bike once this year so far. I wish that I had some more time after work to get out but right now I have a bunch of school board meetings and other things taking up my time. I still get on the rollers but I need some time in the saddle outside. Also Cece has had meetings after school so that has made it a little difficult to. I will be hooking up the trail a bike and pulling Jessica with me for training so that should help the burn. When we go to the jr practice I'm going to make The Goat pull her up the hills and when he pops each kid can take a pull to. Time to get something to eat and run to my meeting. Later..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Downhill fast

Today went down hill right from the start. I had to drive to the hood again and there was more adventures. Of course the right lane drivers, red light runners but no accident today. There was the new sights of cars with 4 different color doors and side panels, cars running on spares, cars that have more rust and dents being washed and polished at 11 in the morning. I thought when I seen the plate Sugs, I would be passing Rob. NOT... it was a nice fat lady more in the shade of brown sugar not cane sugar. I did see more ghetto diamonds today as the sun was shinning off all the broken glass in the parking lanes. After the meeting it went from bad to worse. I checked the e-mails and got the one that said I have a school board meeting tonight. Not a planned one but one that was called together, so I have to go to it as I'm the President. That meant I couldn't take the kids to the ride at Pets with the jr team and really make it back in time. That sucked. We did a work out in the basement and the kids pushed it hard. I'm going to take Nate on the beat down Thursday and maybe on Sat also. Time to eat and run. Later..

Monday, March 19, 2007

Russells supermate of the Week

After Russell's big old trip down south, Russell and his honey sat a shared a cake. She was said to have let him lick the fork.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another double

Today we were short one rider as Maddie was a little under the weather and didn't go to Parkside with us. So it was only Nate and I making the trip today for the road race. We got there with time to spare and got ready with his other teammates. The race was shortened to 8 miles today as they wanted to split the jr's as last week the groups got lapped and a couple of the younger guys jumped in with the older kids. Well it stayed together today and Nate got a side stitch and got tossed out the back like Randy on beat down ride. He finished in 8th place. Gage had a great race today as he was in the final sprint and took 5th. He is coming along nice and once he learns a few things he will do fine. Mitch got boxed in and finished in 6th place I think. We loaded the bike on top and took off for the bmx track to finish off the day. Nate was on his game and took another first place today in age. I think he just needs 6 more wins and then he moves up to expert. I had a tough group again and just missed the main after bumping with Rich all the way from turn 2 through turn 3. Maybe next week I'll get to the main again as it is the last day of racing at the barn for the year. I got home and had to do a workout so I hit the spin bike for a while. Kenny looked good and took a 2nd today and Josh missed his mains and was just a little disappointed to say the least. Time to finish watching Bad Santa. Later..

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Today I'm feeling like Randy does almost every day LAZY. After drinking whiskey and beer at Steve's last night I'm lazy today and I haven't felt like getting on the bike. I did get the fridge and take it to my Grandma's place, she was happy to put her non-alcohol beer in it. Nate and I sat and visited with Grandma for a couple of hours so that was nice. Got home I did go in the basement and get the stuff ready for the races tomorrow. Then I lifted weights but I just looked at the bike and still haven't got on it for a ride. we are going to take the girls over to a friends for a sleep over so maybe I will try to get on the bike a little later yet. Tomorrow is another race at Parkside in the morning for the kids and then run to the bmx track for the races in the barn. Only 2 more races at the barn and then the outdoor season starts in a few weeks. This will give us a few weeks that we don't have any races so it will be time to get in a couple of long rides in. So no riding today doesn't hurt and I gives some time to get the evil alcohol to get out of the blood. Later..

Friday, March 16, 2007

Green stuff

Going to Steve's for the St Pat's party. We have been getting together to have some of his famous corned beef and cabbage for about 12 plus years. We drink some shots of cheap I mean Randy cheap whiskey and have a bunch of beer. If any one is standing after the shots and beer we have known to hit a few bars after. Hopefully none of us are is this shape but it has happened in the past. May try to get to the group ride tomorrow but I will have to see how I'm doing after today. Later..

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Riding in the hood

For the 2nd time this week I had to drive in the hood. I'm really amazed every time that I drive over there to what I get to see. The last 2 times I was witness to a few truly amazing things and here is the list of crap. A few punks that should be in school smoking a blunt loaded with dope on a bus stop as cars drive past. A few other punks just standing in a lane of traffic looking for the bus but yet blocking cars and not getting out of the way once the cars drove up. The cars had to wait and go around in the other lane. Cars blowing through the red lights and almost hitting cars that just got the green light. 2 lanes at the light and 3 cars lined up at a red light. Then it was a drag race to get to the single lane on the other side, almost a 3 car pile up but 2 cars hit the brakes. Going over the bridge on 76th and Florist to Mill road a car is going about 70 in a 35 past me on the right and a lady cuts across to the car wash and this guy T-Bones her. I drive by a laugh as the guy was test driving the car as the price and dealer plates were still on it. I think the cars were totaled as they were a mess. I don't think that a person drives the speed limit as every car and bus is going at least 20 over the limit. And there is nothing but garbage and broken glass every where. It is really a eye opener every time I go into the hood and I forget how laid back it is on the Southside, I'll keep it any day.

Today I decided that the weather and wind were to crappy to go on the group ride. Also Nate is not quite over his cold. So after I picked the punks up I stopped and bought 2 nice end tables from a store going out of business down the block from the house. The tables look nice next to my chair. When we got home Nate had a ton of home work and Maddie is still feeling under the weather so I went hit the rollers by myself for a workout. Tomorrow I will have Cece get the kids to do a workout as I'm heading to Steve's for the St Pat's party. Maybe I can fit in a short workout with the kids before I leave to the party. Time to go and sit in my new hair by the new tables. Later..

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sick kids and a full plate

I have a few kids that are under the weather and today Cece took Maddie to the Dr. She just has a sore throat. We were thinking that she may have had strep throat again and that would have really sucked and set her back a few weeks. Nate is getting over a slight cold that was really bad starting last Thursday and over the weekend so I was really glad to see him rise to the occasion and race as great as he did. He never gives up and raced all weekend and was really feeling crappy on top of it all. Jessica has had a runny nose for a week or so now and we have been getting her to bed earlier to help her get over her cold. I had the cold a few weeks ago so I hope that it stays away for now. Cece had a start of it a while back but it never went full speed ahead on her. With this crud going through the family now I hope that well be the end for us and the spring and summer will be cold free.

We have been doing some of the planning for the summer and besides the WORS races we are looking at a few other things to fill the plate. We are planning the trip to the NORBA Nationals at Mt Snow, Vt. this year. Also we are planning on doing the BMX Rockford Nationals again. Also this year Nate is trying to get into the Short and Fat and if he does I will do the race with him. Also the usual a few WEMS races, the bmx track, the CR races and the track in Kenosha a few times. Also we may try to put a Jr team together for the 24 hour race. So if somehow we can fit all this in and get up north for a couple of weeks the summer looks full. Time to see if any thing else can ft on the plate. Later..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3 punks on a bike

Today after work I got the bikes out and hooked up the trail along to the single speed. I always ride the single speed as it limits me on riding away from the punks. Well pulling Jessie and then being on the single speed it was letting Nate ride away from me and I was just on the edge of going into the hurt locker. I just bounced close a few times but never open the door. I may have to start hooking it up to the regular geared bike now on. Plus I need to get Jessica to pedal a little more so I'm not just pulling 40 pounds behind me, although she is a great training tool. Nate was riding a nice tempo for the most part but he was dropping Maddie a few times and I had to tell her to pedal harder to stay on the wheel. Maddie was riding great today and looking better then I expected. She was keeping up and looking smooth compared to how she was riding last year. Nate and I were teaching her about riding in the draft and trying to stay on a wheel so I hope she can try a group ride later in the spring or summer. Hell if Randy can I know Maddie can stay in a ride. With no bmx practice any more Thursdays will seem so boring so I will have to take The Boy to the beat downs to get him ready for the sport races this year. See you at the Hales Corners Wheel and Sprocket for the Thursday ride as the first couple will start at 5pm. Time to go lift weights. Later..

Monday, March 12, 2007

Russell's supermate of the week

Russell has been thinking of taking his new supermate on the road . He is trying to have put on shows doing the splits. Anything to make the rent I guess. She sure has talent.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


All I have done is run to the bmx track and come home and sleep and repeat, not that I'm complaining. Yesterday was a long day as I went visit my Grandma and then to the races right after that. Nate took a first place yesterday and didn't miss a moto this time. He did make it exciting to watch his main as he clipped out in the second double but got back in and then the guy was coming up on his left and Nate pushed him into the wall hard, but he got up and looked ok. I made the main and took a 5th and missed the main for the BS open by a place. Ray also just missed the BS main and I think took a 2nd or 3rd in his age main. Kenny made his main and took a 3rd I think. Then we loaded up the truck and drove through the 2 feet of mud and got it home. Nate got cleaned up hit the sack and I got the stuff ready for the Park side race and went to bed.

Today I got up early and got the rest of the stuff ready and Cece got some good old oatmeal ready for the Punks and I before we left for the race. Got the truck loaded with road bikes and bmx bikes. Left and went to the races at Park side. Got there and Jeremy and Gage pulled in right behind us. We got the kids dressed and signed up for the races and by then Mitch got there. Maddie got to the line and went off. I told her to try to stick to the front and she did and a few kids stayed with her. As she pulled off she was dropped and then had to ride the rest by her self. She was lapped right before the finish so she finished 1 lap down and in 3rd place. It was a good race for her and I' m proud of her racing today. Nate, Mitch and Gage went off next. There was a few kids that went off the front and Nate, Mitch and Gage stayed with the other group. It stayed that way until the last straight away and Mitch got 4th place and Nate took 6th and Gage took a 8th place. They all looked good and maybe a few rides and races together they will be ready to work others over. We loaded the truck and hit the bmx track. We got there and Nate was able to get a age and cruiser practice to loosen his legs up. I got a age and cruiser in also before the motos started. Nate took the 1st place today with a few real good races in the first 2 motos. His won the first moto by a bike throw at the line and the 2nd by a great low high in turn 3. In the main he just rode away from the others. I missed the main today, I was in but a guy got under me in turn 2 and I tapped the brakes. I got to sit and watch. Kenny did well and took a 2nd place today. Way to go guys. Time to go and sit in mt nice ass chair. Later..

Friday, March 09, 2007

1 down 2 to go

Today at the bmx races it was a lower turn out of 38 moto's. But wait until tomorrow and Sunday it will be packed in there. Nate took a couple of 2nd place finished tonight. He missed a moto in his age class race. He kind of just forgot about it, if he would have won the final moto he still would have won but he is sick and just rode into a 2nd. His cruiser was a good race but he had gate 7 in the main and couldn't get past one guy and took 2nd. I took a 3rd again today and my class is so close that into the 1st and 2nd turn the races are any ones to win, so maybe I'll pull one out yet. Kenny went down in turn 3 and missed the main and Josh got a 3rd place finish today. Tomorrow is the race for a Life and the BS Open so it should be a packed house as there is Money and great swag on the line. I'm going to bed now. Later..

Thursday, March 08, 2007

3 days in the barn

This weekend we are going to be living at the barn. There is racing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is the Redline cup and the BS open this weekend so it may make a ton of moto's every day. It should be crowded as hell and no where to walk all weekend long making it a long day at the races. Also the parking lot should be so muddy that I bet that there will be a few cars stuck in the mud and snow all weekend long. I'll get there early each day and get a good spot that I won't get stuck in trying to leave after the races. Sunday the Punks and I are going to the Parkside races and then right to the bmx races so it will be a long day Sunday for them. I think that they should do ok at the road races but I think Nate be tired at the bmx later. Just have to see how his training has helped him. Time to get a few kids onto bed. Later..

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Future racer in training

Here is Jessica working on her balance and jumping on a mini trampoline in the basement. She comes down and jumps on that thing almost the entire time that we are riding. She will have some strong legs and big calves after a winter of jumping. Maybe this summer we can get her riding steady and have her do a few of the kids races at the WORS. See you at the LAST gate practice tomorrow. Time to get in my chair. Later..

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ya wonder why?

Hey Randy if you are wondering why these 11 and 12 year old kids are always riding away from you? This maybe why. They are riding the rollers and spin bike for their training and when the weather gets better they will be hitting the pavement and getting ready to drop you going up the hills and taking your pulls at the front. The punks and I have been putting time on the saddle in the basement on our rollers and spin bike. It hasn't been fun but it is better then nothing.
The Parkside races start this weekend and it should be interesting to see how that goes with everyone having to get their time on their bikes mostly on the trainers. Also better get there on time as the clocks are set an hour ahead this weekend and I bet there will be a few idiots that forget as it is 3 weeks early this year. Also we have 3 days of racing at the bmx track so our plate is over flowing this weekend. Oh yeah we also have the last gate practice this Thursday also. Time to plop my ass in my recliner (Randy training). Later..

Monday, March 05, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

This is Russell's girl yelling to him to wait as he forgot his toe warmers. She was concerned that with all his riding in the cold that his toes would get cold. Keep those toes warm Russell as your lady doesn't like cold toes rubbed on her back.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bust'n the barn

We hit the track today for some racing after a week off do to the snow last weekend. It was a pretty good turn out as there was over 55 moto's and a pro-am today. Nate had another good day as he took 1st in age and a 3rd in cruiser. He looked good considering he was a little hesitant for kissing the dirt 10 days ago. I made the main and had gate 8 for the 10 main again and had to hit the brakes or t-bone everyone and got shot out the back and finished 5th. Mitch had a decent day as he stopped pedaling in turn 1 and had to settle for a 4th place. Kenny looked good and took another 1st place in his cruiser class even though his elbow is all messed up. Alpha Wings took another 1st place in the team competition for the 3rd straight week. This Thursday is the last gate practice for the indoor season so see ya all there. Plus next weekend it is the triple point weekend as there will be racing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Also we are going to the Parkside race on Sunday and then going right to the bmx after Nate races so this will be a very busy weekend for us. Time to get in my chair. Later..

Saturday, March 03, 2007

New place to park my Ass

I have been looking and searching for the last couple of years for the right one and I have found it. I had to bother Cece for a long time and she kept telling me that I couldn't get one so I kept dreaming for awhile. Well that last couple of weeks I was stopping by and bothering the sales people and got the price to a spot where Cece gave in and the recliner fits into the style of furniture that we have. It is a nice dark brown and it is really relaxing to sit in and I think I will be spending many a nights in it. I just hope I don't turn into a Randy and have to get a trailer to hall my post race meals around. I don't intend to sit in it and eat Bon-Bons like Randy but it will be nice to just get the feet up. I had a nice leather chair to relax in before and I do still have it, but I wanted a nice recliner to sit back and relax in after work and working out. I also did not want a cheap looking piece of furniture either. But being the frugal person I am I kept in mind the piece I wanted and kept looking till I found it. The place I bought it at is going out of business and I got it for 1/3 of what the retail price was. So a good deal was the selling point. Cece and I are now looking at a really nice bed room set that we may also pull the trigger on. Just have to see if we can fit it into our bedroom as it is kind of a small room. We will do the measurement s a few more times and see if it fits into our plans and room. Time to and get my feet up in my new chair. Later..

Friday, March 02, 2007

F*%& the snow

I think that the green house effect is really beginning to kick in, RIGHT. The weather has been screwed up for the last couple of years with it being colder, warmer, less rain or less snow. This year may be the make up year starting with the snow and then I think we may be seeing more rain in the summer which would really bite. The sun hasn't been out for a week now and I have been feeling tired for the last 3 or 4 days days even though I have gotten 7 or 8 hours of sleep, give me sun. I think this is the first year in a long time that we haven't been having the group ride on Sat or Sun. I have not been on the bike outside this year yet and it doesn't look like it will be any time soon. I will be racing on Sunday, indoors at the bmx track. So if you are bored come and watch the races. Time to go watch the snow fall and get blown around outside. Later..

Thursday, March 01, 2007

No one hurt today

Today at the track none of my Punks or myself hit the dirt and needed to get taken to the hospital to be put back together. There were a few others that crashed and rung their bells though, to many to list. Nate was a little more careful the first few runs today after his crash last week. By the end of the night he was flying over everything like nothing happened so that was a good sign. Maddie is looking better and I'm just the same old slow one. There is racing this Sunday at the barn and the weather isn't looking all that great so I my not be riding outside again for another week.

My parents are now in Florida for the next couple of weeks and they just got there just in time before the crap weather up here again. I wish I had a few weeks to take now and go down and visit them to get away from all this crap. Maybe next year if they plan on doing the trip there again. Time to go and ice the elbows. Later..