Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day

Well for a day off I got the kids up at 6:30 at Russell was at the house at 7:oo. we loaded up the truck and headed to Jerry's house for a ride at Pet's in K-Town. It was nice to ride some where else for once. Maddie did pretty good and got better as the ride went on. Nate did well like always and was riding with Jerry over everything. Russell and I rode with Maddie to get her to try to ride ovet things and get better bike handling skills. At the end we rode for 2 1/2 hours. I felt pretty good since I took a day off and raced the 6 hour race on Sat. We then went home and went by Dianes in the afternoon and the kids sat in the hot tub. We played some rich man games hitting little balls with long hammers and throwing balls at one tossed in the lawn some where. To slow and no blood so I no like games like that. Tonight we have track racing and it will be Maddies first night in races on the track bike so I excited to see how she will do. I will let you know how it goes. Later..

Sunday, May 29, 2005

6 Hour at CR

Well I did the 6 hour at Crystal Ridage after saying to myself after the last one I don't want to suffer like that again. I got on Ron's wheel on the first lap and held on till the top of the first lap. It was enough to have a good lead and stay just out of the others eyes to get 2nd place. Ron caught me on the last lap and aksed me how I was doing and I had to tell him I think I' loosing it as I was cramping and seeing stars on the climbs. I had to hammer the single track as I was loosing ground on the hills. I held on and finished and was happy that no one caught me. Ron lookead fresh when he caught me, boy he is looking ready to make up for the dnf at AV. Nate and Travis did the 6 hour duo and they were able to take 1st place against 3 other teams. Those 2 kids were hammering from the gun and were able to get 10 laps and take the win. The guys from Skinnys took 2nd to a stacked team from Polska and they looked good to. Also thanks to the guys from Skinnys for taking care of the kids and giving them the support while we were out racing. Today was a day doing things around the house and a day off the bike. We will do a family ride tomorrow and then track racing on Tuesday. I hope the legs feel good then. Later..

Friday, May 27, 2005


Easy ride on the single speed with Nate to find some places to ride the bmx bike. Found some have to try it one day. Eat sleep and get ready for the 6 hour race tomorrow. If the rain holds out going to race the 6 hours I think. Maybe go to Rockford on Sunday with Nate, have to see. Later..

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Group Ride

Well another one is gone and today it was pretty fast from the start. There was a few guys on the ride that you stayed away from so you didn't loose a wheel or go down. Now it's time to see if the 6 hour is going to go or not. We will make the decision the day of the race. Have to go. Later...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Track Night

Well I can tell I haven't been on the track bike since last August. I was off the back so fast I didn't know what hit me. I think the Bone ride and the race this weekend still made the legs a little tired. I finally felt better in the consulation race to help Richie get a 2nd place. Nate did alright and took 2nd in both of his races. Tonight is Nates last softball game and then I have to help my parents move some things. May not have time to ride tonight but it is a easy week any how. It looks like it may rain this week so may be no WEMS race. If it is on I'm going to do the 6 hour race again. Nate is going to do the 3 hour race. Well have to get to work. Later..

Monday, May 23, 2005


Well today was a rest day and watch Nate's softball game, they won and have 1 more game. Tomorrow we go to the track for racing at Washington Bowl. Track bike racing is fun because of the fast racing and the no brakes. It should be fun as it is Maddie's first racing on the track bike and wwe can see where Nate is against the couple of kids who have been racing the road. Have to go and help move some things at my parents house. Later..

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Well woke up this morning And there was now rain by my house so cool. Getting ready it rained a little and I thought OK we can make it through that. Got loaded and the kids ready and off to the races it was. We got there and we saw some of the bikes from people that were riding around and their bikes were caked with mud. I'm bumm'n and I get the kids and wife ready to race. Nate goes off and does well through the mud and wins his race and Maddie goes and all the kids are stuck in the mud on the road. Maddie rides past as the Hayes brakes are not collecting any mud. She goes on to take 2nd today. Cece goes off and races well as she likes races in the mud as it bithers everyone else so she rides and gets them as they are bumm'n. Cece took a 3rd this week. Now it's time for me to get ready and race. I looked at the mud and Maddies bike looked the best so I took her wheels and put them on my bike ( Maxis MEDUSA 1.55). Worked well but the coarse got better and the mud in the woods were still pretty thick. As I was riding it was like I was pulling a trailer behind me. Oh and the temps went up and it felt like a furnace as I was riding. I got a ok start and was in 4th for awhile until I made some really good passes and got some distance as was running in 2nd for a good 2 laps. But some where Mike Owens got past and I didn't notice so I finished 3rd. I would not have let him get away if I noticed but maybe the heat made me miss the pass. Oh well next time I'll be more alert. For the day it was a good day as we all placed on the podium and that's always a good day. After my race I was talking to Ron Stawicki and he got a double flat after riding in the top couple of guys. Ron was in good spirits and will make up for it at the next couple of races, good luck Ron and see you Sat at the 12 hour race. Well props to all that raced today and did well and suffered in the mud and heat as I saw many of them on the podium. Track starts Tuesday so we will be down there racing and Nate only has 2 more games and then some better training again. Time to get the rest of the things done and eat some ice cream with the kids. Later..

Friday, May 20, 2005

Fri 5/20

Well today was a beautiful day and was able to get for a ride with the kids and then get on the rollers to finish getting the legs ready for the race. The legs were still a little tight from the Bone ride. I think that they should be good to go for the race. The kids are going to go with Russell, Jerry and Danny in the morning to do the KR ride in Kenosha. I have to go to work in the morning so I can't do the ride with them so Russell is covering for me. Then they are going to meet me at Alpine for the pre ride. Can't make it to Skinny's for the food and drink because Cece is going to a dinner with a couple of her friends so I have the kids for the night. Have to meet there another night for some food and drinks. See you all at the pre ride. Later..

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Bone ride

The bone ride was good. As it is said that any day on the bike is better then a day in the office. Jack got to my house at 6:10 he was supposed to get there about 6:30 but any time Jack is there early is a bonus. We got a call and Joe was wondering how do I get to the ride. He decided to ride at 6:15 when he got up, gave him directions and he meet us there. We packed up the car and drove to the ride. There was about 100 to 120 people at Tom's house for the start of the ride. I can't believe how many jr riders got the day off from school for the ride. They took a picture and then it was off to Madison. Jeff, Samantha and myself stayed close to each other so we would be in the same group. We rode out to Pewaukee and about 30 people hooked up and then a couple more at Bike Smith's. Tom then broke us into groups and we were in the 2nd group. We rode to Madison with a tail wind so it would be time to work on the way back. We got to Madison in about 4 hours and 77 miles. We ate at the Noddles and Company and then took a picture and headed home. We got in the lead group and the hard workers were just pulling us along into the head wind. About half way Tom let the groups join together because the guys in the front were working hard into the wind and that let more people sit in and more to able to work. I'm glad it was eaiser to hide in a larger group. We got home and the ride waas 154 miles and 7 hours and some change. Jeff, Samantha, Springer, Joe, Jack and myself all made it no problem. John was having a tough time on the way out so he got in the van on the ride back. The ride isn't that bad just a long day in the saddle and alittle diferent if you can't push the thoughts of the mile out when you get tired at the end. If you get a chance and want to do a long ride that is way cool try the bone as it is like no other. Was to tired last night to post and was in bed by 8:30. Good job at CR Ron.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Today was a easy day on the rollers because Nate had a softball game. They won again 22-6. Nate had a grand slam and 2 doubles. He is just playing great and the team is doing real good. Tonight Maddie went to the track to practice on her track bike. Russell took her there so she could have a night on her bike before next weeks start of the track season. Russ said she did well and should be ready for the races. Tomorrow is the bone ride and it seems that the weather should be OK. Going to ride with Jeff, Samantha and Bob. It should be fun and then try to get the legs back for Sunday but hey it's only the second race with 10 more. So let's rock. Later..

Monday, May 16, 2005


Today we had a softball game for Nate and they won 15-3 so the team I think is getting better each game. My parents came to the game again and they said the kids are looking better each week. Nate had a great hit and played well again. The kid is a natural at every thing. Going to try to get a easy spin ride on the rollers after dinner at my parents. I know we eat alot there but hey the food is great and the company is not that bad either. Looked at the results and alot of the guys and gals did real good, now we get to see if they will change any thing this weekend to get better results. Good luck to all as I know what I need to do. Talked to a few of the guys and I'm going to do the bone ride on Wednesday. I think that there is more WORS races and if I mess up the legs a little or not the ride is always good. Any how it's only 160 or so miles. Got to go and get the kids home. Later..

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Race day

Wow what a great day for racing. After pre-riding yesterday we stayed at a hotel that had a water park and the kids had a blast. The slid there was wild and fast, if you don't like the dark and fast turns you don't want to ride this slid. Well we got up early to eat something and then it was off to the races. We got there and got Maddie and Nate ready for the race. Maddie was so nervous that she couldn't eat although she got to the line and was ready to go. She took 3rd place and so happy and she said that she rode over everything. Thanks to Russell as he was at all the spots on the trail to keep encouraging her. As for Nate he was so far ahead of all the kids by the bowl that it was no contest. He was flying and hammering the hill and he was flying up them so it looked like the bmx is really helping him. He won by 3 minutes and said after he turns 11 in July he will move up to citizen and race. Cece did good as she has not even ridden her bike since the last race last year. She took 4th in her age and that is great. I had a good race and took 2nd. I have a few things to work on and try to win a few of the next races. I heard that Ron took 10th over all on his single speed WOW you are the man. I will have to check the results later to see how the rest finished on follow up later. Kudos to all that had a great day at the races. I have to get my entry forms for the ORE 2 Shore in the mail to save $30.00 for the family. Later..

Friday, May 13, 2005


Well yesterday with the rain I did a ride on the rollers and then went to my parents house for dinner. Today it was a ride on the rollers again with the kids and again my parents are having us for dinner. Now that is great to have dinner 2 times in a a row prepared for you. Tomorrow we are heading up to the race in Iola. We are staying at a hotel that has a water park and the kids will not sleep tonight as they can't wait to get there. Maddie keeps telling everyone that she can't wai tto race so I hope that she will do good. Now it's time to eat so have a good one and see the rest of you at the race. Later..

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another year in the books

I have been busy the last couple of days and nights. Tuesday I got my grass and planted it and got done at 10pm. I hope that this grass works as it is supposed to be greener and need less water and not cut as often. So no ride on Tuesday. Yesterday I had to take Nate to his softball games it was cold and nasty out. They won their 6pm game 1 to 0 and the second game the other team didn't want to play because it was cold out. So they won to games and didn't loose a game yet this year. I then had to get the kids something to eat and in bed so on the rollers at 8:30 and do my workout then. I got it done and it felt good to be on the bike even though it was in the basement again. I'm looking forward to this weekend and staying in a hotel with a water park in it for the kids. Both the kids are looking forward to racing this weekend. I'm not worried about Nate as he will be fine. Maddie I hope is ready but she looking forward to racing so she should be fine. Cece hasn't ridden this year but is still racing so that should be fun. I think she will start training real fast after the race so get into race shape. Oh yea today is my Birthday. I can't believe it I made it to 41. Later..

Monday, May 09, 2005

Rainy Monday

Today with the rain we didn't know if Nate would be playing softball or not. We decided to do a sprint workout in the basement on the rollers. It was a good workout and we were able to get to Nate's game also. It was raining off and on during the game. Before the game Nate was standing off the side talking to others and one of his team mates was swinging a bat about 8 feet away and the bat slipped out of his hands. You know what happened next it flies and hits Nate in the left shoulder and leaves a big welt and bruise. He didn't play in the field but was able to bat. Poor kid was in tears and couldn't lift his arm to catch at first so he had to only bat. The team won 13 to 5 so that's good and the pain is a lot less when you win. We are icing and taking care of it so it won't effect his racing we hope. They have a double header on Wednesday so we hope his ready by then. Tomorrow we have a home and school meeting so may have to ride indoors again we will just have to see. Later...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mothers Day

No ride today just things with the family. I did things outside and now getting ready to go to my parents house for a cookout. Last night was fun at Bonnies wedding party had a little to much to drink, but hey only a few times a year you have to let loose. 1 week until the first WORS race and then it's racing almost every weekend so today's break was nice. Happy Mothers Day to all the mother. Later

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Early rise to ride

Today I rode with Jerry, Goat and Lori in the kettles. It was a early 6am blue lap with Jerry and Goat and back to the parking lot to meet Lori and the Barron. The Barron said the trails were closed and he was going to not ride and the rest of us said back to the woods. The trails got better as the day went on as they were alittle greasy in the corners in spots. We did the connector and back and those trails were in really good shape and a blast to ride. I took a few spills and a good one when I took a turn alittle to hot and the front tire went out and I flew over the bars with the feet higher then the head, nothing hurt. After last weeks 6 hour race it was alot easier to ride for 3 1/2 hours and still have something in the tank. The Goat is flying on the single speed and I think he will do fine in the WORS on that thing. Lori was riding strong and should do well also. Thanks for the ride guys it was a blast. Jerry and I went the General store and got some grub and home by 11:00 you can't beat that. I cleaned and greased the bike and now time to get a few Mothers day gifts and cards. Tonight it's Bonnie's Wedding party and a ride with the kids tomorrow and then eat at Mom's house. Later.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Today it was a I don't know were I'm going to be riding, outside or in the basement. We needed the rain and it let up enough to take the kids for a ride outside to the lake front. We went to the woods and checked the trails and they were rideable but I put slicks on the bike that Jordan was riding and he was not liking the riding on the trails and sliding around. It was a nice recovery ride and real easy as Jordan doesn't have a long and go gear at all so we go slow and tend to back it off from there it seems. But we made it home and Cece was home and all the kids went with her to school to get a few things done in her class room. I was able to cut the grass before it rains for a week and gets to long. Then went and gassed the car for the early ride in the kettles with the fast guys. I don't know if the ride will go off as it is raining as I type but I will call Jerry and find out. Then tomorrow night it's off to Bonnie's wedding party so maybe no ride on Sunday as it will be a few to many beers I imagine. The sun is out now so who knows what will happen. Time to get the stuff ready to fly out the door at 5am. Also time to watch the Busch race at Darlington. Later..

Thursday, May 05, 2005

1 for the books

Today was a great day for a ride. You can't believe this one but here goes. Jack forgot his shoes and he decides to do the ride in a pair of slip on shoes. He made the entire ride and put in some mean ass pulls and we averaged 22 plus. I bet his legs will be sore tomorrow from have to only push the pedals. It was a good and fast ride dropped about half the riders and then had a group of about 15. It separated a few times but we were able to get back on and finish with a good group and pace. 1 for the books. I'm going to go to the Kettles on sat and ride with Jerry and the goat and a few others. Are you interested in riding with us Ron? We are going to start at like 6:30am if you are in. Call me if you want to ride with us. Later..

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Home run

Today was Nate's softball game instead of racing at Crystal Ridge. Hope everyone had a blast at the time trails we can't wait to get there and race. Well back to Nate's game. They won this game 10 to 8. Nate had some good plays at first and he hit a home run in the game also. It was cool because he is fast and he had a for sure triple, but they tried to throw to third but he saw that coming and he keep going and the third baseman couldn't get the ball out of the glove quick enough and he had a standup home run. It was cool to watch and see excitement after his home run. When we got home I pulled the dandelions in the back yard and I got a blister on my hand but the yellow weeds are gone. I then went down in the basement and did a roller work out as that is all I had time to do. I would rather ride outside but I have to do what time allows until the kids and Cece are done with school. Tomorrow is the Thursday group ride and then ride with the kids on Friday and a longer ride on Sat maybe at the Kettles with Jerry for a couple of hours, he wants to ride for 5 hours out there. He didn't race the 6 hours on Sat so I don't think he knows what that does to you. I may do a long ride on the road and save the body. I will just have to see what's in the cards. Later..

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Today I had to ride the rollers because I had to take the kids and myself to the dentist. But I was able to get a quick hard workout on the rollers. I then had to get Nate to the dinner for school tonight. It was really cool, all the schools each did a skit and they were all about the American history. Uneventful and now time to get the kids ready for bed as Cece is at night school. Oh yea time trails at Crystal Ridge start tomorrow. The registration starts at 5:15pm and mass start racing is at 6:00pm. Good Luck to those who go. Later..

Monday, May 02, 2005

No Riding

Today I didn't look at the bikes at all I just lifted weights. I really didn't ride and wasn't easy but with the weather as cold as it was it wasn't hard not to ride. We went to Nate's softball game and he played well but they lost 7 to 5. I like watching the kids play as being only 10 years old and losing and not caring about it is a good thing. Tomorrow we have a special dinner for Nate's class because they were in a program to learn about American history and his class got some grant to do it. So I will do a quick roller work out before we go to the dentist then the dinner. So a easy day and I liked not having to try to get a ride in and then the best of all watching the kids play ball. I will trade any day on the bike to watch the kids play sports. I think that the time trails start this Wed but I will out and post tomorrow. Later..

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Racing 6 hours

I have to say that racing a 6 hour solo is fun for a second or two but come around 41/2 to 5 hours in it is really something else. I went to the race and I didn't know what I would race. After getting there all the racers and the idea of trying a 6 hour solo I just signed up and deciced to race it. It was fun, I was getting ready and I hear that there was 10 seconds before the start. I quick tossed my coat the Russell and got to the start as they were all leaving. I was in the back and following many racers who looked like weekend trail riders with hairy legs and tennis shoes. I will never miss a start again. I was able to pass many of the riders and the rest were popping along the way so that made it a lot easier. I caught up to Ron's friend Matt and we were riding together and he caught the edge of the trail and went down. I slowed but he said go and I will catch up later in the race. He broke his seat and dropped out of the race. As the race went on I was passing racers and none were passing me so I felt good that I would make the top 10. I got to the my fifth lap and caught Coop but he said that was his last lap and was moving slower then my cramping could go so I rolled away from him. I got another lap in and I came across to the finish line with 1 hour to go and said to my self and I can get 1 more lap. As I was riding every 5 minutes or so I'm thinking I may not make it. I was passing people and I'm thinking there is a lot of people out here and I think they will never make the time cut off. I knew that if I make it to the connector trail with 15 minutes to go I could gas it and make it back. Every time I pushed it I my legs would cramp so I had to push it only the hills. Well I made it to the finish and had 7 minutes to spare. Finished with 7 laps and that made me very happy but dazed and confused at the end as I lay on the ground saying to myself why did I do this? Well in the end I finished 4th and I' more then happy with that I would have never expected that and I'm noy complaing. Ron came in but his last lap was 1 minute to late and it didn't count but he still won the race. He also won the 60 mile prime also and got the extra 60 dollars. Way to go Ron and oh yea you didn't lap me either and results show I had the same laps as you and that is a good thing. I had nate race the 3 hour solo and he got 25 mile in so that was cool. He was very tired and slept all the way home and ws still sleeping when I went for my road ride at 9:30. The ride was ok but going with Jeff for a easy ride is not a easy ride for most others but himself. Now I know why he is a 1 on the road and a 1 on the track. Hanging on at 22 and 19 into the wind was not fun. We turned around as the sky's were black. We got caught in some rain, snow, sleet and hail we were soaked and cold.. We called Jeff's wife to get us but by the time she got us we were riding towards home and out ran the rain but the ride home was good and we got warm in the van.. We still got 2 hours in so that was good enough as I was just doing all I had to hang on to Jeff's wheel any how. Tomorrow is a rest day no matter what. I was going to go to Crystal for trail work but I can hardly move and I'm going to watch the race and relax. Later..