Monday, May 02, 2005

No Riding

Today I didn't look at the bikes at all I just lifted weights. I really didn't ride and wasn't easy but with the weather as cold as it was it wasn't hard not to ride. We went to Nate's softball game and he played well but they lost 7 to 5. I like watching the kids play as being only 10 years old and losing and not caring about it is a good thing. Tomorrow we have a special dinner for Nate's class because they were in a program to learn about American history and his class got some grant to do it. So I will do a quick roller work out before we go to the dentist then the dinner. So a easy day and I liked not having to try to get a ride in and then the best of all watching the kids play ball. I will trade any day on the bike to watch the kids play sports. I think that the time trails start this Wed but I will out and post tomorrow. Later..


RonSta said...

Going to CR tomorrow? I'm heading there right after work. Maybe we can preride together.

Jay said...

I have to take Nate to his softball game. So I will miss this week and maybe the next couple also.