Sunday, May 15, 2005

Race day

Wow what a great day for racing. After pre-riding yesterday we stayed at a hotel that had a water park and the kids had a blast. The slid there was wild and fast, if you don't like the dark and fast turns you don't want to ride this slid. Well we got up early to eat something and then it was off to the races. We got there and got Maddie and Nate ready for the race. Maddie was so nervous that she couldn't eat although she got to the line and was ready to go. She took 3rd place and so happy and she said that she rode over everything. Thanks to Russell as he was at all the spots on the trail to keep encouraging her. As for Nate he was so far ahead of all the kids by the bowl that it was no contest. He was flying and hammering the hill and he was flying up them so it looked like the bmx is really helping him. He won by 3 minutes and said after he turns 11 in July he will move up to citizen and race. Cece did good as she has not even ridden her bike since the last race last year. She took 4th in her age and that is great. I had a good race and took 2nd. I have a few things to work on and try to win a few of the next races. I heard that Ron took 10th over all on his single speed WOW you are the man. I will have to check the results later to see how the rest finished on follow up later. Kudos to all that had a great day at the races. I have to get my entry forms for the ORE 2 Shore in the mail to save $30.00 for the family. Later..

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RonSta said...

Great job to all you guys! I was wondering how you did since i did'nt see your finish. Tell Nate thanks for cheering me on in the pine section before the finish. Update tomorrow, gotta get to bed. Later.