Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Home run

Today was Nate's softball game instead of racing at Crystal Ridge. Hope everyone had a blast at the time trails we can't wait to get there and race. Well back to Nate's game. They won this game 10 to 8. Nate had some good plays at first and he hit a home run in the game also. It was cool because he is fast and he had a for sure triple, but they tried to throw to third but he saw that coming and he keep going and the third baseman couldn't get the ball out of the glove quick enough and he had a standup home run. It was cool to watch and see excitement after his home run. When we got home I pulled the dandelions in the back yard and I got a blister on my hand but the yellow weeds are gone. I then went down in the basement and did a roller work out as that is all I had time to do. I would rather ride outside but I have to do what time allows until the kids and Cece are done with school. Tomorrow is the Thursday group ride and then ride with the kids on Friday and a longer ride on Sat maybe at the Kettles with Jerry for a couple of hours, he wants to ride for 5 hours out there. He didn't race the 6 hours on Sat so I don't think he knows what that does to you. I may do a long ride on the road and save the body. I will just have to see what's in the cards. Later..

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