Monday, May 16, 2005


Today we had a softball game for Nate and they won 15-3 so the team I think is getting better each game. My parents came to the game again and they said the kids are looking better each week. Nate had a great hit and played well again. The kid is a natural at every thing. Going to try to get a easy spin ride on the rollers after dinner at my parents. I know we eat alot there but hey the food is great and the company is not that bad either. Looked at the results and alot of the guys and gals did real good, now we get to see if they will change any thing this weekend to get better results. Good luck to all as I know what I need to do. Talked to a few of the guys and I'm going to do the bone ride on Wednesday. I think that there is more WORS races and if I mess up the legs a little or not the ride is always good. Any how it's only 160 or so miles. Got to go and get the kids home. Later..

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RonSta said...

Have fun tomorrow, save something for the weekend.