Sunday, May 22, 2005


Well woke up this morning And there was now rain by my house so cool. Getting ready it rained a little and I thought OK we can make it through that. Got loaded and the kids ready and off to the races it was. We got there and we saw some of the bikes from people that were riding around and their bikes were caked with mud. I'm bumm'n and I get the kids and wife ready to race. Nate goes off and does well through the mud and wins his race and Maddie goes and all the kids are stuck in the mud on the road. Maddie rides past as the Hayes brakes are not collecting any mud. She goes on to take 2nd today. Cece goes off and races well as she likes races in the mud as it bithers everyone else so she rides and gets them as they are bumm'n. Cece took a 3rd this week. Now it's time for me to get ready and race. I looked at the mud and Maddies bike looked the best so I took her wheels and put them on my bike ( Maxis MEDUSA 1.55). Worked well but the coarse got better and the mud in the woods were still pretty thick. As I was riding it was like I was pulling a trailer behind me. Oh and the temps went up and it felt like a furnace as I was riding. I got a ok start and was in 4th for awhile until I made some really good passes and got some distance as was running in 2nd for a good 2 laps. But some where Mike Owens got past and I didn't notice so I finished 3rd. I would not have let him get away if I noticed but maybe the heat made me miss the pass. Oh well next time I'll be more alert. For the day it was a good day as we all placed on the podium and that's always a good day. After my race I was talking to Ron Stawicki and he got a double flat after riding in the top couple of guys. Ron was in good spirits and will make up for it at the next couple of races, good luck Ron and see you Sat at the 12 hour race. Well props to all that raced today and did well and suffered in the mud and heat as I saw many of them on the podium. Track starts Tuesday so we will be down there racing and Nate only has 2 more games and then some better training again. Time to get the rest of the things done and eat some ice cream with the kids. Later..

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