Sunday, May 29, 2005

6 Hour at CR

Well I did the 6 hour at Crystal Ridage after saying to myself after the last one I don't want to suffer like that again. I got on Ron's wheel on the first lap and held on till the top of the first lap. It was enough to have a good lead and stay just out of the others eyes to get 2nd place. Ron caught me on the last lap and aksed me how I was doing and I had to tell him I think I' loosing it as I was cramping and seeing stars on the climbs. I had to hammer the single track as I was loosing ground on the hills. I held on and finished and was happy that no one caught me. Ron lookead fresh when he caught me, boy he is looking ready to make up for the dnf at AV. Nate and Travis did the 6 hour duo and they were able to take 1st place against 3 other teams. Those 2 kids were hammering from the gun and were able to get 10 laps and take the win. The guys from Skinnys took 2nd to a stacked team from Polska and they looked good to. Also thanks to the guys from Skinnys for taking care of the kids and giving them the support while we were out racing. Today was a day doing things around the house and a day off the bike. We will do a family ride tomorrow and then track racing on Tuesday. I hope the legs feel good then. Later..

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