Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another year in the books

I have been busy the last couple of days and nights. Tuesday I got my grass and planted it and got done at 10pm. I hope that this grass works as it is supposed to be greener and need less water and not cut as often. So no ride on Tuesday. Yesterday I had to take Nate to his softball games it was cold and nasty out. They won their 6pm game 1 to 0 and the second game the other team didn't want to play because it was cold out. So they won to games and didn't loose a game yet this year. I then had to get the kids something to eat and in bed so on the rollers at 8:30 and do my workout then. I got it done and it felt good to be on the bike even though it was in the basement again. I'm looking forward to this weekend and staying in a hotel with a water park in it for the kids. Both the kids are looking forward to racing this weekend. I'm not worried about Nate as he will be fine. Maddie I hope is ready but she looking forward to racing so she should be fine. Cece hasn't ridden this year but is still racing so that should be fun. I think she will start training real fast after the race so get into race shape. Oh yea today is my Birthday. I can't believe it I made it to 41. Later..


RonSta said...

Happy Birthday!!!
See ya this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birtday Jay!