Saturday, May 07, 2005

Early rise to ride

Today I rode with Jerry, Goat and Lori in the kettles. It was a early 6am blue lap with Jerry and Goat and back to the parking lot to meet Lori and the Barron. The Barron said the trails were closed and he was going to not ride and the rest of us said back to the woods. The trails got better as the day went on as they were alittle greasy in the corners in spots. We did the connector and back and those trails were in really good shape and a blast to ride. I took a few spills and a good one when I took a turn alittle to hot and the front tire went out and I flew over the bars with the feet higher then the head, nothing hurt. After last weeks 6 hour race it was alot easier to ride for 3 1/2 hours and still have something in the tank. The Goat is flying on the single speed and I think he will do fine in the WORS on that thing. Lori was riding strong and should do well also. Thanks for the ride guys it was a blast. Jerry and I went the General store and got some grub and home by 11:00 you can't beat that. I cleaned and greased the bike and now time to get a few Mothers day gifts and cards. Tonight it's Bonnie's Wedding party and a ride with the kids tomorrow and then eat at Mom's house. Later.


RonSta said...


Sorry i missed it, did the road thing today. After all these long rides a WORS race should be a sprint for you. lol!

Jay said...

But there will be a few of the riders in the field like the one you ran in to last Tues. Glad you got out for a ride, and it sounds like a good one. I'm hoping that the races do feel short and I'm able to hang in them. Later..

mountaingoat said...

It wasn't a legit poach, the opened the trails back up at 8:30...or so I heard.