Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ride'n again

Well as I was ready to leave this morning around 9 for my ride Lowell called me to tell me that Nate had crashed in the crit this morning. He is fine and the bike is fine to. Lowell said that Nate was sitting in the front and looking real good and then on the last lap there was a crash right by him and he went down. Nate said he was sitting perfect for a great finish and then BAM he was on the ground. Well they cleaned him up and then Nate went back to the hotel and covered the road rash up with the items I sent in the first aid bag with hem. He said he is fine and they waited out the rain and now he is getting ready to race the cat 3 crit in a little bit. I hope he is able to keep the rubber side down.

I got out for a ride right after the phone call and was able to get to Wind Lake and go around it as the sun went away. I was thinking about going a little further but the I was watching the west and seen it getting darker as I rode. I turned in east and rode home and still got in 2 1/2 hours of dry riding. then tomorrow is the Ronsta Ramble. But first on tap is the crappy weather gathering at Danny's. It never fails for Danny to have either cold or crappy weather for his party. Oh well better take some slippers to wear for a inside party. Later..

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today I got the text that Russell, CoOop, Anne, Bubba and Rick were riding the Kettles this morning. I had not been out there for 2 years as I missed last year because of the shoulder surgery and I think I rode there 2 times the year before. It was a fun ride and nice to see the Goat, Kevin and Lori out there too. We rolled out and just kept a nice pace hoping that the rain would hold out. It did and the trails were near perfect as some of the rocks and roots were slippery form the dew that was hanging around because of the high humidity. I could tell it was the first time that I rode the trails this year. I enjoyed it and have to do it more often for sure. Tomorrow is just a play it by ear to what I am going to do for a ride depending on the weather. Maybe a long road ride or just a nice cruise around here before heading to Danny's for a holiday gathering.

But I did have to rip out the garbage disposal when I got home from the ride today as it was leaking form the side gasket. I noticed water downstairs this morning and cleaned it up thinking it was just seeping in from the rains the last few days. But when I was getting dressed for the ride the phone rang and Cece said that the garbage disposal was leaking so I got 3 plus hours to think what I had to do when I got home. Well I looked at it and decided that it was time for it to go. I hard plumbed in the pipes and got rid of it. Hope that it works or I will be calling on Sam to come over fix it right.

Nate called and said that the Snake alley race was hard and that he thought he finished like 10th but they screwed up the results as they included lapped riders. He said they went and talked to officials and they said that they would do nothing. But Nate told me right before he hung up that someone just told hi they adjusted them and still screwed up and had him 15th. Oh well time to make for it and race his heart out the next few days. He skipped the cat 3 race today even though I pre registered him as it was raining and he did not want to clean the bike and possibly go down. So 4 more races in the next 2 days and hopefully some good results. Now I need to lay down and relax. Later..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy one

Well it is going to be a busy weekend around here. Nate again is heading to Iowa for the Memorial Day weekend races. The Snake Alley race and the Quad city races tossed in to. I did not sign Nate up for the road race tomorrow as Lowell said that there has been crashes in that race before and it could take a toll on the legs before the Snake Alley race so we passed on the road race. But Nate will still have full days of racing as he will race the Jr races and the cat 3 too. I am not going as we have some things going on tomorrow and then Sunday at Danny's house and then the Ronsta Ramble on Monday. But in short with not going I can get the flowers planted and some other chores done too. Thought about a trip to Rhinelander for the the holiday but I just need to get some things done around here as we have racing every weekend till the year ends. Plus tomorrow I am going to Cece's school for a career day as I have a furlough day off. I did it last year with Jim and we had a good time so we said that we would do it again. Well see you on the road or at the Ronsta Ramble. Later..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gun Show 5/24

3 kids up to no good on a Tuesday in Waukesha, good thing we straightened them out.

Pictures from Ronsta.

Yesterday was another Gun Show ride and a few new faces joined in the fun. But as always the ride went on and I went out the back. But the nice thing is that there was a nice group of 8 of us that rode on and got a good ride in. Nate said his legs were dead after the weekend of racing and he fell off the pace after a hard pull and rode in with Lionel and another rider. I can see him being a little tired after the races and the pace of the ride yesterday as when I was hanging on it was with a tail wind and we were rolling along at 30 plus mph for a while. Again thanks Ron for getting the ride together and letting us ride with the gang. We will be using the ride and the track for some awesome training for the racing that lies ahead for Nate this summer. Now all we need is that weather to allow us to ride more. Later..

Monday, May 23, 2011

18 more

I have 2 birthdays in my book, my Birthday and my accident as it was 18 years ago today was the day that the accident happened. I was out for a training ride in a perfect weather day as today is and a semi truck hit me from behind and ran me over while out for a training ride. It was a crazy few months of surgeries and who knows what else while I was in the hospital for 4 plus months. Then the rehab, marriage, new job and then a family all happened with in 14 months after the accident. But you know as it goes there days that I wish that it never happened and I was back to having 2 good solid legs and be able do everything normal like ride, race, run, walk and the list goes on forever to what I can't do but I have learned to adjust and do things differently and I am ok with that. I hope that when I do things that I don't hold the others back and that if I am that they aren't afraid to keep doing things there pace and I will just meet them at the end. I will push on and enjoy the extra time the the Lord has given me and use it to the best that I can. I love my family and friends and enjoy everyday extra that I have been given. See you on the road. Later..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Race day 2

Mike Froh leading the Master field up the hill.

Today was day 2 of road racing over the weekend. It was the Sussex Cafe Hollander race and again a awesome race guys. The day could not have been a more beautiful day to race and again a great group of kids and people to spend the day with. Nate lined up for his first race in the Jr 17-18 class. After a few laps Nate was able to get in a 4 rider break with Kevin, Leif and Pat with about 5 laps to go. Then on the bell lap Pat took off at the top of the hill and Nate was the only one to respond and grab Pat's wheel and they got away and then at the top of the hill to the finish Pat got away and took the win with Nate 2nd, Kevin 3rd and Leif 4th. Then it was relax and what until the 3's race. Thanks to Billy and the ISCorp guys for the set up to relax in the shade and keep the boys relaxed. Then it was cat 3 race time and Nate stayed near the front and chased a few breaks in and then as he just got in another went off by one of the ISCorp guys was in the break so it was relax and wait till the field sprint. Nate had an awesome jump and was caught just at the line and he finished 6th in the end. The only thing that sucked was as Nate was going he was hoping to lead out Kevin but Kevin's chain jammed and he went down hard and got pretty messed up and jacked his bike up some to. But in the end he is OK. Now it is time to focus for the weekend and some awesome races in Iowa again.

The girls went in the pool today and I don't know why as the water was 56 degrees. I guess they got some brain freezes in the process. But if the weather was anything like the 90 degree plus we were in I bet it felt good. Now I better check on Nate and Maddie and make sure that they are studying for their finals. Later..

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Nate at the start of the Jr race.

Nate and Lionel sprinting for the win of the Jr race. Lionel just got Nate and the line.

Nate sitting in during the cat 3 race.

Nate again sitting in the front of the cat 3 race.

Nate finishing 4th in the cat 3 race.

Well yesterday instead of riding Cece came home and said lets put up the pool. So Nate and I put the bikes aside and put up the pool and got it filled and now we jsut need some warm weather and sun to heat the water. Then this morning it was off to the races. Nice to have the races close to home this weekend as Nate and Maddie have finals next week. Nate finished 2 in the Jr race and then lined up in the cat 3 race and finished 4th in that race. Good day of racing and lucky Nate, he gets to do it all again tomorrow. They throw in a nice up hill finish tomorrow so that should help break up the field a little during the race. See you at the races. Later..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy week

Jess at Old World Wisconsin playing games.

I have been a busy person this week starting with a trip with Jessica's class on Tuesday to Old World Wisconsin. It was a fun trip and I have to say that if you have never been there it is a must. It is a very informative about the history of Wisconsin and just amazing how people lived over a 100 years ago. Then it was the Gun Show Tuesday night which as always was a awesome night. Then last night it was the ride of silence which was a nice slow silent 10 mile ride for remembering the cyclists that have been killed or hit by motorist while out riding. It was a real nice ride and I was glad to see so many friends and riders at the ride. Then tonight it was the Beat Down and I have to say it was a beat down. I was feeling good and then Nate went to the front on a hill and drilled it and a gap formed and I was able to get a wheel and close it but it cooked me and I rolled off the back. So Dan, Matt, Paul, John and myself rolled the rest of the ride which was a great ride in the end as I think I get a better work out in the small group then being red lined in the fast group. But in the end it was just Nate and 3 others as they dropped the rest of the riders too. They finished the ride 12 minutes faster then our group and a handful in front others. The Punk is getting faster each week. Now it is time to recover and get Nate ready for another weekend of road racing. Later..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gunned down

Another great ride from the Ronsta casa last night. The group is getting bigger and faster as the ride goes on. I am glad to see that Nate, Kevin and Kyle hung on to the fast guys last night as the pace was another fast one. Nate is comfortable now as he knows where all the hills and attacks come now so he is getting into alot more of the action. Now after a few rides for Kevin and Kyle the 3 punks can maybe put some speed down on the others. Now for me I sat back and rode with John as Kate went back and rode with Chris last night. I have to say that 2 guys riding taking pulls all night makes for a tough ride but yet a fun one. We did pick up Marcin on the way back giving us another in the group making the recovery between pulls longer. Then after Ronsta took us to another fine restaurant for some great post ride food. Can't wait till next weeks gun show. See you there. Later..

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today was the Wheels on Whilly race in Fitchburg. Nate toed the line for the Jrs race and took a 5th place. Then later in the day he raced the cat 3 race and in that race he pulled Kaleb to the front with a lap to go and lead Kaleb out of the last turn where Kaleb then turned on the gas for the win. It was a perfect lead out and finish by those 2. Then Nate lined up for the Pro 1,2,3 race and was sitting good in the middle and then he rolled in and said his legs were done and pulled out of the race. I guess 3 races in a day takes a little out of a racer even if he is 16 years old. Maybe next week he will last the entire Pro 1,2,3 race. Good day of racing. Later..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rain makes things get done

Well after a nice night out to celebrate my co-worker Donna's 40th birthday last night the rain today had me inside doing some things that I have walked past for the last few weeks. I got all the kits and cycling stuff sorted and put away, cleaned up the gear bags and got things ready for the race tomorrow. Then it was off to Ben's to get my mtn bike ready so when I decide to go for a ride it is trail worthy. Put the new front brake on it and a new fork as the other one had blown seal and was leaking oil. Now it just needs to stop raining so I can got out on it. We also had Brett fit Nate with some new shoes as his other ones were flexing and the heel cup was not working out for Nate. So some new Shimano road shoes are fitting like a glove now and they look cool to. Then it was get home and get a ride in and now get some paper work together for Nate. See you at the Wheels on Whilly race tomorrow. Later..

Friday, May 13, 2011

Good day

Yesterday was a good day with the weather being summer like for once. The temperature was nice and the sun was out making the day fly by. Then we go to the group ride and the sun was still out and we took off for the ride. We got about 20 minutes in and the sprinkles started and then the rain did but with the warm temps we moved on and kept on riding. The roads were wet but the ride was nice. By the end of the ride the roads were dry and the group was mostly still together. But at least we got a training ride in as the weather has been crappy on the ride days to many times. So in the end it was a nice birthday ride and nice day on the bike. Tonight I hope to get a short spin in and then head to a birthday party for a co-worker. Then tomorrow a nice ride in before trying to get a few chores done and then to the races on Sunday. See you on the road. Later..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Birthday today

Today is my Birthday and well of course my twin brother Wade's too. Nothing like turning 47 and feeling 27. Thanks to all the riding and lifting I hope to be pushing the old man off for a few more years. But really nothing says Happy Birthday like something new for the bike. I will have to go to the shop and pick something out. Then tonight get out for a Birthday ride if the rain holds out. See you on the road. Later..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gun Show 5-10-11

Pictures taken by Ronsta.

Last night was a perfect night for a ride and Ronsta hosted a hell of a ride. The ride broke into the groups of fast as hell guys and us. Our ride was a solid group of John, Kate, Anna and myself. We worked well together and we were able keep the pace fast and with our shortened route they fast guys did not catch us. Victory in our books. Nate again hung on to the fast guys and did work along with throwing down some attacks on the hills along the way. Then it was get back and have a Blatz and then off to Pita and Pan for some awesome Gryo's. I you want a good hard fast ride come join us. But I do have to say there are a lot of hills and the pace is fast. Later..

Monday, May 09, 2011

Time for a Gun Show

Nate and I are looking forward to another Gun Show ride tomorrow compliments of Ronsta. Nate will roll with the fast guys on the gun show and I will roll with the side show, the little slower guys that still try to ride fast. But as always it is a worth while trip for a good old beat down on 2 wheels. Later..

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Going, going and going

We have been busy the last few days. Yesterday Nate did a few road races at Muskego Park. He finished in the pack and was happy with that as he has a pretty good cold going on. Then today we went for a mountain bike ride today. I was the first time for Nate on his mountain bike since the Ice Man last November. It was a perfect day for a ride along the Tosa trails. Then it was get home and cut the grass, wash the cars and truck, wash the siding on the house along with the windows, plant the ferns that I got from Russell. Now it is time to cook dinner. Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers out there. Later..

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Race time

Time for Nate to get his race face on again. I like these races that are close to home. The only thing is that he races at 9:30 and then does not race again till 3:30 or 4:30 in the afternoon. So we may come home and then head back out for the later race. Then I can maybe get the lawn cut and a few other things done in between. See you at the races. Later..

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Awesome Here is the link to the Ride the Divide movie that we went and seen last night. It was a great movie and the racers that do that race are crazy, nuts and beyond. I could see riding the route ate a pace that was maybe a 3 month ride but they do it in like 18 days. But look up the movie trailer and check it out and enjoy. I know we enjoyed it last night.

If the rain holds out tonight the Beat Down will start at 6pm now. So see you on the road. Later..

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Side Show

Not quite like this but we are the side show to the gun show ride. Still riders but not as fast.

Last night was a perfect night for a gun show ride. The thing is that the gun show is a fast group ride and I am not a fast group ride rider anymore. But Nate is and he had a fun time riding with the fast guys. Ron said that Nate was riding well and when Nathan G. would throw it down Nate was right there to go with him. Nate said knowing the route has helped as he knows now where the hills are and where some of the attacks go. But he hung in there and had a blast and we will be back for more. I on the other hand did the side show as there is a group of up that can not hang on and we know it. So Carlos on his fixie, Kate, John and myself. Carlos got a head of us and joined Rick who fell off the fast guys and rode with him so Kate, John and myself rode the ride on our own. It was a good tempo and we worked well together. So I will be back for more of the side show as the gun show is to fast for me. After the ride we hit El Sol for some good food and laughs.

Tonight is the showing of the Ride the Divide at ride Bub theater at 7pm. Nate and I are going to hit that up joining I hope is many of the racers and riders from the area. So come join us and have a few beverages as they sell beer there you know. Later..

Monday, May 02, 2011

Thanks Gary

When I got home from taking the kids to the orthodontist I checked the mail and there was a gift from Gary Crandall the main man of the Chequamagon Fat Tire Festival. In the top right corner there is a picture of me and Nate finishing the race on the tandem last year. We won the tandem class and Gary had sent me the picture last year and he surprised me with having us on the poster for this years race. Thanks Gary that is really nice to be included in your poster.

Yesterday was a nice 45 mile windy road ride and then back to Rays for the last day for the year before they reopen October 1st again. Then today after the orthodontist I changed the oil in the Monte Carlo and the Volvo. As always I had some work done on the engine last fall and only had driven the car 2,800 miles since and decided to change the oil today and they tightened the oil filter so freak'n tight that when I was trying to get the filter off I was rocking the car. I ran to the auto store and tried to get a special tool to get it off I wrapped the cloth around it and got a wrench onto the filter and just twisted till it gave and came off. I crushed the filter and I was thinking I may be screwed if this doesn't work but it did. I will have to stop by and give the guys in the garage some hell about the filter when I drive past on Wednesday. Once I got that done it was easy street and got them done in like 30 minutes. Now I am set for a while. Tomorrow is the gun show and I am hoping that I can ride with them a little longer or with the B group. Now I need to raid the Easter Baskets as I need some sugar. Later..