Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy week

Jess at Old World Wisconsin playing games.

I have been a busy person this week starting with a trip with Jessica's class on Tuesday to Old World Wisconsin. It was a fun trip and I have to say that if you have never been there it is a must. It is a very informative about the history of Wisconsin and just amazing how people lived over a 100 years ago. Then it was the Gun Show Tuesday night which as always was a awesome night. Then last night it was the ride of silence which was a nice slow silent 10 mile ride for remembering the cyclists that have been killed or hit by motorist while out riding. It was a real nice ride and I was glad to see so many friends and riders at the ride. Then tonight it was the Beat Down and I have to say it was a beat down. I was feeling good and then Nate went to the front on a hill and drilled it and a gap formed and I was able to get a wheel and close it but it cooked me and I rolled off the back. So Dan, Matt, Paul, John and myself rolled the rest of the ride which was a great ride in the end as I think I get a better work out in the small group then being red lined in the fast group. But in the end it was just Nate and 3 others as they dropped the rest of the riders too. They finished the ride 12 minutes faster then our group and a handful in front others. The Punk is getting faster each week. Now it is time to recover and get Nate ready for another weekend of road racing. Later..

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