Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gun Show 5/24

3 kids up to no good on a Tuesday in Waukesha, good thing we straightened them out.

Pictures from Ronsta.

Yesterday was another Gun Show ride and a few new faces joined in the fun. But as always the ride went on and I went out the back. But the nice thing is that there was a nice group of 8 of us that rode on and got a good ride in. Nate said his legs were dead after the weekend of racing and he fell off the pace after a hard pull and rode in with Lionel and another rider. I can see him being a little tired after the races and the pace of the ride yesterday as when I was hanging on it was with a tail wind and we were rolling along at 30 plus mph for a while. Again thanks Ron for getting the ride together and letting us ride with the gang. We will be using the ride and the track for some awesome training for the racing that lies ahead for Nate this summer. Now all we need is that weather to allow us to ride more. Later..

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