Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today I got the text that Russell, CoOop, Anne, Bubba and Rick were riding the Kettles this morning. I had not been out there for 2 years as I missed last year because of the shoulder surgery and I think I rode there 2 times the year before. It was a fun ride and nice to see the Goat, Kevin and Lori out there too. We rolled out and just kept a nice pace hoping that the rain would hold out. It did and the trails were near perfect as some of the rocks and roots were slippery form the dew that was hanging around because of the high humidity. I could tell it was the first time that I rode the trails this year. I enjoyed it and have to do it more often for sure. Tomorrow is just a play it by ear to what I am going to do for a ride depending on the weather. Maybe a long road ride or just a nice cruise around here before heading to Danny's for a holiday gathering.

But I did have to rip out the garbage disposal when I got home from the ride today as it was leaking form the side gasket. I noticed water downstairs this morning and cleaned it up thinking it was just seeping in from the rains the last few days. But when I was getting dressed for the ride the phone rang and Cece said that the garbage disposal was leaking so I got 3 plus hours to think what I had to do when I got home. Well I looked at it and decided that it was time for it to go. I hard plumbed in the pipes and got rid of it. Hope that it works or I will be calling on Sam to come over fix it right.

Nate called and said that the Snake alley race was hard and that he thought he finished like 10th but they screwed up the results as they included lapped riders. He said they went and talked to officials and they said that they would do nothing. But Nate told me right before he hung up that someone just told hi they adjusted them and still screwed up and had him 15th. Oh well time to make for it and race his heart out the next few days. He skipped the cat 3 race today even though I pre registered him as it was raining and he did not want to clean the bike and possibly go down. So 4 more races in the next 2 days and hopefully some good results. Now I need to lay down and relax. Later..

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