Sunday, May 22, 2011

Race day 2

Mike Froh leading the Master field up the hill.

Today was day 2 of road racing over the weekend. It was the Sussex Cafe Hollander race and again a awesome race guys. The day could not have been a more beautiful day to race and again a great group of kids and people to spend the day with. Nate lined up for his first race in the Jr 17-18 class. After a few laps Nate was able to get in a 4 rider break with Kevin, Leif and Pat with about 5 laps to go. Then on the bell lap Pat took off at the top of the hill and Nate was the only one to respond and grab Pat's wheel and they got away and then at the top of the hill to the finish Pat got away and took the win with Nate 2nd, Kevin 3rd and Leif 4th. Then it was relax and what until the 3's race. Thanks to Billy and the ISCorp guys for the set up to relax in the shade and keep the boys relaxed. Then it was cat 3 race time and Nate stayed near the front and chased a few breaks in and then as he just got in another went off by one of the ISCorp guys was in the break so it was relax and wait till the field sprint. Nate had an awesome jump and was caught just at the line and he finished 6th in the end. The only thing that sucked was as Nate was going he was hoping to lead out Kevin but Kevin's chain jammed and he went down hard and got pretty messed up and jacked his bike up some to. But in the end he is OK. Now it is time to focus for the weekend and some awesome races in Iowa again.

The girls went in the pool today and I don't know why as the water was 56 degrees. I guess they got some brain freezes in the process. But if the weather was anything like the 90 degree plus we were in I bet it felt good. Now I better check on Nate and Maddie and make sure that they are studying for their finals. Later..

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