Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rain makes things get done

Well after a nice night out to celebrate my co-worker Donna's 40th birthday last night the rain today had me inside doing some things that I have walked past for the last few weeks. I got all the kits and cycling stuff sorted and put away, cleaned up the gear bags and got things ready for the race tomorrow. Then it was off to Ben's to get my mtn bike ready so when I decide to go for a ride it is trail worthy. Put the new front brake on it and a new fork as the other one had blown seal and was leaking oil. Now it just needs to stop raining so I can got out on it. We also had Brett fit Nate with some new shoes as his other ones were flexing and the heel cup was not working out for Nate. So some new Shimano road shoes are fitting like a glove now and they look cool to. Then it was get home and get a ride in and now get some paper work together for Nate. See you at the Wheels on Whilly race tomorrow. Later..

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