Monday, May 23, 2011

18 more

I have 2 birthdays in my book, my Birthday and my accident as it was 18 years ago today was the day that the accident happened. I was out for a training ride in a perfect weather day as today is and a semi truck hit me from behind and ran me over while out for a training ride. It was a crazy few months of surgeries and who knows what else while I was in the hospital for 4 plus months. Then the rehab, marriage, new job and then a family all happened with in 14 months after the accident. But you know as it goes there days that I wish that it never happened and I was back to having 2 good solid legs and be able do everything normal like ride, race, run, walk and the list goes on forever to what I can't do but I have learned to adjust and do things differently and I am ok with that. I hope that when I do things that I don't hold the others back and that if I am that they aren't afraid to keep doing things there pace and I will just meet them at the end. I will push on and enjoy the extra time the the Lord has given me and use it to the best that I can. I love my family and friends and enjoy everyday extra that I have been given. See you on the road. Later..


Ric Damm said...

Here's to the next 18, Jay.

Jay said...

Thanks Ric.