Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Side Show

Not quite like this but we are the side show to the gun show ride. Still riders but not as fast.

Last night was a perfect night for a gun show ride. The thing is that the gun show is a fast group ride and I am not a fast group ride rider anymore. But Nate is and he had a fun time riding with the fast guys. Ron said that Nate was riding well and when Nathan G. would throw it down Nate was right there to go with him. Nate said knowing the route has helped as he knows now where the hills are and where some of the attacks go. But he hung in there and had a blast and we will be back for more. I on the other hand did the side show as there is a group of up that can not hang on and we know it. So Carlos on his fixie, Kate, John and myself. Carlos got a head of us and joined Rick who fell off the fast guys and rode with him so Kate, John and myself rode the ride on our own. It was a good tempo and we worked well together. So I will be back for more of the side show as the gun show is to fast for me. After the ride we hit El Sol for some good food and laughs.

Tonight is the showing of the Ride the Divide at ride Bub theater at 7pm. Nate and I are going to hit that up joining I hope is many of the racers and riders from the area. So come join us and have a few beverages as they sell beer there you know. Later..

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