Saturday, May 21, 2011


Nate at the start of the Jr race.

Nate and Lionel sprinting for the win of the Jr race. Lionel just got Nate and the line.

Nate sitting in during the cat 3 race.

Nate again sitting in the front of the cat 3 race.

Nate finishing 4th in the cat 3 race.

Well yesterday instead of riding Cece came home and said lets put up the pool. So Nate and I put the bikes aside and put up the pool and got it filled and now we jsut need some warm weather and sun to heat the water. Then this morning it was off to the races. Nice to have the races close to home this weekend as Nate and Maddie have finals next week. Nate finished 2 in the Jr race and then lined up in the cat 3 race and finished 4th in that race. Good day of racing and lucky Nate, he gets to do it all again tomorrow. They throw in a nice up hill finish tomorrow so that should help break up the field a little during the race. See you at the races. Later..

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