Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy one

Well it is going to be a busy weekend around here. Nate again is heading to Iowa for the Memorial Day weekend races. The Snake Alley race and the Quad city races tossed in to. I did not sign Nate up for the road race tomorrow as Lowell said that there has been crashes in that race before and it could take a toll on the legs before the Snake Alley race so we passed on the road race. But Nate will still have full days of racing as he will race the Jr races and the cat 3 too. I am not going as we have some things going on tomorrow and then Sunday at Danny's house and then the Ronsta Ramble on Monday. But in short with not going I can get the flowers planted and some other chores done too. Thought about a trip to Rhinelander for the the holiday but I just need to get some things done around here as we have racing every weekend till the year ends. Plus tomorrow I am going to Cece's school for a career day as I have a furlough day off. I did it last year with Jim and we had a good time so we said that we would do it again. Well see you on the road or at the Ronsta Ramble. Later..

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