Monday, May 02, 2011

Thanks Gary

When I got home from taking the kids to the orthodontist I checked the mail and there was a gift from Gary Crandall the main man of the Chequamagon Fat Tire Festival. In the top right corner there is a picture of me and Nate finishing the race on the tandem last year. We won the tandem class and Gary had sent me the picture last year and he surprised me with having us on the poster for this years race. Thanks Gary that is really nice to be included in your poster.

Yesterday was a nice 45 mile windy road ride and then back to Rays for the last day for the year before they reopen October 1st again. Then today after the orthodontist I changed the oil in the Monte Carlo and the Volvo. As always I had some work done on the engine last fall and only had driven the car 2,800 miles since and decided to change the oil today and they tightened the oil filter so freak'n tight that when I was trying to get the filter off I was rocking the car. I ran to the auto store and tried to get a special tool to get it off I wrapped the cloth around it and got a wrench onto the filter and just twisted till it gave and came off. I crushed the filter and I was thinking I may be screwed if this doesn't work but it did. I will have to stop by and give the guys in the garage some hell about the filter when I drive past on Wednesday. Once I got that done it was easy street and got them done in like 30 minutes. Now I am set for a while. Tomorrow is the gun show and I am hoping that I can ride with them a little longer or with the B group. Now I need to raid the Easter Baskets as I need some sugar. Later..

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