Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Message board

I'm sitting here and thinking why do I ever read the WORS message board. The flaming that is going on the message board is just about the worst that I have ever seen. I have posted like 2 or 3 times on it and I do use my name JAY on the board. I think that I was refered to on the message board because I posted that Matt my have taken a short cut during the race and then pulled it from a post on my blog. I was saying that because I had heard that remark from a team mate of Matt's say "Hey Matt I seen you go straight at the turn off did you come back?". This was all after Greg called me over and asked me do you think Matt could have gone that fast? I said yes Matt is a fast rider and does beat us at the time trials by 3 or 5 minutes and Greg said enough for me it stands. I talked to Al Brunner and he said that the single speeders were a couple of waves behind me. That makes it kind of a funny feeling that Matt never passed me and finished 7 or 8 minutes in front of me. I came up to the same turn in question but after doing about 15 laps in the 2 days before I knew the turn was there. I talked to Greg and Tony before the start because Marty was telling us were skipping all the single track the first lap. I got to the single track and the course marshall was not there so that could have been a problem as when I got to the area where the trails come together there was riders coming from the trail that skips the single track. The problem is that some don't pre-ride and that theere was no tape or person there so that could have happened to anyone. I'm bringing it up because I was called a trouble maker for putting in my post about the possible sipped single track. You all know what I don't give a SHIT because I don't race Matt or anyone else. I have my own matters to focus on and my own races to take care of. So if I'm a trouble maker or a Punk come talk to me don't e-mail anything because I won't reply. This is the last that you will hear anything about it from me unless you have something to say to me in person. Good luck in your races.

The track is over so now the track bikes got to the back row and the bmx bikes move to the front row. The last night was ok but I was real slow and off the back faster then I knew what hit me. Maybe next year. The kis did ok Nate was tired but looked better and got 2 3rds. I guess only riding the track a couple times a week he does ok as he likes the mtn bike and the bmx. Maddie looked the best she has all summer and I hope that she gets better each year. Track is over and it was a fun summer seeing the kids get better each week. Maybe next year I'll go warm up and then just be a parent and take care of the kids at the races. Got to shower and go to bed. Later..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

CR WORS race

WOW what a great day for racing. To start the day I helped for about 2 hours in the morning parking cars for the Alttera team. Then I had to get the family ready for their races. Maddie had a great start but she hit wheels witht the racer in front of her and went down on the gravel up hill right in front of us. I helped her up and she was off racing again. I went to the bottom of the hill and she had made up alot of the spots she lost. I got to the top and she was back to 3rd and finished in third. That was a great finish for her after her spill. She has really made great progress since her first race this year. I think if she keeps it up she can be a great racer some day.

Nate was next and he was 2nd up the hill right behind a 14 to 16 year old. He was going good and went down hard over the bars and had to get up and chase back to the guys ahead. By the hill on the back of the ski hill he ws back on the group. He pushed to the front by the next lap and worked with Travis and then it was a sprint up the final hill and he won the sprint and the 10 to 14 age group and was 16th over all of all the citizen racers. Not bad since he did the 28 mile ore to shore last weekend, track on Tues and raced the CR time trial on Wed. He also rode CR on Fri with Jerry and me and then pre-rode it on Sat. I guess he recovers pretty good. He rode great today.

Cece had a good race today and took a 2nd in her age group and was 6th overall in the lady cit class. She was strong up the hill and kept her spot the entire time that she raced the race. She lost a few spots when she fell today also and had to pass a few up the hills to get her place back. She passed Suzy Weigel and the last up hill. She raced great too.

Today I finaly hit on all cylinders and was flying. I had a great start up the hill and was sitting in about 7th by the top which is good for me. I passed 3 in the grass before the first turn and then got on the wheel in front of me and started to think when open up the jets. I got to the gravel pile and looked back and saw the guys I need to beat right behind me. When we hit the wood chips I waited until the little dips and hit it hard and got the 3 infront of me and never looked back. I had a good gap by the time I rounded the dump and passed 3 guys right before the single track along the river. I knew if I did that it would make it harder for those behind. I passed a few in the single track when they slowed to much and hit the open area at full speed and passed another few slower riders and just kept doing that and pushed when I could and recovered when I was stuck behind the others. At the end I won my age group and 12th overall. I said to myself during the race not on my play ground I will fight to win this race as I love this course and know every turn so well that I could drop anyone on my wheel.

Cudo's to all the other racers. Amy rocking all the ladies in sport on her single speed and getting 1st overall for all. Matt Brandt taking first overall also on single speed. Then to the others Jack 11th overall in elite on his single speed after racing the state crit yesterday. Goat pulling in a 14th on his single speed. Ron a 19th on his single speed( dropping his chain). Hey those single speeders were rocking today. Jerry was looking good but he decided to hit the deck a few times and kiss a few trees today. We will get him to keep it rubber side up soon. Oh yea Alan took 2nd and Danny took 3rd in the sport single speed also. Lenny took a 1st in the clyde sport today, not bad for a trackie. And Lori taking the 2nd in the elite women way to go. And the cookies were great by the way. Barb was looking good and I think a few more rides at CR we could have her flying in the single track and climbing hills faster. We will have to get her and Cece there and let them ride work on their skills. If I forgot anyone sorry and grat job today.

Have to get the kids in bed as tomorrow is the first day of school. Later..

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Race ready

Well after riding the race course 3 times in the lst 4 days I think that I'm ready for the race on Sunday. The single track is in the best shape I have ever seen it in the last couple of years. The guys from the Alttera team have done a great job on getting the course ready to race. They have included the Alpha for all the racers and I think that they will enjoy it. The cit youth and the cit will enjoy the Alpha trail that they ride and the sport, comp and elite will enjoy the added more difficult trails. The temps should be nice and hot and the sun should add some fun to heat up the hills for the racers.

I hope the guys who felt the need to race the state crit today don't burn to many matches and that they can recover for the race tomorrow. I know that they like to go to the state crit and that it is a flat fast race but the race does take some of the gas from the tank and the climbs at the race tomorrow you will feel the efforts used today. Good luck to all you guys who raced today.

Tonight we are going to the Brewers game with the kids for the Bob Uecker (spelling?) nesting heads. We have a group of about 12 of us going so that should be fun. It sure is nice having a race that is only 10 minutes from the house and sleeping and playing at your home course. Have to go and start cooking the dogs and run to the store for some peanuts and candy. Now go get some sleep and see you at the race. Later..

Friday, August 26, 2005

Easy Ride

The group ride was a good ride for once. With state crit and the WORS race this weekend everyone was riding at a good tempo. The group stayed together for the first 2/3's of the ride and then Chuck and Jack jumped the front as they can't sit in and ride tempo. We rode tempo and chased and caught them in Big bend. At the end they took off again down Woods road but we just rode tempo in and when they rolled a stop sign we slowed and some put a foot down as there was a police car there. I guess last week a cop stopped the guys and told them that if they keep rolling the stop signs he would give tickets. He told them it would go against their drivers license but he was wrong about that but who needs a $156.00 dollar ticket. So for the start of the ride we will have to stop at the stops and maybe change the start to avoid them. The ride was a good 22 plus average with all the stops this ride so it was a good ride before the race.

Well congrats to Rita Kacala and Rob Springer. Rita took a silver in the 500 meter at the Masters track nationals and Rob took a silver in the 3000 meter and a bronze in the points race. And Gordy did well in his 200 meter but I don't know how the other races have faired yet so I will post when I find out. Good luck in the other races left.

The course for the race should be fun but they are saying it may rain so we will have to see how that will effect the race. The course hould be fun for all the racers and I think many will think that this is one of the most fun races in the series. I think alittle rain would help as the climbs are very loose and dusty. The rain would help the tires get alittle more grip for the climbs. If the rain holds out we are going to go pre-ride today after work and maybe tomorrow if they have a pre-ride. I know the trails but I want Maddie to not worry and to race well and more time on the trails will help her. Got to get going. Later..

Thursday, August 25, 2005

CR report

Well I'll give a little low down from CR for Ron. So Ron where were you? What could have been so important that you didn't ride the Wed before the WORS race? Well that's Ok as some things need to be done before you ride. Jack won the race on his SS so that was covered since you weren't there. Jack liked it so much he is going to ride the SS for the race this weekend also. We did the comp expert single track from the Alpha trail for the race as Greg still is deciding if he wants the sport to do it. Greg is worried about the time that it my increase for all the riders to ride it so we don't know yet if sport will ride it. I think put it in but there will be a lot of people walking over the rocks or falling as yesterday I saw 5 riders drill there head into the ground as they were trying to ride that area. There was a large group at the races this week as the big race is this weekend.

I was tired at the start from racing the track and over the weekend so I was in the back row for the start and rolled up the hill in like 50th place. I really didn't care what place I was in for the race. I passed in the grass and a few right before dropping in the single track. As I was riding I could see the racers in the front already way ahead of us through the trees but I was just riding waiting to pass where I could and did alot of that during the race. The 2nd lap was faster as I passed all the goofs who leave there ass's on the hill start trying to get a good start and still finish like 10 minutes slower the 2nd lap because they pop in the first lap of the cap. Some day they will learn, ahh no they won't. I finished in a hour and some change so that is all I wanted as I didn't want to burn to many matches before the weekend plus I have the group ride tonight. Nate rode well and I hope he is ready for the race this weekend as he is racing cit again. Maddie rode a few laps on the cap as we are going to ride there on Fri and Sat so she knows her course. Later..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Vacation is over

Well it was back to work after 10 days off. It was the easy day of work as I had to pick up samples of soft serve for the city lab. What a great job I have. I then had to cut the lawn before we went to track as it was over 6 inches long. We went to the track for a perfect night for racing. Maddie had a great night of racing as she took 3rd in both of her races and got paid. That is always cool as she races but doesn't really take it serious. Nate had a good night but still made some bone head moves as he tried to make some moves and the others just hung on and went around him. He will learn one day I hope. He got 2 4th place finishes. I got in the $ for one of my races also so that always makes it worth the night of racing. Russell also made it in the money so that was a bonus as we all got some $ to take home. Tonight we are going to the CR races and it should be alittled crowded as the race is this weekend so some new faces wil be in the field. After 3 weekends of racing again I'm looking forward to the weekend with no races just rides and relaxing. Later..

Sunday, August 21, 2005

O 2 S wrap up

Well got back to the cabin from the O 2 S at about 11:00pm. It was the most fun I had at a race in the longest time. Russell and I rode the entire race with Nate. He took 1st in his age group and was 126 out of over 892 riders. He was riding as hard as I have ever seen him ride and never let up. He did the 28 miles at a averag speed of 15.8mph. Not bad for a 11 year old kid. Russell and I finished at the exact same time of 1:46:12.7 so that was really cool. Oh yea Nate beat us both by .3 seconds. I was really fun to ride the race in zone 2 or 3 for the entire race and be able to look around while racing. We rode with Katie Antonneau and her dad for the first have of the race and she took first in her age group also. Cece and Barb raced to and both did well and had alot of fun also. Jerry was having a great race and then he broke his chain and then just finished the race but he was in good spirits. It was alot of fun as there was racers from every team and they all had good races. Next year I'm riding with Nate again and I hope that it is just as fun as it was this year.

We are up at the cabin for one more day and then it's back to Milwaukee for the start of school for the kids and back to work. I can't believe that the summer is over and that it's almost the end of the race season. We have 2 more nights of track and the CR time trials are almost over and the the night rides are going to start and those are the best rides that we do. I enjoy the night rides the most as they are laid back and just plain old fun. Also the pub crawls are going to start some and what can I say bikes and beer are alot of fun to. I have to get the kids to bed and start getting things ready to go home. Later..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Easy way down

Well Nate, Cece and myself went to the Rhinelander bmx track yesterday. It was really fun as Cece did a bunch of laps on my cruiser. She said she will never race but would ride a bunch of laps each time we go to the Hodag bmx track. Nate was picking up where he left off in the spring. He was jumping the doubles and the tables. I asked if he wanted to race Tuesday night and if he did I would also but he said no. That was ok because we would have had to get back to the cabin do some work and eat and try to get back by 5:30.

I did a easy ride on Monday and the legs felt fine after the race on Sunday and I started doing some work with my Dad on the walkway to the lake from the cabin. We have had the same path and stairs for the last 4o plus years. Now that my parents have made the place on the lake their home my Mom wanted a easier way down to the lake. My Dad started redoing the stairs the other day and when I got there on Sunday he said hey you can help me with the stairs and I said fine no problem. The blocks and the 60 pound plus flat patio blocks had to get down the path. Well guess how they got there? You guessed, I carried them to my Dad as he laid them down. Yesterday while we were at the bmx track my brother called saying he was coming to the cabin. I thought right away someone to help as I was alittle sore after Monday carring the bricks and blocks. Wade carried the rest to me as I laid the new stairs. We finished the stairs today which are about 100 yards long. I'm glad as I could not have done another day of laying the blocks. Job all done and they look really good.

Well Russell and Diane are coming up Friday and then we are off to the Ore 2 Shore. We are meeting Jerry and Barb to do the race. I'm riding with Nate and Cece is riding her own race. Although Mike Owens asked if she wanted to do the 48 on the tandem but I think she is thinking no to that. We will have to see if he comes with the tandem maybe she will change her mind. I'm looking forward to just riding and doing a race with Nate as he will be dropping me one of these days. Just relaxing as I'm kind of sore from working on the stairs and my gin gimlet is empty. I wonder what EVERYONE else is doing? Later

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Welcome Back

Well what can I say. The family all had a good day at the races. Maddie started off the day in her cit youth class by taking a 2nd place and beating a girl that has been beating her all year. She was so happy and I'm glad that she is getting better each week. Nate moved up to the cit class for the first time and took 7th. The 4th thru 7th place were all less then 3 seconds apart so thet is a good finish for his first race in cit. He had chain suck and had to get off and take care of that so other then that he may have been able to do better. Maybe next race. Cece had another good finish as she took another 2nd place. She does so well for someone who only races the bike and never trains. I took 2nd place today so I think I was able to find the legs again. I found that the race course was perfect and I felt great the entire race. I hope that they keep the race in this direction. I seen all the others racing and it looked like they were all having good races. I like to see that the single speeders are taking some of the $ home at the races. Maybe Don will make ss class for experts. Have fun training and see you at the next race.

We are now at the family cabin in Rhinelander for the week. We are going to go to the bmx track during the week for traing on the jumps and bumps and ride in the afternoon. We are doing the ore 2 shore over the next weekend. Now it's time to finish watching Are we there yet. Later..

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Vacation time

Well after training for the last couple of days I think I have some of the race legs back. The Thursday ride was the fastest of the summer so far. I didn't make it in the first group this week but that was ok as I was riding with Jeff and Samantha at a pace that still was over 23 mph average. I took the afternoon off on Friday and had lunch with John Rodgers and then came home and cleaned and worked on everyones bikes. Danny and I went to CR this morning and rode our ss for alittle over an hour. Now it is time to get the stuff ready for the race and then we are going to the cabin for the week and then to the Ore 2 Shore. See you all at the race. Later..

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Racing along

Last night was the track and it was fun for once. The kids raced real well and Nate looked like himself again and Maddie rode her best yet. Nate finished in the money a few times and I did also. Some of the fast punks moved up and the others were not there. Tonight was the races at CR and I felt good there tonight also. I'm feeling better every day and I hope that I will have a couple of good races to finish off the WORS season strong. Have to get going as the kids need to get to bed. Later..

Monday, August 08, 2005

Rest Day

Today I decided that it would be a rest day. No riding the bike just lifting weights. Tonight we are going out to eat for Maddie's 10th birthday at the Chancery. She picked the resturant. Also taking Grandma out to eat for her 87th birthday. Have to get going so have a good one. Later..

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Well what to say. It was a easy 2 hour ride at CR with John. I have to say that after riding with John and working with him he is riding alot better and I hope that he rides more often with us. It was just an easy ride and more or less a recovery ride. When I got home I put a new bottom bracket in the race machine as I replaced the xtr big ring and had the bb for a year now. Had to get it ready for the next WORS race and the Ore to Shore. I hope to rebound for the rest of the year. Now sitting back having a vodka and lemonades and getting ready to cook some chicken tits. The nieghbors are having a fire tonight so we will sit back amnd toss a few colds ones down and roast a few marsh mellows. Tomorrow we are going out for Maddies birthday and may not have time for a ride. We will just have to wait and see. Good job Ron on the ss and to the guys on the epic ride. I fell good and the family is happy that I have spent some time around the house but I can't let that happen all the time so next time I'll maybe hop in the epic if there is room for one more. Later..

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sat Ride

Well I went for a easy ride when I got home yesterday to try the new Sidi mtn bike shoes I bought. It is nice to have shoes that are nice fitting again and not falling to the sides. I rode the single speed and every now and then I think maybe I'll try a race this year but I don't know which race to try. I rode the Crystal Ridge race last year in comp and it was ok so I'll have to see.

Well todayI rode with Dan and Jeff. We all rode to 60th and Oakwood and then together we rode around Wind Lake. As we were coming down 7 mile road a red neck in a truck buzzed us and pulled over after he got up the road to have some words with us. As I pulled up I made sure the door wasn't going to open and Dan and I got in his face. He was saying we should not take up the road. We were in single file going down the road and then we should stop at stop signs. There wasn't a stop sign for about 5 miles and we stopped at the sign because there was cars. So we told the red neck to go his way and F#%& himself. I think once the 3 guys in tight shorts pulled up he knew he was in trouble as we are not skinny little guys on bikes as I was ready to pop him. Jeff was ready to take the keys and we would ride off and the dork wouldn't see his keys again as they would have been in a field some where. But other then that it was a 50 plus mile ride with Jeff pulling us along at 25 plus into the wind and Dan pulling as fast as Jeff. I had nothing and sat in as I still don't have the pop I had before the infection. Also everyone is in better shape so the pace is faster and that effects me. So thanks Jeff and Dan for pulling me. I rode the rest home and then it was yard work for the after noon and Cece took the kids to the pool.

I think tomorrow I'll ride over at Crystal Ridge for a couple of hours and take some tools and cut and clean some areas up for the race. I hope that everyone had a great day on the bike as it was a perfect day today. Maddie is going to a Wave game with her friend and Cece wants to go get new window treatments so I must go along or never hear the end. Nate is on his way to the basement to do a roller work out and then we will go after that. Later..

Friday, August 05, 2005

Gun fight

Well the Thursday ride was a faster ride then the ones in the past few weeks. We had a large group of about 25 or more riders this week. It rolled out of the parking lot and was in control this week down Woods road. I talked to Jack and he said he was coming up for the ride, I didn't see him at the start and all of a sudden he appaers with Joe on the side of Woods road. I knew then the ride just got harder as the 2 of them know one speed, fast. When either one of them is riding alone it is much different and they seem to stay in control but when the 2 of them are together it is fast. Throw Jeff, Chuck and Aaron into the mix and the pace is fast all the time. There was times that I felt like just rolling off the back and riding in with the slower group but with mind set of not letting that happen and with the help of Dan and Russell I stayed with the group for the entire ride. So the knife fight goes to a gun fight with the fact of 2 riders showing up. It was fun and no idiots in trucks buzzing us on the ride and spewing profanities out the window at us. I'm not tired or sore so the fitness must be coming back after the hospital stay, I can only hope.

I don't have any plans for a ride this weekend but have the choice of several long rides. I could ride with Jerry and Jack and the gang but all I hear is Jack loves to drop everyone and ride hard from the gun (maybe). Danny wants to get a ride so maybe ride with him. Or Jeff wants to ride at least I don't have to drive anywhere if I ride with him. And Russ said there is a long ride with team Extreme in the afternoon. And last there is the WEMS race this weekend. I have done a few of the 6 hour but I don't know if I fell like doing that this week. Boy what is a guy to do? I'll just have to see where the chips fall.

Well good luck to all of you doing the WEMS and all the rides we can't do. Have a good one. Later..

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Riding at the ski hill

Well it was hot and muggy. Today at the CR time trial it rained just before the start and we raced 15 minutes late and it was hot and muggy. The trails were near perfect and the corners in a few spots were slick. The normal start up the hill and then the race to the single track. I don't start well and get stuck in a group that doesn't flow in the single track well. I waited and picked a few off at a time and then get my own pace going and start catching the ones in front of me and passed a few and then fall into my spot for the finish. I finished 2nd in my age group and then like 7th overall. As always Ron won it on his single speed. He is way to fast and I don't know how he did it as he raced in the 24/9 this weekend on his single speed. His team took 2nd in the pro-expert open and they were all on single speeds. Nate took 2nd today only a few seconds as he and Travis rode it together. He is going to train alittle harder the next couple of weeks as he is going to jump up to citizen for the rest of the year in the WORS series. I think he will do ok but he is in for a eye opening as he has not trained real hard for the last couple of weeks. He is going to hit it hard and try to get it going for the rest of the year. The Thursday group ride tomorrow and then see what the weekend has in store for some longer rides and miles. Tomorrow is Maddies 10th B-day so alittle get together over the weekend so have to fit in a ride around that to. Have to go and get the kids to bed. Later..

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Play time

Well after working long days over the weekend it was time to go to 6 flags with the family. I got up at 5 to go for a quick spin before packing up the excursion with the family. I have to get up more often as the ride in the morning made for a great day. We got down to the park and went right to Superman, what a great ride. Then it was a few other rides and off to the new water park for a few hours. The park was great as it was 92 degrees and the wait in the lines made it uncomfortable. We applied the lotion and into the water we went. I have to say there is going to alot of hurting people today as many were so red it was funny. There should be a person that stands there and tells people that they look really bad in that swin suit and that you should cover up as there are children here. I seen a lady with a third of a pizza, burger and fries and a large soda by herself eating away and the chair and her suit screaming put down the fork but she was going to town and finished it all before I could put down a bottle of water. I'm glad that I have alittle healthier habits andmy family does to. In all it was a blast and the day at the park was great. Nate is a blast as he wants to go on all the best roller coasters. We both agree that the Deja vu is the best in the park. After along day at the park we drove home and the kids were fast asleep.

Today the kids may go a water park in the area with one of Cece's friends so they may not make it to the track for racing tonight. All ok as they are only 10 and 11 years old and need that time to play. Racing is fun but not the only thing in the world for a kid they need the time to play to.

Great job to all the guys and gals thawt raced the 24/9 this weekend. I do miss the race and may have to get the band back together and see if we can win the over the hill for a 3rd time. Good job every one and see you at the WORS race.