Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cross time

Nate riding the steep hill on the cross course. I rode up to it and had to run it. Nate was the only one that was riding it every time and Pat did a few times to. It was cool.

Nate going over the barriers.

Pat loves cross so much I think he rode with a smile on his face the entire night.

Nick going over the barriers.

Nick and Cale going over the barriers with the Domes and sun set in the back ground.

Now that the track racing is done for the year it was time to move the track bikes to the back hooks and move the cross bike to the front. Thanks to Cale for setting it up and we look forward to coming to many more. It was a little weird riding the cross bike when the temperature was like 93 degrees but it was nice to see the barriers and ribbon again. Come and get some on Tuesday's at 6 in the back parking lot behind the dome at Mitchell Park on 27th and just north of National av. Later..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alterra race

Nate took 2nd with Ben winning and Myles 3rd.
Here is Nate coming up the hill at the start of the race.

Today was the Alterra WORS race at Crystal Ridge. It was a hot one and the racers again looked like the heat was taking a lot out of them by the last lap of the race. Nate and Ben got away and stayed away to the end when Nate crashed and hit his knee hard and it hurt to put pressure down on the pedals and Ben get the hard earned win today. Nate stayed away for the 2nd place and then Myles rolled in 3rd. I don't know where everyone else finished as once the race was over and after 10 hours in the sun I didn't venture over to the results. Sorry. But I have to say great job to the Alterra race team for a great race. Later..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Work'n for a live'n

I had one of these when I was growing up and now I wish I still did to carry my lunch to work in.
Well I went back to work on Tuesday and I do have to say that I like being back to work. But I do miss the freedom of sleeping in and then going to PT and having the rest of the day to do what I wanted. But being back to work is good for the mind and body. I was glad though that it was a 4 day work week as are the next 2 weeks also with a furlough day next Friday and then Labor Day on the following Monday. But next week Wednesday I have to take off to take Jessica to her first day of school and then pick her up as she has a half a day. Then after that 1 day of vacation I burn I will have a ton of vacation to burn or lose it. So if the weather is looking nice I will be taking a day off for some rolling therapy yet. But back to work was nice as I spent the last 3 days at the airport testing the fuel trucks. I do have to day it was the perfect way to go back to work I do have to day. Well now we have to get ready for the Alterra race on Sunday. See you at the race. Later..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finished, Done, No More

Sun setting on the last night of track racing for the summer of 2010.

Nate and Russell riding during warm up.

Bob and Kevin riding the tandem. They raced at the para-Olympic National Championships this summer.

Nate and Russell again during warm ups.

Nate thinking man am I bummed the track season is over.

Last night was the last night of racing at the track and I have to say that it flew by. Nate raced well as he got several real good results again. In the Jr unknown again as in the last 3 races the bell was rung before the 1st lap and he was messed up by a kid that couldn't hold his line, all good as the results came later. In the cat 3 unknown he took a 3rd place to make up for it. Then in the miss and outs he got a 3rd in the Jr and a 2nd in the cat 3. Then it was into the 60 lap main event. Then Nate, Kaleb and Scott rode well and they finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the race and worked well together through out the race. Can't wait till next summer to see them do it again.

Then tonight we went to Jessica's new school and enjoyed the welcome back picnic. We found out who her new teacher is going to be and it seems like it is going to be a good decision to move her to a different school. The best is that Jess is looking forward to the move to. Then after that Cece and I pulled the single speeds out and rode to the Tonic Tavern for a few beers on the patio. It was nice and relaxing and we need to do that more often. Well time to get to bed as this work thing has made me tired. Later..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to work

I start back to work tomorrow as the PT has gotten me to the point that lifting some of my weights and test measures will not injure my shoulder. The Dr asked me today if I wanted to go back and if I could go back with some limits on the amount of weights and repetitive motions could be avoided and I said yes I want to go back. So he wrote up the slip with some limitations and now I get to get back to work. I do have to say that I do miss some of the duties and I really miss my co-workers most of all. What I am going to miss the most is the sleeping in and then going to PT and getting the time to ride for 3 to 4 hours a day, but it all must come to an end and I have to fit it all in some how now. I still have several vacation days to take off before the end of the year so if it is nice out I will be taking the day off and riding and even taking a trip or two yet. But now I have to find my stuff as it has been almost 6 months since I went to work. Later..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramble On

Nate won the Jr open with Ben taking 2nd, Myles 3rd and Mitch 4th.

Liz took a 1st place today too.

Russell taking the top box for the first time in like 2 years. Nice....

Nate coming across the line for the win.

Aris coming past one of his 3 laps.

Today was the Reforestation Ramble. Nate put on the kit and went for a warm up and came back saying that his legs were feeling flat after racing the 2 crits yesterday. That is what I was worried about and was just hoping for the best. Well Don yelled GOOOOO and off they were. Nate got to the front and was in the group of Myles, Mitch, Ben and himself. The train came past after the first lap and I was happy to see that Nate was still in the break. Then going out for the 3rd and final lap it was just Nate with Ben on his wheel as Myles and Mitch fell the pace a little. Then it was just wait for the finish and see how it would settle out. Nate came across the line first with Ben about 10 seconds after him. Then it was Myles in 3rd and Mitch in 4th. It was another hot race and the fact that it was 36 miles made for some tired and beat racers again that looked like they ready to pass out. But now it is Alterra this weekend and hopefully the rain over the past few days don't mess up the race again. time to change the laundry. Later..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st 1st

Nate in his 1st win of the year in the cat 4 and with the win he moved up to the cat 3's. Nate hit the gas out of the last turn and took the win by about 20 yards and was still pulling away at the line. Looked good through out the race and rode smart and finished strong.

Nate sat at the front and rode smart all race.

Nate, Marcus and Eric at the start of the cat 4 race. Marcus pulled out about 1/2 way through and Eric about 2/3's as his levers loosened and slid down making the braking and turns hard. To bad that Eric is a mechanic and checks every ones bikes except his own. Bet he checks everything from now on.

Nate just taking 2nd at the line beating Thomson.

Nate at the line with Garrett and Peter.

Today Nate toed the line at the last WCA race in Fond Du Lac this morning in his new road team kit of the ISCorp team. In the Jr race he finished 2nd place just ahead of Thomson. Right after roll out he toed the line again in the cat 4's and rode at the front covered a few of the guys trying to break away. Then as he came out of the last corner he hit the gas and took the win by at least 20 yards. Now Nate has moved to the cat 3's and that should be fun to watch. I think the 3's are a little faster and the sprints are faster for sure, but the races are smoother and less crashes most of the time. So I hope that he keeps up the hard work and gets some decent results. Then we took off from the road race and headed to Green Bay for a pre ride for the mtn bike race tomorrow. I like the course as they are running it backwards in spots and it seems to flow real nice. There are a few wet spots form all the rain, but it should be a real good race. Oh well time to watch some of the Packer game and get rest. Later..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy time

Here is a sweet picture of Nate at the Jr Development camp this summer.

It has been busy around the house the last few days. Nate and Maddie started school, I have had PT to get the sing stronger, Cece has been going to her school to get ready for the start of the school year, riding and more riding. The beat down last night was back to pace as Joe showed up again and the pace was faster then the last few. Thanks Joe. Nice to see Jack back with us on the rides and it won't be but a few more rides and he will be the Jack Hammer again. Then today was more PT and then go to the DMV to get my stickers, I was the only English speaking person there without 3 or 4 kids. It was kind of entertaining and as always a long wait for my 1 minute of business. Then I ran to Ben's and Nate rode over and Jim looked at the Force crank and it is warped causing the chain rings to rub the front derailleur. We got it not rub and I called Rachael and she talked to the right guys and the fix is on the way. Thanks Rachael. Now it is time to get ready for some road racing tomorrow and then some dirt racing on Sunday. So like always a little busy around here as school is starting for everyone and racing as always for Nate. See you at the races. Later..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Track and Tandem

Last night was another night at the track. Nate was a little tired as school has started and he raced over the weekend. He was in the stacked qualifier and just missed out of the main and did well in the rest of the races during the night. He finished on the same lap of the field in the 60 lap main and got a few points to as he is looking better each race. Today Nate and I took the tandem to crystal ridge for a ride and other then the over grown trail and and the downed trees and logs it was not to bad. After the trails we went over to the park for some hill and fast hard laps. The tandem rocks. Tomorrow is the beat down and then some rest before the weekend of racing. Later..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cool Pictures from Peloton-Pix

Here are 2 awesome pictures that John Wilke from Peloton-Pix took of Nate racing at the racing at the Racine Super Week race. The one in the rain was as Nate was in the rain and I have to say it was a miserable as it looked. But he finished 2nd in a sprint finish against the other racer that was left in the 3 man break. The other picture is the 3 man break coming out of a turn that John turned into a painting and I think looks real cool. Awesome job John. Tomorrow is more track racing and it should be fun as it is the first full day of school for Nate and Maddie. Jess and I are driving up to Keil to visit my Grandma who turns 92 to wish her a Happy Birthday. So it should be a fun day. Later..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nate wins the FIAC track National Championship

Nate on the top box, Alex taking 2nd and Mitch 3rd.

Nate in the pace line during warm up.

Nate at the front of the pace line during warm up.

Mitch at the front of the pace line during warm up.

Aris on the 3rd box.

Well for the weekend Nate, Aris, Gus, myself, Christie lived at the Washington Park Velodrome for the FIAC Track National Championships. Today Cece, Maddie, Jessie and Chris came down to cheer the guys on also. The big help was Mitch who came down to race the points race to help ensure Nate's winning the omnium for the Jr 18 and under. So when the dust settled after yesterday and today Nate is the National Champion. Aris raced super good and in the end he took 3rd in the Sr men and for only racing 2 times on the track before he rocked it and was fun to watch.

It was a great weekend of racing and I have to Thank Lenn for the wheels he has lent Nate as they make Nate I feel race better. I also have to thank Gordy and Rita Kacala for their help over the weekend as I know Gordy made the difference on how Nate and Aris did in their races. Also thanks to Gus for coming along and yelling at the boys all weekend and for all the help.

But today I have to say I am glad to hear that Andy one of the 50 plus master racers is OK after taking a bad crash in the 60 lap points race. After running to see if he was Ok he was unconscious and his breathing was labored. After about a minute he woke up and was feisty and and wanted to get up but we talked to him to keep him on the ground till the medics got there to take over. Tony called me to tell me that Andy broke his shoulder, collar bone and 4 ribs. So sad to hear that as he is going to be laid up for a while. I pray for a speedy recovery.

We now back to school for Nate and Maddie tomorrow. I know so early you all think but they are done the 2nd week of May while everyone else is in school for another month. But then Jess starts September 1st so she is having a little more fun but like I said in the spring next year Nate and Maddie will be out having fun so in the end it works out. Time to make sure that Nate and Maddie are ready for the early wake up. Heck I beat Nate is tired after the races so I hope he stays awake. Most of all I hope Maddie is ready as she just got home Friday night from Mexico after being there for 4 weeks. Oh well just have to wait and see. Later..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

ABR Nationals

Today Nate and Aris raced the ABR Nationals at the Washington Park National Championships st the Washington Park Velodrome. Today were the timed events and tomorrow is the points race. They both did well and are ready for more tomorrow. Hopefully the results will show for their hard work. Later..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Da 13th

Hell I think Friday the 13th is my lucky day as I can not remember a time that I have hurt myself of anything bad has happened to me. So to all the others that are afraid of the day I like as as have never hurt me. The day that has been a little unlucky is May 23rd as of course that is the day the semi truck tried to make me road kill and also 13 years later I ran my hand under the wheels of the gate at the track so the 23rd of May is the day I take cover and do not do anything to crazy. But today I had PT and then I ran some errands and got Gus on the phone for some rolling therapy with Nate and I. It was a nice pace and I do have to say cooler by the lake as the temps there were at least 15 degrees cooler. After that it was wash the truck and change the oil. Seems like I just did that, oh yeah it was only 6 weeks ago as I did it right before going to Colorado. Have the miles go by fast. Then I ran to the store to get some produce and things for the races this weekend before I finally got a chance to jump into the pool to cool down. After that it was grill some ribs and enjoy a nice dinner with Cece, Nate and Jessica as in a little while we go to the airport and pick up Maddie as she comes home tonight after 3 1/2 weeks in Mexico. Can't wait to see her and hear the stories of her time there. Well see you at the races. Later..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting it done

Well as the free time after Pt and rolling therapy is coming to an end as I will be heading back to work one of these weeks I have been getting a few things done. Well I should say all the bikes are ready. The Tarmac is a SRAM'd up with carbon Force cranks and Force drive train. The track bike is ready with the new pedals as we replaced Nate's on the road bike with shimano road pedals a few weeks ago. We got to the track and Nate told me that I forgot to take them off the road bike and put them on his track bike as the ones he ran before were Look. Lucky his old shoes were in the trunk and he crammed his feet in them for the night of racing this last Tuesday. So all good now as his track and road are the same with some nice new and tight pedals. We got the cross bike the other day and that is ready to ride now and we will in the up coming weeks. We put some awesome Truvativ cranks on Nate's BMX cruiser and that is now ready for some racing with some nice stiff cranks. I also went over Nate's Mtn bike the other day after the race this last weekend and that is ready for the next ride and race too. So now all 6 of Nate's race bikes ( his 20 inch GHP bmx bike was fine ) are ready for some racing and I think he is to as he looked so relaxed on the Beat Down tonight as some of us were suffering. Well see you at the races or down the road. Later..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Stuff

Picked up Nate's new Bianchi cross bike today. We liked his other Bianchi cross bike so after looking at some other ones we went with another one. I have to say that the gray cooler is nice and it looks sharp in the sun. I am hoping that we can get out on it in the next few weeks as the season is going to be here before we know it. But there are as few other races on the plate before the cross bike gets dirty. But the good thing is that it is here and ready to rock.

We put the carbon force cranks on Nate's bike that I bought from Cale. They look nice and they spin really nice so I guess we will find out tomorrow night how they are on the beat down. Which from talking to everyone it will be a little short on riders as many are going to Ore 2 shore. But that just means Nate will have to pull us around. See you on the road. Later..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


tonight was a lot of racing for Nate as he started off with the Kenosha News Jr race and he ended up taking 2nd place. Then it was Danish win and out racing and he took a 3rd in both the Jr and cat 3's. Then it was tempo racing and he took a 3rd in Jr's and then 4th in cat 3's. He finished the night off with a field finish in the 10 mile ( 50 ) lap scratch race. He looked tired at the end but as always was happy to do all the racing. Now some recovery and more riding and racing over the weekend. Later..

Monday, August 09, 2010

Border Battle

Nate on the top Box with Mitch taking 4th.

Nate taking the climb at top speed.

Wade, Debbie and Mike came to watch Nate race. Thanks guys for the support.
Nate coming across the line.

Joy and Mike giving Gus a tour of the farm.

It was a busy weekend and I picked Nate up from the Jr Road camp and then we headed to Woodville to stay with Mike and Joy for the weekend of the WORS race to. It was a awesome stay and the race was a good one to. We pre rode the course on Saturday and it was dry and dusty. Well that all changed with the rain that dumped over night. I mean there was a lot of rain but the course held up great and was a little muddy by the time Nate raced. But it was hot and humid and all I have to say is that all the racers that finished good job as I would have not enjoyed the suffering. As we were walking to the top of the hill to get a spot for hand ups Nate came past and he and Casey had a gap on the field and when they rounded the top Nate jumped and slowly dropped the rest and went through each lap with a bigger time gap and ended up winning the Jr Open by almost 3 minutes. In all a good race and he said that he felt good and had another lap in him. Good to hear that all the riding is paying off. Well tomorrow back to the track for more racing in circles for Nate. Later..

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Green Acres

Today was a relaxing morning feeding the cows some apples and riding the motorcycle around the pastures. I have to say though that cows crap a lot as there were every where and I had to be careful as I didn't want it to spray all over me as I was riding. Then it was walking around the barns and then load the bikes and head over to River Falls for some pre riding. The course is awesome right now and we are hoping that the rain fore casted misses us but a little would help to keep the dust down. It was nice to see everyone as we haven't seen anyone since the WORS Cup. Then it was off to DJ's Mexican Restaurant for some awesome all you can eat tacos. Now we are sitting eating some ice cream and laughing at Emma tell some good stories. See you at the races. Later..

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursday rides

Today was a good day as I had PT in the morning and I was able to lift 3#'s forward for the first time since the surgery. I hope that by the time I go to the Dr in 3 weeks that I get the OK for going to work full time then and I am not just doing inspections and I can do my job. Then after that it was some rolling therapy with Jess and Cece this afternoon. After that we ran some errands and then it was the beat down. It has been a good week as I have about 13 hours of rolling therapy in the last 4 days. The weather has been perfect so why not get as much rolling therapy as possible. Tomorrow Gus and I are heading up to Lacrosse to get Nate from Jr road camp and going to Woodville and staying with Mike and Joy for the weekend and Nate is doing the WORS race in River Falls. It is going to be a nice relaxing weekend and I hope to get another 7 hours of rolling therapy in before the weekend ends. But any rolling therapy will be a bonus as the week has been good so far. See you at the races. Later..

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hitting it with Jess

Today was a day of just Jess and Me hanging and riding. First off this morning Jess and I ran the R-7 fork to Kyle so he could have Leif install it on his bike. I do have to say it looks great and hope he enjoys the ride as his bike will feel so much better. It also looks a lot better with the new fork on the bike to. Then we ran a few errands before we could finally get out on the tandem for a nice ride. I do have to say that Jerry's Ellsworth tandem is a smooth ride and a rocket and I can't wait to get Nate on the back with me as that bike is going to fly. After the ride Jess and I ran to Ben's as Brett was there to do fittings and he was able to sneak me in for a quick look. We made some adjustments to the shoes, and new cleats and the feet felt a ton better right away. Then it was the stem and seat and now I hope that I get more power out of the legs. Well I will settle for a little more as there is not much in the legs anymore so I will take what ever comes. Thanks Brett and Vince for letting Brett fit me and Nate. I will let you know how it is after a ride in the morning to make sure I can handle the changes before the group ride tomorrow night as that would be that last place to find out that the changes were a tad to much.

I have to say Happy Birthday to Maddie as she turns 15 today. Lucky her as she is Mexico with the neighbors and will be for another 10 days. That will be a total of 3 1/2 weeks there and man I wish I was there to. Oh well I know she is having a good time and it is something that she will never forget and thanks to Amando and Rebecca for asking her to go with their family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maddie. Later..

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Holy crap it is hot

Man was it hot on the ride today. I went to PT and then I went on my rolling therapy while Cece, Jess, and Gabby went to a movie. Kind of wished I went to the movie a few times when the sun and heat were whooping my butt. But in the end as I was finishing up my ass was dragging after 3 hours plus in the heat. I took 3 bottles and could have used another 1 and I ride tomorrow I will take 4 even if I take a shorter ride. I could stop and buy some water at a gas station but I hate buying water so I make it last to the end. It really was not a problem but just wishing I had more today. After the ride I had to mow the lawn since I let the lawn boy go to Jr road camp. Just sweat a little more so no big deal but it will be nice to have Nate back. But then it was nice to sit in the pool and relax after all was said and done. Tonight we may go to Humboldt park for a concert at the band shell if we get moving and want to sit in the heat and bugs. Time for more BLT's and wine. I may make this a routine as the wine is good and the BLT's are awesome with the fresh tomatoes. Later..

Monday, August 02, 2010

Props to some awesome racing

I have to give some congrats to some awesome racers that raced super over the weekend at the Wausau 24-9 race.

The EXPO Jr team that consisted Myles, Caleb, Ian and Casey that raced so well together that they not only took 1st in their own category they were the top of lap racers of all others to. Way to go guys.

The EXPO U18 team of Brandon, Jordan, Riley and Andy also raced super as they won their category. These kids are getting faster and better each race and should have a great rest of the year racing.

Aris who also raced with a coed team and he pulled some super fast laps to keep his team in contention for the win and they ended up taking 2nd in their category.

Joe ( Fast Guy ) taking the top spot in the 24 hour solo. Joe never stops amazing me as he just takes to the limit and comes out on top. He beat guys that could be our kids and I bet a few came here thinking that they had a chance and I knew that once Joe says he is racing that they all didn't have a chance. Way to go Joe you are freaking awesome.

Ronsta took the top spot in the 24 hour single speed and I have to say after riding the 4 man team single speed a few years ago ( I also did it on a rigid ) that Ron is a freaking monster.

Congrats to everyone else that raced as you all raced awesome. See you on the road. Later..

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Gone to Road camp

We loaded the truck and took Nate to the USAC Jr Regional Development road camp in LaCrosse this morning. Nate went to the camp last year and did well there and asked to go again so we said sure. There is a lot of riding in the bluffs along the Mississippi River and some good classes where they go over proper training, bike handling, bike maintenance, nutrition for racers and many other things. So in all hope that Nate has a good time and gets to meet other racers form the Midwest. It looks like a great group of coaches and staff so he should be well taken care of.

We left early this morning to get there by noon thinking that check in was at noon. We get there and no one was around and we wonder what is up? Nate looks at the paper work and tells us that check in is at 4pm. Well we figure lets go to the river and walk around. We see that there is a boat ride at 1:30 so we go and pay to hold our seats and run and grab some lunch and get back for a nice 2 hour ride on the river. It was perfect as then we went and got some ice cream and then went and checked Nate in. It looks like it is going to be a good group of riders there and he should have a good time. Then it was drive home and now relax after the 6 plus hours on the road. Jess is going to be spoiled this week as the only child as that hasn't happened in a long time. Maddie called from Mexico the other day and said she is having a blast and loves it there. I have to say thanks to the neighbors for taking her along on their family vacation for a month there. Well I need more ice cream. Later..