Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy day

Today I had full day of fun in the sun. First I walked Jessica to school the took Nate and Maddie to school as they have late start on Wednesday. Then it was off to the Chiropractor for a much needed lineament. When I walked home I got the itch to ride so that is what I did. I got my Haro Single Speed out and went riding. It was nice to ride outside even though it was an hour and a half of 1 armed riding. Do PT workout as I need to get 2 done a day. Then it was shower and run to Jessie's school to load and hide 900 plastic eggs in the park for the kids to find. It was a blast watching the kids run to get their bounty. Now I'm getting my time in the chair of pain before I cook some meat on the grill. I can't wait till tomorrow for more time on the bike and some PT. Later..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Physical Therapy

At PT today they said that when I'm finished in a few months that I will be back to doing my handstands like above. But today as we were going through the measurements of the range of motion in the shoulder I was informed that we have a long ways to go. But now it is time to do the exercises and get stronger. As for the rest of you get out and ride. Later..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nate getting out of the gate

Cool picture that Guy got of Nate back in one the races in February. Just a really great picture. Later..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

BMX action

Today was the last day of the indoor season. Nate took a 3rd in 17 and over open, 3rd in 21-40 cruiser and a 3rd in 20 inch. He also got a track champion coat today. Thanks to Sun Ringle for the great sponsorship and to the awesome team mates. Now time to get ready for somw road racing and race some outdoor bmx. Later..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Day at the barn for winter

Nate and Fred going over the triple into turn 1. Picture by Guy.

Tomorrow is the last day of indoor bmx racing at Elkhorn for the winter. Should be a fun day but sad one as we won't see the bmx family for a while. But we plan on hitting Rockford a couple of times along with the state qualifier races again this year. Plus the Nationals in Rockford and Wisconsin Rapids are a must do too. So we will be getting our share of bmx face time along with the track, road and mtn bike. Later..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nate on the track bike

I finished the Bianchi Super Pista yesterday and Nate wanted to make sure it fit last night. It does and can't wait to get it out on the track. Later..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great Pictures by Guy

Here are some awesome pictures that Guy took last night. To bad it was the last night of gate practice as Nate was getting faster at each one. Looking forward to some road and track racing with some BMX and Mtn bike racing tossed in. Thanks for the great pictures Guy. Later..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gate practice is done.

Tonight was the last night of gate practice for the year at the barn. So sad as it is a blast to hit the gates. But there was 2 new guests tonight as Rob and Candy came to try it. Rob has done it before but it has been a few years. I hate to say it but Candy was doing better then Rob. There is always next year.

I went to the Dr. today and all is going good and I start PT next week. Then I go for another appointment in 4 weeks to see the progress from the PT. The Dr. today asked me what I did at my job and I explained my duties and she said that I will have to be doing some extra PT and that it will be a little longer before I get to get back so I don't re-injurer myself. Looks like a fun spring here. Now I need to sit in my chair of pain. Later..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Gate Practice.

Tomorrow is the last night of gate practice so if you wanting to try this come and get some. You can use a mtn bike or bmx bike. Gates start dropping at 5pm. and go to 7ish. Come and get some. Picture of Nate ripping gate a fews ago taken by Guy. Later..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nate's USAC Jr finish on 3-21-10

Here are the top 3 in the USAC Jr race yesterday Tyler in 3rd, Allen 1st and Nate 2nd. Nate and Allen tied for 1st but since Allen won the last race he got 1st place in the end. Awesome racing all weekend and sad to see the indoor season end. This is the last gate practice this Wednesday and then it will be time to get Nate out on the road bike more often and even a few of the road races if they are worth it. But still throw in a bunch of bmx too. Later..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bang'n elbows at the barn.

Here is a great picture that Guy took of Nate as he clipped out with his right foot going over the step up out of turn 1. He got his foot back in to win the moto.
Nate in the lead of moto 2 of the USAC Jr. Development race. Nate tied for 1st but the tie breaker went to Allen so got 2nd today.
Practice picture I believe.
Nate pulling a 2nd place finish in cruiser. Nate also took a 3rd in the open after he was pushed up the burm. Then in the 20 inch he took another 2nd place. All great racing today and Nate is looking faster and better each race. Now it is time to get ready to race the big bikes. All the pictures are from Guy, thanks. Later.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bust'n gate's at the barn

Nate had a good night at the track tonight. He won the USAC Jr Development and then took a 2nd in the 16 and under open wheels race and then a 2nd in the cruiser and a 2nd in the 20 in class. More of the same tomorrow. I hope that Fred is OK as he took a hard spill tonight and has a nice black eye and cut on his knee. Also I hope that everyone else who crashed is OK to race tomorrow. Later..

More of this tonight. Hopefully it is a safe and fast one. Later..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 1

Tonight Nate and I loaded his bikes in the car and pointed it to the barn for some bmx racing. It is the Redline cup weekend and that means that there is racing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tonight Nate raced the open and was put into the 17 and over and he won the open race. Then he took a 2nd in cruiser and then a 2nd in class. He was rubbing elbows from the start to finish with Allen all the way. Just came up short but he is pushing the best guys there and Nate's time will come and he will get the win. Tomorrow will be a big day of racing as Nate will be racing the 16 and under open, USAC Jr Development race, class and cruiser. Then the same on Sunday. He is going to be one tired boy. Tonight and tomorrow night he is staying with Fred and Tammy so he can rest as they just live a few miles from the track so that is nice, thanks guys. I will drive out and watch tomorrow again and then on Sunday to work and help at the track since I can't race. Later..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Baby in the house

I got to the bike build this morning after sitting in the chair of pain for 2 hours. I also ran some old shoes to the post office to be mailed to CHROME for an exchange for some new ones. What a deal I think. I then went into the bike cave and started to put it together. All I need to do is now is cut the steer tube down as I wanted to fit Nate on it first. Then put a new chain on it. It is a sweet bike and I think that Nate will like it. I have some tires stretching in the basement that I will have the shop glue them on the wheels as I will have some issues with the bum shoulder. But it should be a fun time at the track this summer. Later..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Outside brought Inside

A happy gate of racers with the sun at their back.

Tina, Payton and Nate hitting a gate.

Payton, Fred and Nate getting ready to mess with each other.

Hailey getting ready to pop a gate.

The sun beating on Hailey and Tina's back while in the gate's.

It was a great night at the track tonight. We opened the garage doors and let the great weather inside and it was awesome. The turn out was low as expected with the great weather outside but that meant that they get to hit gates all night till they dropped and the riders were as there was no waiting in between for them. I do have to say that I do drop the gates faster then the others, but for the last 4 weeks I have be doing all the gate dropping so they should be getting used to it. Next week is the last gate practice so con and get them while they last. This weekend is the triple point weekend so that means racing Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Nate along with the Jr Development races Saturday and Sunday, 16 and under series tossed in with the usual racing so he should be tired by Sunday night. If the weather is bad come out and check out some racing.
On other news Nate's Bianchi Super Pista track bike came in and that means I have some thing to do tomorrow. I will post pictures of it tomorrow when it is finished. Now I need to finish my beer. Later..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gate practice tomorrow

Still 2 more gate practices to go before they are done. Got to get them in while we can. Later..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Barn Pic's

Payton, Hailey and Nate relaxing before the races.

All in the mains all happy as you can see.

Tina all happy taking some gates on Wednesday.

In the gate waiting to hit it.

Locked and loaded in the gate.

Here are a few pictures from the last weekend of racing a the gate practice Wednesday night. Today Nate and Maddie had off so I got some work out of them. Nate raked the lawn and Maddie folded the laundry while I sat int he chair for almost 5 hours today. I also ran to Ben's and and got a few things that were needed. Nate also got a nice ride in. Then my parents stopped in for the night on their way through home from Florida. Nice to see them as the last time was Christmas. Thought about going to Rhinelander with but there is way to much going on with the shoulder to go there it will have to what till Easter to get there I guess. But 24 is on and I got to go. Later..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Barn Buster

Today was another day of bmx racing at the barn. Nate raced in the open, class and cruiser again and after watching him go from open to right back in the gate in 5 motos to the cruiser and then a short break to back on the 20 inch makes me tired. But he does it all and does well so good for him. He hit it on all cylinders in the open main and took the 1st place today. He hit the gate perfect and went into the 1st corner and held off Justice for the first time and as many have said it would just be a matter of time for Nate and it came today. Great job is all I have to say. Then in cruiser Nate had to race Tyler and Alan and they are both one of the top racers in the country and Tyler is a World Champion so running right there with them is a great job. He was right there from start to finish and it won't be long before he takes a win there to. But had to settle for 3rd today. In 20 inch class Nate had to race the same guys and he was outside of 3 of 4 and he just got pinched and took a 4th place. In all a great day on the track. More neck week as there will be racing Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Nate. That should be fun and I wish I was racing so bad as watching was not that fun when I was so used to racing. Oh well that time will come again. Later..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

1st Outdoor ride

Today I got in the chair of pain twice and rose the spin bike before I took Nate to Kenosha to ride with Jeremey, Gage, Mitch and Katie. All the way there it was decent and not raining. Well the punks get all dressed and ride off, then it starts to rain. They rode off and I took off so that Nate had nothing to come back to. I ran to the Jelly Belly store and bought 40#'s of candy. Then it was off to the outlet mall to pick 5#'s of flavor blaster good fish, oh I love those little fish. Then it was back to get Nate. As I pulled up and parked they pulled into the parking lot from their ride. They looked a little cold and wet but Nate said he enjoyed his first ride of the year. He hung on today said that he is looking forward to many more and dropping Buran on the Thursday night ride. Thanks Jeremey for taking the Jr's out for the ride in crappy weather.

Tomorrow it is back to racing the little bikes for Nate. Yes the bmx bikes as Nate has made the commitment to that and there is just 3 weeks left. He is also in the running for a track champion coat and number plate again. So bmx racing it will be tomorrow instead of the Kenosha races. It is to bad that we miss the Kenosha races as we always liked to do them in the past. But the bmx is the winter fun and Nate wants finish the season. So good luck to all those who racing the Kenosha races. Now back to the chair of pain. Later..

Friday, March 12, 2010


The routine of getting in the chair 4 times a day has gotten easier to do now. I get one in right away in the morning shortly after waking up and then after eating some breakfast and brushing the teeth it is in it again. Then I get on the spin bike for an workout to break up the chair times. Then it is shower eat lunch and 2 more times in the chair. I don't like being in the routine of just sitting in the chair but if I don't I won't get better, so I have to sit in it.

On another note if the rain holds out I'm going to try to get Nate to a group ride with the other Jr's tomorrow. So I got the fingers crossed that the rain gives them a chance to ride together. Then it will be recover and get his stuff packed and race the bmx races on Sunday. I Hope that Nate can handle it.

Plus on a sad note I read yesterday that Granny Gear has trashed the 24 hour races that it has taken under it's wings. I did 6 of the 24-9 races and always enjoyed the experience. Of course that was when Kevin was running the show so they were awesome events back then. I did not do it last year so I can't say how the event was. I can't remember any comments from the race last year from others either other then the Jr's giving a run at the top spot. But in all it sucks that the little toad Laird Knight has ruined a good thing. Hope that Kevin kicks the toad in the junk and takes back the 24-9 as that would be cool. Now it is time to make some homemade popcorn and watch movie. Later..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Saddle time

The time in the chair was a little as I got out and went to the store and got the new COG magazine. As many think oh Jay you have it made as you don't have to work and get to sit and watch TV and do nothing. Well let me tell you that having to sit in the chair for an hour at a time 4 times a day takes the entire day to get done. You sit an hour and then take a hour plus break and then back in the chair. It sucks and hurts, the pain is less each day but it still does hurt. Plus today I increased the range of motion distance to today. But at least I got the OK to ride the spin bike yesterday from the Dr. so I did ride for 45 minutes. Not a long ride but having to rest your weight on 1 arm or sit up does get old. I plan on increasing the time and then go to 2 times a day on the bike to. But like all this recovery it has to be small steps. I got the 4 times in the chair out of the way already so now I can relax and try to get some sleep tonight. I had a rough night again but I think it may have been from sitting at the bmx track last night. But I only got 5 hours of sleep last night so I am tired tonight. Another plus tonight is that Cece's Mom made a dinner for us yesterday before she took me to my Dr. appointment. That makes it easy for us tonight which helps with the family having to help me so much. Well time to eat. Later..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nate's Gate's

Here are some pictures from Guy of Nate at Gate practice tonight.
I went along for the ride and dropped gates all night. It was nice to get out of the house and move around. I got a ride to the Dr. from Cece's Mom for a follow up today and the Dr. said that everything is going along good. I have permission to drive and sit on the spin bike. I can now start to hang the arm and spinning it in circles and also take it out of the sling to straighten out the elbow witch I have to say is really sore. The pain is lighter right now but when I try to sleep that is when it kicks up and hurts like hell. Maybe in a few days I will get a full night of sleep that is all I ask for. The Dr also said that she will look at the progress and in 2 weeks she may let me start some PT in about a month after the surgery which would be nice. Now time to relax and see if I can fall asleep before the pain hits. Later..

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Better Day

Today was a better day as for the pain level. I woke up and there was a sharp shooting pain but after a percocet and a 1/2 hour with the cooling pad on that was taking care. I have sat in the chair of pain 3 times so far today and I am going to try to get in it 1 more time tonight. Trying to get 4 hours in the chair is a full time job as when you try to get the cooling pad on and then eat, shower and relax the day is done and so am I. But I am going to try to get 4 times a day to try to keep the progress going and get back to full strength ASAP. I thought this would be a relaxing time after the surgery but trying to sit in the chair and icing the shoulder has had me more tired then when I was working and riding. But tomorrow I go to the Dr. and I am hoping that he gives the OK to ride the spin bike and then in a few weeks the rollers.

I have gotten out the last 2 days to walk over and pick up Jessica when she gets out from school. Her teacher asked me if I could come in once the shoulder gets the OK to sit in her class and help some of the kids that need a little help. I will give it a try and see if I can help. I think that I will be happier being at work but I will give it a try.

Then Len Stopped over and I got the last 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that I ordered. Oh yeah I paid for the team kits I ordered. Nothing like a few 100 bucks flying out the door. Oh yeah I got 2 TUFO Track tires to that I have to figure out how I am going to get on the stretching rims and then on the wheels for Nate. May be a teachable moment for Nate real soon. I may have to run them to Ben's to get done though because of the bum arm. But all paid up and now to get the Fly order in and then all done on bmx stuff to. Then all I have to do is see what Nate needs for his EXPO order and then get that in and be done for a while. Later..

Monday, March 08, 2010

All Alone

My little spot that I have claimed, for well do nothing all day.

Today was the first day that I have been by myself since the surgery last Thursday. I am big boy but the fact that I can't lift my arm up makes doing many things near impossible or just impossible. I have figured out what is worth trying and doing and the rest well just doesn't happen. I have sat in the chair 2 times today and the first time was OK and it was a little painful and by the end was OK. The 2nd time was OK and by the end it was painful. I will sit it in 1 more time but I am letting the shoulder rest as I have time to rehab and trying to much to fast will only set me back. The tough thing is that I still have not got the range of motion to put the cooling system wrap on so I have to wait till the kids or Cece gets home to help on that one. It will only take time to get the things down and I will be fine. I also don't have the permission to drive so I am also stuck sitting here meaning that Cece drove the kids to school this morning and that they have to take the bus home. I am going to walk and get Jessica when she gets out after school, nice thing is that it is only 1/2 a block away. The weather looks nice and I can't wait to get outside even if it is just to walk down the block to get Jess. Back to the lazy boy chair as the shoulder is sore. Later..

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Day 3

My chair of pain....

Today has been a better day then the last 2. The pain has been a lot less as it is turned into more of an ache then the pain it was. I slept alright during the night as I only had to reach into the percocet bottle once at midnight. I think I twitched pretty hard and jerked the shoulder and then there was some pain that wouldn't go away without a little help. But after that it was OK as I only had to get up 3 more times to just change the position of the shoulder.

I do have to say that seeing the temps in the 50's really makes me wish I was riding but I must heal first. Plus it will be a while and I'm already in the mind set that it will just at least a few weeks off the bike. The good thing is when I do get back on the bike I will be fresh and recovered and hungry to be back on the saddle. But I know one thing is that I will have a fight on my hands to weather I get to ride my Tarmac again as Nate is going to make claim to it because he will have more miles on it then me. Well hell he will be faster so I guess I will just have to give it to him. We will figure out what to do about it later.

Nate is at the bmx races thanks to Fred and Tammy for taking him over night. Fred had some work to do in the area and picked Nate up yesterday so Cece didn't have to try to get him there for the races today. Thanks Fred and Tammy for the help as it really made things better for Cece to help me this morning and all. Now I just hope that they all race well. Well time to get in the chair. Later..

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cleaned up

My red neck T shirt that I made today.

Today Cece and Maddie took the wrap off the shoulder so I could take shower. I'm glad that Cece was patient taking it off as it took a while so not to hurt me to much. It took a long time as the Doctors went over board with the tape. But after it was great to get the wrap and gauze off. Then Cece found a old sling that we had and I put it on and hopped in the shower. It felt great to get cleaned up and now I'm sitting back getting ready to take a nap. I have to say a big thanks to Fred for coming and getting Nate and taking him to BMX tomorrow so Cece can take care of me. Later..

Friday, March 05, 2010


I was told that this was going to hurt, boy were they right. Holy crap does it hurt at times. But hey I figure there is always someone worse off then me. I know it doesn't make it better but I feel better. Jessica gave me here build a bear to hug when the pain gets to bad and helps relieve it for a while. I got in the chair 2 times today and that may have brought the pain levels a little higher as the nerve block is gone now. Well 6 weeks of recovery and then a few months of rehab, maybe with a little luck I'll be back to work by the end of July. Hopefully racing by the Fat Tire 40. I need to take some drugs. Later..

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Done deal

After driving the punks to school I got home and the phone rang asking if I could come in early as the Doctor was ahead of schedule and could get me in an hour earlier. Cece and I loaded the truck with the needed slings and headed in. We got there and went through the procedures and before I knew it I was done and in recovery. I can't wait to be back to normal and back in business, but it will be a few months. No pain right now a I had a nerve blocked and the shoulder and arm are numb so I am in happy land. I was told that the pain will be great and I will want to stay on top of the meds or I will suffer greatly. So the drugged up posts will start soon. Now the kids and I are watching Couples Retreat. I have a feeling I watching a lot of movies in the coming weeks. SAW 6 is up next. Later..

Surgery day

I'm getting ready to head in for shoulder surgery. The issue that I have is the Labral tear or also called a SLAP tear. It is a in and out in an hour but the recovery and PT is anywhere form 4 to 6 months. As when it is done you have to be careful to not do anything that will tear it again or you are right back to where you started. So I will try to be good and not push my luck and ruin the job the Dr does. Time to get to the hospital as they just called and asked me to come early as the Dr is a head of schedule. Nice. Later..

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Going under

The chair of pain is in it's place along with the cooling machine ready to get me back up and going after the surgery tomorrow. I go in at 8:45am and then under the knife at 10:45am. Cece is going to wait and bring me home in the afternoon and then the pain and drugs kick in. Now I get to like always have nothing after midnight. Tonight Nate and I hit the gate practice and he rode while I dropped gates night. Bit it is hard to sit there and watch people ride all night. This is going to be one long ass summer is all I have to say. But as long as I heal and I am pain free it is going to be worth it. Now I must get ready for the surgery. Later..

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Going on's

Here is a picture that I snapped of Nate before the races this weekend. I will catch a few more pictures as I will be sitting watching many of his races this spring and summer. But the great pictures that pop up here are taken by Guy and Sam as they have great camera's and a great eye of where to be. Tomorrow is gate practice and I will be dropping the gates as they riding in now done for sure for a while.
Here is a picture of the sore on my knee that happened a month ago. It is healing slowly as I would expect from all the ones that have happened in the past. One other good thing is that I don't feel any pain in that leg making it very easy to deal with. The flap that was present at the beginning slowly dried up and fell off a few weeks ago making the entire area open and now it is slowly healing. The good thing is that is not infected, although it looks bad I hope that heals by the time my shoulder does. I have the surgery on Thursday at 10:45am. Then the world of pain for the next 4 to 6 months. Time to eat my chicken pot pies. Later..