Friday, July 31, 2009

Dirty Boys

The boys hit the dirt and here are a few pictures. Have guests from near the twin cities. Have to run. Later..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Got Bike?

The last 2 days have been some good hard racing and riding. The Wednesday night race was the length and course for the race on Sunday and it was fun but tough. Then tonight was a good fast but yet crazy at times ride. No one got hurt and even Cooper made it entire ride. Now we are sitting eating some good old Jack's pizzas. See you at the race. Later..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Track Night

Here are a few pictures from the races last night. Nate did the Keiren and got to the wheel but being in a tiny gear and going 40mph he was done after the motor pulled off. He did OK the rest of the night and got a 2nd in the consolation points race to top it off for the night. Tonight is the Crystal Ridge race and then the beat down tomorrow. Got to get back to work as the tanker is almost done filling. Later..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today is Cece's Birthday and the nice guy I am will not tell you how many. Ask her when you see her though.

My 100 gallon prover.
Teresa filling the 5 gallon measuring units.

Here are a few pictures of what was happening at work today. My coworker Teresa was pumping the regular flow diesel and I was filling the high speed into the 100 gallon prover. As you can see it isn't the hardest job but someone has to do it. Then it was get home push some weights around, jump in the pool and the load the track bikes and go racing on the velodrome. Hopefully we can find a partner for Nate to race the team race, it will be his first and all we want is him to get the feel of it. See what happens once we are there. Later..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Last day Up north

Just a few of the pictures of the kids and a rainbow from the last day up north. It was a fun week and the kids had a blast, so did we. But like always the first day at work and home seem to be lost. Work was the same old crap and the ride after was the same as I got caught in a down pour along the lake. But the rain didn't feel bad as it was a warm one. By the time I got home it was done raining and I was drying up. Tomorrow is the track again and Nate is racing as I will go down and ride during the warm up and then change and watch Nate race. There is a Madison ( team race ) tomorrow night and a unknown distance along with a snowball. So if you are bored come on down. I need to get to bed as I'm tired as hell. Later..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's a wrap

The fish fry the other night.
Rainy day game playing for the kids.
Lucky it was the only day that it rained so we were outside every other day.
Short break in the rain and the kids ran to the boats for some fishing.
The kids playing the bean bag toss at the camp fire.
Nate and Brandon were a force at the bean bag toss.

Well the vacation is over. I got up and went for a ride by myself this morning. Just needed a ride where I could open it up and ride my own pace. The ride was nice with the morning dew still on the ground and the tall grass being a little wet hitting the legs was nice to. The only thing was that I hit a nice size rock and it kicked up into my right foot hitting my big toe. It hurts like hell and is hard to walk on right now. But hey it is only a big toe and the little pain that it is is nothing like what I have been through already. The boys are getting ready to go for their last ride and then jump into the lake before we load the truck and head home. They all seemed to enjoy it and I have to say they all have been real good and enjoyable to have around. Now it is time to clean up and get the last of the stuff up from the lake while the kids are riding. See you on the road. Later..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last day

Today was a rainy day for the most part so I got some chores done that my Dad would have had to do by himself. Then the boys got some fishing in and now we just dinner over the camp fire. The smores are being cooked. Tomorrow is get a ride in the morning and then load the truck for the ride home. Pictures to be posted later. Later..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rambling On

Another hill to tackle for the punks.
Oh crap I'm snagged in there, now what do I do Dad?

1 of the painted Hodags in the city.The punks in front of the Hodag.
Group picture in front of the Hodag.

Today was a ride in the morning in the back to get the kids once last chance to remember the trails. Tomorrow is a ride at the distances that they would race. That should make them nice and tired. Then it was a quick load the truck and run to the river and try our luck at fishing there. No god luck as we caught a few pan fish and a crappie. Then it was back home and grab something to eat and run into town for a art and craft show downtown. A few cool wood carvers and chain saw carvers. Then it was picture time by the Hodags. Now we are getting ready to eat the fish that the boys caught the last few days. Have to run to the lake as the kids are getting ready to go swimming and I have to get down to watch. Later..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Fun

Sunset on the lake with the loons singing to us.
The boys pulling Jordan in the canoe.
Wade and the beagle.
Maddie showing Deb her tackle box.
The chain gang at work.
Trying to get a little speed down a hill.
Riding back to the cabin in the woods.
The girls on the raft.
A few of the fish the boys caught today.

Today was more of the same thins going on here. Ran into town and got a new seat post binder bolt for Brandon's bike as his seat post was slipping in and the bolt was stripped and we didn't have one here that fit. Then it was a road ride to spin our legs off. We all had to stay in a super easy gear to match Brandon and his single speed. Boy I thought our legs were going to fly off a few times.

Then it was fishing all after noon for the boys and the girls were swimming while I made a new face plate for the control panel for the pontoon boat because the plastic crap cracked. Also had to cut a tree up that blew over in the storm that came through last night. Now it will be another pontoon boat ride tonight. The weather has been great with the rain coming at night and letting us play during the day.

Last night Wade and Deb came up and had dinner with us and then we had a nice boat ride. Then we sat around and talked before they had to head back to Point. That is nice that he is a little over an hour away and can just drive up to visit. Later..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Expo pain train looking you in the eyes.
One of many hills that they rode today.
Another one looking them in the eye.
Nate and Brandon near the end of the ride.
Jordan happy the end is near.

Today was a roller ride. Not the ones that you suffer on in the basement but the ones outside that make you suffer in a good way. The boys and I got a nice fire road ride in that was one hill after another that had the boys saying more then once oh man not another hill. Nate said to me that he didn't recall this many hills the last time we did this ride. But in the end it was good and the 3 of them said that they were tired after the ride. Mission accomplished then.

Got the chimney cleaning supplies out and spent a few hours on the hot roof cleaning the Chimney for my parents. Man that is a crappy , dirty job that my Dad couldn't get done this year with a bum shoulder. I did it 2 years ago and remembered that I was breathing the crap for a day. I can tell that it was going to be the case again. But got it done minus a bunch of skin on every knuckle on both hands. Good to go for another year.

The kids all went swimming and fishing and matter of fact are still down by the lake. They have been down there for 4 hours now. Must be having fun I guess. Waiting for Wade to drive up right now as being an hour and change away he can make the trip up and back in a day. That will be nice as we will get to see him a ton more. Almost 5 o'clock and I think I will have a cold one as I sit on the deck and watch the kids on the lake. Later..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids Day

Brandon and his fish.
All the fish that the kids kept.
Nate and his fish, he tossed it back.
Jess and Cece on the boat.
Brandon and Jordan.
The kids out on the 4 wheeler.
Last night we had a fir and had a bunch of smores.
Brandon jumping of the end of the pier into the lake.
Me hooked up the scuba going down to saw on the tree in the lake.
Nate getting one of the small fish off the line.
Today was a day that the kids just got to be kids day on the lake. We got up and started to do some chores that needed the extra hands to get done. I got the scuba stuff out and got a saw and went down about 7 feet and started to cut a log that was just under the water and that was in the way of getting the pontoon boat in to the lake to use. In the end I got about 3/4 of the way threw before I got could and tired and had to take a break. So the kids and my Dad got the pontoon out and I hooked a rope up and then they pulled it and broke it off about 20 feet down instead of where I was cutting, all good through as it is out of the way. Then it was time to fish for a few hours. We caught a bunch and now there is a fish fry on the way later in the week. We also moved the ramp for the boat out 3 more feet as the wheels that the pontoons roll up where to far out of the water. Then we cleaned the fish and are sitting back watching a movie. Tomorrow it is a 2 hour ride on the trails out in the back of the cabin. Just need a day that the kids could just play and reload for the rides on tap. Later..