Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids Day

Brandon and his fish.
All the fish that the kids kept.
Nate and his fish, he tossed it back.
Jess and Cece on the boat.
Brandon and Jordan.
The kids out on the 4 wheeler.
Last night we had a fir and had a bunch of smores.
Brandon jumping of the end of the pier into the lake.
Me hooked up the scuba going down to saw on the tree in the lake.
Nate getting one of the small fish off the line.
Today was a day that the kids just got to be kids day on the lake. We got up and started to do some chores that needed the extra hands to get done. I got the scuba stuff out and got a saw and went down about 7 feet and started to cut a log that was just under the water and that was in the way of getting the pontoon boat in to the lake to use. In the end I got about 3/4 of the way threw before I got could and tired and had to take a break. So the kids and my Dad got the pontoon out and I hooked a rope up and then they pulled it and broke it off about 20 feet down instead of where I was cutting, all good through as it is out of the way. Then it was time to fish for a few hours. We caught a bunch and now there is a fish fry on the way later in the week. We also moved the ramp for the boat out 3 more feet as the wheels that the pontoons roll up where to far out of the water. Then we cleaned the fish and are sitting back watching a movie. Tomorrow it is a 2 hour ride on the trails out in the back of the cabin. Just need a day that the kids could just play and reload for the rides on tap. Later..

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