Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Life?

Oh they taste so good. Many more to come.....
Oh so good not many more to come as I will suffer......

While at work Cece called and asked what do you want to grill? I said what ever and then Maddie said Fillet and that is what it would be. I put in the 8 hours for the man and then got home and went for a nice ride along the lake. Then it was time to lift weights and get the grill fired up. The fillet was great and then I went to the neighbors and got a bunch of fresh raspberries to enjoy with dinner. Also had to pull out a bottle of wine from the trip to California Nationals 2 years ago. Tasted very good with the perfect fillet. Also enjoying the Tour tonight that I DVR'd. Good stuff.

Nate and the gang made it to the site for Nationals and sounds outstanding. Here are the sites for updates, check it out. Twitter and Gus as Gus is going to try to keep us updated through out the trip. Good Luck to all the Jr's and Gus and Christie for dealing with all of the kids. Later..

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