Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mayors Cup

Lining up for the start of the race.
Sprinting for a spot in the sprint final.
Just chilling at 30 mph in the Mayors Cup.
Nate sitting in the field in the Mayors Cup.
Nate sitting on Russell's wheel in the Mayors Cup.

Last night was some hot action at the track as the Mayors cup was up for grabs. Figured it was a good time to throw Nate into the main event. He made it with the field and took 15th in the end out of a field of 28. He poked his nose out in the air while in the front a few times to take his pulls and moved up into others a few times but in the end he rode smart and finished it. He did his Jr class races and finished 4th and 5th and in the cat 3's he just missed the sprint finals and settled for a mid pack finish in the miss and out. He made it about 10 minutes before he fell a sleep in the car on the ride home. He said he was tired after the racing tonight. So when we got home he asked if we were going to the time trials and that he would be ready to go. Later..

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sugs said...

Is that the guy that stole Russell's bike, oh wait that is Russell