Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mall of America and Chris's

It was nice to see Chris, Hazel, Miguel and Mia yesterday. Just wish the distance to get together was not so great. But the times that get to Wade's we make it a point to get together with Chris. We sat a got the usual updates and what is going on. Then it was time for the kids to play and have some fun. At the end it was neat to hear Mia tell us that she wished we were able to stay. The next visit may be a while as when Wade moves to Stevens Point us getting as close as we are when here will be limited. But we will make it a point to get up to visit a time or 2.

We stopped at the Mall of America on the way there. You should have seen the looks on the girls faces all the way there. Just ready to jump out of the truck once we got it stopped in the parking lot. Like Nate get out will you, your not moving fast enough on purpose. Once inside Cece went with the girls and I went with the boys. Good choice I think as the girls were on a mission of shopping for matching outfits and the boys were going for the games and a RC race car. We met up later and got a little something to eat and headed to Chris's. Today a ride is in order and and then some farming help for Nate. Bailing and moving hay bails. If the sun makes a appearance we are going to going tubing but that may have to wait. Time to get moving. Later..

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