Saturday, July 04, 2009

Getting Ready

The Punks riding on the crushed gravel.
Sitting by the pool after planting 60 plus Hosta's.
Jason's fire works that kick any cities show. Will last about 35 to 49 minutes.
Jess lost in the smoke.
Jason lite off several smoke towers and the kids ran through them.
Cece going down the giant slide.
Jess sliding down backwards.
Jason getting his helicopter ready for lift off.
The dog chasing Nate's RC car.
The group around the fire roasting marshmallows.

There are several things to get ready for over the next few hours. 1.) The Tour is on and Lance just went. 2.) Today is the last day here so we have to get things ready for the trip back home. 3.) the fire works that Jason puts on tonight are great and a never miss thing. 4.) The WORS race tomorrow that I never feel ready for after a week of relaxing here ( maybe it is the beer? ).

Yesterday was a perfect day here for the first time since we got here. The temps were great and the partly cloudy to get a few things done. The boys and I went for a ride and Nate got the better of me in the sprints again. Fun though. Then I had to run Wade in to town to get his truck worked on. Cece and Lynn pulled a bunch of Hosta's and then planted them across the street at Joy's new house. They figure that the amount they divided here and took there was several $1,000 dollars at a store. They look great in front of the house. All the ones Wade has are just unreal so in a few years the ones in front of Joy's house should also. Then it was time to kick back by the pool and enjoy some beers and then watch the kids play by Jason with all his toys and to cap the night a nice fire. Man I hate when this week ends. I have to start getting some things ready for the trip home. Later..

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Anonymous said...

thats alot of fireworks, my buddy sells Professional fireworks like the big bang uses and he put an awesome show on in his yard for a half an hour straight!! Pretty wild stuff!